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The People Waiting At Eighteenth Level…

Without a doubt, it was an extremely risky operation. One careless move could possibly lead to the loss of the entire game. As a result, it was of the utmost importance that they find an opportunity.

They walked for a few hundred meters, and the temperature of the surrounding air began to drop. At the same time, the tunnel had also begun to stretch in the lower diagonal direction. The group focused and readied themselves for anything.

The sixteenth and seventeenth level of hell had already given them a taste of the difficulty of the last few levels of the War God Hall. Hence, the eighteenth level of hell would certainly be the most harrowing of all. It was definitely not easy for them to pass through here.

Tang Wulin sped up his steps and unleashed his spiritual power outward soundlessly to sense any possible movement in his surroundings. He had not retracted the golden trident yet because the super divine weapon was undoubtedly his most effective safeguard.

He had the courage to bring his companions here because of one crucial reason. He could rely on his connection of the Ancient Life Tree to transfer them away from this place. That would be the final solution when they were rendered completely helpless. However, it would be extremely exhausting for the Ancient Life Tree to transfer such a large amount of people simultaneously. As a result, he would not resort to this unless he had no other choice.

That being said, the super divine weapon golden trident had already begun to link up with his bloodline after he had endured a few challenges with it. Even if he was in the deep underground, he was confident that he could link his spiritual aura over the distance by utilizing the trident. He had prepared well for every contingency.

At last, the terrain in front was flat. It appeared as if it had turned into a smooth road. However, Tang Wulin’s footsteps greatly slowed. He, along with his team, could clearly sense a powerful aura coming from ahead. In fact, the aura actually felt familiar to them.

Tang Wulin had a solemn expression. The radiance in his eyes flickered unsteadily. “Be careful, everyone.”

They could not back down at this point. The only thing they could do was continue their journey.

The cavern was massive. It was over a hundred meters in height and several thousand square meters in area, like a large coliseum. Such a huge space could exist in the mountain, so it could definitely be called the divine workmanship of nature.

Spring water flowed in the area surrounding the hillside arena with a merry gurgle. The chime of falling droplets was heard occasionally.

Numerous stalactites hung down from the ceiling. It was a peculiar sight to behold.

Whatever the case, Tang Wulin was in no mood to enjoy everything in the scene at the moment. When the group from Shrek saw who was standing in the middle of this enormous natural arena, they all had unusually unpleasant expressions. Even someone as carefree and strong as A Ruheng could not help having a drastic change in countenance.

A few people were standing in the center of the spacious arena. It was not a large group, but their presence was really unacceptable for the people from Shrek.

Qiangu Dongfeng smiled and stared at Tang Wulin, his eyes filled with confidence. There was an ineffable disgust that the group from Shrek felt when they saw Qiangu Dongfeng’s smile.

There were a dozen powerhouses by Qiangu Dongfeng’s side which the people from Shrek could recognize, including the few people that went over to seize students from Shrek before.

Besides the Limit Douluo Qiangu Dongfeng, his father and also the former Pagoda Master of the Spirit Pagoda, Qiangu Dieting, was there as well. He was a quasigod-ranked powerhouse!

The lineup surpassed the previous team from the War God Hall. None of the various War Gods from the War God Hall had appeared. There were only several powerhouses from the Spirit Pagoda.

After the momentary pause, Tang Wulin slowly shifted his legs and walked toward Qiangu Dongfeng while his companions followed closely behind him.

“Clap, clap, clap!” Qiangu Dongfeng looked at Tang Wulin in wonder. It seemed as if he was not pretending but was genuinely impressed by Tang Wulin.

“Tang Sect Master, you always managed to amaze me every time I see you. This is no different. All of you are growing at such astonishing speed. You truly live up to the reputation of being chosen by Shrek Academy. Throughout the history of Shrek, an outstanding generation is always forged whenever the academy goes through hardship. This generation is no exception.”

“The Atlas Douluo was a remarkable man who enthralled humanity in the past. He was the greatest powerhouse in the world, beyond comparison. He was killed and all of Shrek City was blasted flat into the ground. Yet, here you are. The new generation of the Shrek Seven Monsters deserves recognition. In fact, all of you are even more formidable than the previous generation. You’re all so young and you’ve already reached such impressive standards. If you have adequate time, I believe that more than half of you could possibly become Limit Douluos in the future. But if that is true, how is our Spirit Pagoda going to continue to survive?”

At this point, Qiangu Dongfeng heaved a sigh. “If I had a choice, I really wouldn’t want to become enemies with geniuses like you. Shrek is truly blessed with incredibly good luck. If all of you were to become a part of our Spirit Pagoda, it would be superb. I could retire early and pursue the things that I’ve always wanted to pursue.”

Tang Wulin said plainly, “Could it be that Pagoda Master Qiangu took great pains to wait here just to make sarcastic remarks?”

Qiangu Dongfeng smiled. “No, of course. I’m only showing my sincerity. If all of you were to abandon your identities in Shrek and the Tang Sect and pledge loyalty to our Spirit Pagoda, we would certainly treat you kindly. We will surely be able to please you and disregard the past.”

Tang Wulin smiled. He did not even bother to reject the request.

Qiangu Dongfeng heaved a sigh and said, “I know that’s impossible. The people from Shrek always have a bad and rigid temperament. Only that, it’s such a waste for all of you. If Shrek becomes dominant, the Spirit Pagoda won’t be able to breathe anymore. As a result, we have racked our brains just to set this trap. Everything that we have done was to lure you here.”

Tang Wulin spoke indifferently, “Are you so sure that our seniors aren’t with us? It seems that you’ve bribed the War God Hall as well.”

Qiangu Dongfeng said, “Of course. The War God Hall is from a military background, so we all have the same goals. It’s not considered bribery. As for your seniors, we’ve been monitoring them closely. If they had been here, we would have brought a different team. Furthermore, they wouldn’t dare to risk leaving the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy unguarded. Of course, I initially thought that you would bring one or two Limit Douluos with you at the very least. That might have made things more troublesome, but given the look of things, it seems like all of you are very confident of yourselves. Since you’ve already proven yourself with your capabilities, I have no choice but to tell all of you that you’re still way too young.”

“You’re competitive when you’re young and you’ll easily make mistakes when you’re competitive. On the other hand, there are certain mistakes that you just can’t undo. Isn’t that right, Tang Sect Master?”

Tang Wulin squinted his eyes. “Are you so sure that you’re capable of keeping us here?”

Qiangu Dongfeng said, “There has never been an escape route for the eighteenth level of hell. The place is completely locked down. You can’t break free from here even if you have monstrous abilities. You’d have to be a real God to do it. Tang Sect Master, you have one last choice. Without your generation acting as their backbone, I don’t believe that Shrek or the Tang Sect will be able to survive. The choice of death or surrender is in your hands. However, you must consider properly. You are not only representing yourself, but all the companions by your side. Your choice is not only going to affect your life and death but theirs as well.”

Qiangu Dieting took two steps forward to Qiangu Dongfeng’s side. “Alright, there’s nothing much else to be said. Shrek’s people have never surrendered before. Let’s make a move. Capture them and extract their spirit souls. Cripple their martial souls and send them back to Shrek Academy. Keep them alive because that’s what we promised Chen Xinjie.”

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