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Seven-colored Lotus Flower Flame

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Huo Tian said, “We miss our home. Although we have no idea what has become of it, we are completely certain that the Magic Blue World was not completely destroyed. Even if the Magic Blue Seven Divine Pearls’ protection was not fully utilized, we believe that the world still exists. We want to go home and return to the place that we used to live. We want to go back to our home, the Magma Red Sea.”

“You have a super divine weapon. This signifies that it is highly probable that you will achieve Godhood in the future. You’ll be able to travel the galaxy when you’re a God. Perhaps you will discover the existence of our Magic Blue World at some point. If you do manage to find the Magic Blue Planet, I beg you to contact our clansmen there. Ask them to figure out a way to take us back. It would be a wish come true if there is a way to do it. Even if I don’t live to see it, I hope that my people will be able to return to our home one day.”

Tang Wulin did not hesitate at all. He inhaled a deep breath and said, “Alright, I promise you that if I can achieve Godhood one day, I’ll certainly spare no effort in looking for the Magic Blue World. If I can find it, I’ll be sure to pass your message as well. However, I must tell you that I’m not certain that I can attain Godhood. Of course, it will be my goal.”

He would go and seek not only the Magic Blue World, but also the Douluo Continent’s Divine Realm and his family members! He wanted to achieve Godhood as soon as possible. Only with such divine power would he be able to begin the search.

Huo Tian seemed to be relieved. He and all the Fire Host clansmen bowed ever so slightly toward Tang Wulin.

Huo Tian suddenly raised its hand and sent a stream of red light toward Tang Wulin. Tang Wulin lifted his hand and caught it. He felt a gush of fiery heat filling his palm.

He looked down to discover that it was a fiery red octagonal jewel. It looked as though there was some fluid circulating inside of it.

“This is the token of my clan. If there comes a day when you have really found our world, please present it to my clan. My clansmen will understand.”

“Sure.” Tang Wulin kept the jewel in his hand very carefully.

Huo Tian said, “As a token of appreciation, I shall present you with a gift.”

At this, Tang Wulin could not refrain himself from asking, “Do you really trust me that much? After all, the act of achieving Godhood is still uncertain for me. Even if I do manage to become a God, I may not necessarily be able to find your home. As a result, I can’t accept your token of appreciation.”

Huo Tian heaved a soft sigh. “You’re already the one I believe has the greatest chance. Moreover, our Fire Host Clan are born with Fiery Golden Eyes and it allows us to judge a man accurately. I can see your intentions. You have sincerely promised to help us. That alone is enough for me to give you a gift. Please take it.”

As it spoke, Huo Tian shook its hand and conjured a small flame that came flying out. Tang Wulin noticed that the magma sea around them suddenly darkened when the flare flew out, as if the clan was showing allegiance to the flame.

It was very difficult for Tang Wulin to describe the color of the flame. It was close to translucent, yet it seemed to be constantly changing its hue.

It was incandescent, but it seemed as though there were seven colors swirling and constantly changing inside it.

Tang Wulin had opened up his palm instinctively when the flame flew to him and allowed the flame to land on his palm.

Pain suddenly radiated from his hand. Tang Wulin was astonished to see that the flame had actually seared into his right palm and transformed into a tattoo-like marking.

It was a lotus flower with a white base. It had seven petals, each with its own color. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple.

“This is the companion Truefire of our Fire Host Clan. Only the clan royalty with the purest bloodline can have it. I’m supposed to be the successor of the next clan elder. What a waste that I was brought here against my will. This is a part of my companion Truefire that I’m giving it to you now. With this, my clansmen will be able to trust you even more once you’ve found them. In addition to the token I’ve given you, it is enough to let my clansmen know who I am.”

“You can unleash my companion Truefire by compelling it with your world’s energy. It has the ability to scorch anything, but it consumes a lot of energy as well. Its name is the Seven-colored Lotus Flower! Even a demon lord entity would not dare to touch it. I hope that this may be of service to you.”

The scorching heat on Tang Wulin’s palm had already disappeared. Had it not been for the tattoo-like mark it had left, he would not even have realized what happened earlier.

As it was, he could clearly feel a gush of peculiar energy around his palm.

“Thank you. I will do my best. You have my word,” Tang Wulin said in a deep voice.

He could try to assure Huo Tian, but what really mattered was the effort he put into the task. Since Huo Tian mentioned that it could see his intention, then there was no need for him to say anything else.

Hou Tian waved his hand, and the Fire Host clansmen on the magma sea parted to two sides smoothly. In fact, even the high temperature seemed to have been suppressed by them now.

Huo Tian made an invitatory gesture. “Our Fire Host Clan has a very long lifespan. I hope that I’ll be able to hear good news from you when I’m still alive.”

“I hope so too.” Tang Wulin nodded, speaking sincerely from the bottom of his heart.

Huo Tian suddenly said with a meaningful glance, “Yes, I can feel that you have someone you need to look for as well.”

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. The leader of the Fire Host Clan seemed to possess some special ability that allowed it to tell that Tang Wulin would certainly be helpful to its clan.

The group from Shrek flew toward the magma sea while maintaining their formation. Even though they had made an agreement with the Fire Host Clan, it was still a magma world after all. They acted cautiously because the place could still be deadly if they were careless. As a result, they maintained their formation meticulously. In fact, Tang Wulin did not even retract the golden trident in his hand.

It was apparent to them that it would not be an easy feat to charge into this place by force had it not been for their special circumstances. As the seventeenth level of hell of the War God Hall, the challenge was not as simple as it seemed.

The size of the magma sea was not overly large. They could finally see the ground in the distance after making a turn. It was a deep tunnel that would no doubt lead to the eighteenth level of hell, the deepest one. It could very possibly be the location that the Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition, the Eternal Heaven, was stored.

Ever since arriving here, their emotions had changed without their notice, especially Ling Zichen’s. At this point, it was apparent that she was extremely excited.

No one had more interest in Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition than she. If she could acquire or even just see this pinnacle of soul device artistry, it would fulfill one of the biggest wishes of her life. She had countless questions that she hoped the Eternal Heaven would be able to answer.

The fixed soul ammunition of the highest rank was not developed by just one or two scientists. It was the precious result of the greatest scientific minds of numerous generations! If a scientist of her rank had the opportunity to study the Eternal Heaven, perhaps the process would inspire her to develop more advanced soul technology. That was what she hoped for most of all.

They landed on the ground. The group was not affected by the scorching heat due to the protection provided by the Sea God’s Trident. Everyone was still in their best form.

Tang Wulin turned around and bid farewell to the leader of the Fire Host Clan. He then led his group as they swiftly walked toward the tunnel to the eighteenth level of hell.

They could not help feeling rather nervous when they arrived at their destination. The most important task was to look for the Eternal Heaven. On the other hand, they had no idea if they could take it with them after locating it! This was the headquarters of the War God Hall. According to their plan, they needed to secure the Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition at the fastest speed. They would use it to force the War God Hall into letting them leave with it.

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