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The Mantis Stalks The Cicada

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“Yes, Father.” Qiangu Dongfeng nodded.

In the next moment, the Combat Heaven and Earth aura coming from the Coiling Dragon Staff suddenly burst out of the bodies of the father and son.

Without a doubt, the two great Limit Douluos were the backbone of their team. Furthermore, the Spirit Pagoda was sending out at least twice the number of people compared to Shrek. The Shrek Seven Monster’s strength was reduced by a huge margin without Ye Xinglan and Xu Lizhi’s presence. They had also gone through several rounds of fierce fighting earlier. The direction the scales were tipped in this battle was extremely obvious.

“Junior disciple brother, I will guard the back. Go on ahead first.” A Ruheng took a step forward, and his entire body swelled up instantly.

He unleashed the Leakproof Golden Body once again. He was definitely the most formidable out of everyone on the scene when it came to fighting ability and defensive capabilities.

A Ruheng had made up his mind when he saw those people before him. He knew that they still had a wisp of hope by relying on Tang Wulin and the rest’s abilities, regardless of how strong the oppositions they faced in this mountain. Moreover, he had an inkling as to the connection between Tang Wulin and the Ancient Life Tree.

He needed to make an opportunity for them to flee.

Meanwhile, an incomparably vigorous aura filled with boundless arrogance, wildness, and dominance arose from behind him.

The Combat Heaven and Earth’s aura from the father and son duo, Qiangu Dieting and Qiangu Dongfeng, was already astonishing enough. However, the Coiling Dragon Staffs in their hands began to shake uncontrollably for some reason when the overlord aura appeared on Tang Wulin’s body. It felt as if their Coiling Dragon Staffs were shivering in fear.

1Qiangu Dieting and Qiangu Dongfeng could not help having a drastic change of expression.

One’s aura was related to one’s capabilities, but it was directly proportional. Every soul master possessed an aspect that belonged to himself when he cultivated to a certain extent. The strength of this aspect would decide the strength of the soul master. The more powerful the soul master, the more powerful his aspect.

At that moment, the aspect that appeared on Tang Wulin was actually similar to Qiangu Clan’s Combat Heaven and Earth battle technique, but it was far superior.

One should know that the quasigod Qiangu Dieting had cultivated the battle technique to the point of perfection. What was the significance of Tang Wulin’s aura being superior to his? It signified that Tang Wulin’s aura had already surpassed a quasigod. His aura had come very close or even reached Godhood-rank.

How was that possible? He was not even a Limit Douluo yet!

The shock had suppressed the two great Limit Douluos so abruptly that their Coiling Dragon Staffs were no longer being unleashed.

Tang Wulin patted A Ruheng’s shoulder and walked forward from behind him.

Qiangu Dieting was looking at Tang Wulin with an incomparably passionate gaze. This was because the aura on Tang Wulin was precisely what he had been constantly pursuing over the years! If he could possess an aura of this rank, perhaps it would be possible for him to genuinely break through to the Limit Douluo rank. This was something that he had focused everything on.

“Where did you get your aura?” Qiangu Dieting asked eagerly.


A silhouette of a person emerged in Tang Wulin’s mind.

It belonged to one of the three opponents that his father fought against during the Sea God’s Trident third examination in the past.

Tang Wulin could clearly remember that that person was arrogant beyond comparison akin to an overlord. He held a staff in his hand as well. He did not do anything but stand there, yet it felt like Heaven and Earth were yielding to him.

Under the Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue’s influence, he had a deeper understanding of the three aspects left behind in his mind of the three people he met back in the past. Tang Wulin was well aware that his father relied on his mutual connection to those people to guide Tang Wulin through his spiritual world. Even though Tang San had not managed to explain anything to Tang Wulin at the time, the three auras that belonged to the God-ranked powerhouses had been constantly influencing Tang Wulin’s development without his notice ever since.

It was only after Tang Wulin had met the Skycrosser Douluo and thoroughly comprehended the incident that he could utilize the three auras in combat.

He had only just mastered it, so he had yet to fully infuse it into his Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law. Nevertheless, the aura alone was enough to shock the father and son duo.

Just like as Qiangu Dieting felt, the three auras that had been branded into Tang Wulin’s sea of spirit truly belonged to God-ranked powerhouses! Moreover, those were not ordinary Gods because they were capable of oppressing the ultimate God, Tang San. It was highly possible that those were Godking-ranked powerhouses.

Hence, despite just being an aspect, it helped Tang Wulin immensely after he had truly understood it. It did not just bolster Tang Wulin’s capabilities, but more importantly, it was also beneficial for his rank.

Just like his Forbid Life-death, Dragon Emperor Pierce, it would turn into a divine skill if he could hone it to perfection. It would be as powerful as the divine skill, the Indefinite Storm.

As soon as his earth-shattering aura was unleashed, he had already figured out the first half of this technique. It would be named Forbid Heaven-earth! As for the latter half, he would need to reach greater comprehension and put it through numerous trials before he could complete it fully.

“Do you really think that you’ve won?” Tang Wulin said with a smile. Looking at him, he did not seem like he had fallen into a trap and was about to be annihilated.

Radiance flickered in Qiangu Dongfeng’s eyes. “It’s meaningless to procrastinate. Even if the War God Hall is not involved in this battle, don’t think that all of you can leave this place. It’s nothing but an aura’s outburst. You’re not a Limit Douluo yet anyhow. If you were to become a Limit Douluo in the future, perhaps you could have been the new Yun Ming. What a waste. I’m going to say the same thing. You’re still too young. The thing you lack most is experience.”

Tang Wulin heaved a sigh softly. “You’re right, I’m very young, but being young doesn’t mean that I’m immature. Moreover, I have the guidance of numerous seniors supporting me. How can you be certain that I’ll make some foolish mistakes?”

“All of you had already begun to scheme against us when you forced our Tang Sect to send troops to partake in the war against the Star Luo Continent and the Dou Spirit Continent in parliament. You let it be known that the Eternal Heaven would be used in the war to suppress the enemy. After all, the Eternal Heaven is powerful enough to annihilate the vast majority of fighting forces in the Star Luo Empire. It would definitely cause a great catastrophe that would plunge the people into suffering and misery. On the other hand, our Shrek and Tang Sect are peace-loving, so we wouldn’t want to see that happen. In addition, Shrek City was destroyed in an explosion earlier. We detested the Godkiller fixed soul ammunition bitterly.”

“You did everything well. You made the most of our humanistic streak. We acknowledge that you did. When we received the information, our first thought was to avoid the war. So, we wanted to take action regarding the Eternal Heaven. All of you have succeeded in this way.”

Qiangu Dongfeng squinted. He was not in a rush to engage in combat this time. With Tang Wulin’s power and A Ruheng’s Leakproof Golden Body, taking down everyone from Shrek would cost them dearly. It would make things much easier for them if they could pscyhologically oppress the opponents first.

“Please continue. What happened next?” Qiangu Dongfeng made an invitatory gesture and cracked into a smile.

Tang Wulin shrugged. “Then, you constructed all sorts of rumors. In fact, you even intentionally revealed that the Eternal Heaven was with the Sea God Army. Your trick of beating us at our own game was genuinely impressive. You were aware of the relationship between Elder Long and His Excellency the Boundless Sea Douluo, and you made use of that. We still have no idea how you managed to persuade the Boundless Sea Douluo to lie to Elder Long and tell her that the Eternal Heaven is hidden in the deepest level of the War God Hall, the eighteenth level of hell. Your plan has already been more than half successfully. That’s genuinely impressive! I think that your Spirit Pagoda must have paid an immense price just for that, right?”

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