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The Fire Host Clan

The fiery man nodded. “No, we don’t belong here. Thus, we can only hide in this place. We wish to go home badly. So, we hope that you can help us.”

A Ruheng could not refrain himself from chiming in after listening from the side. “Can you please describe in detail? We don’t understand your condition. So, how can we help you then?”

The fiery man said, “Ok, I’ll describe in further detail now. I was too emotional earlier, so I was blabbering. It’s the first time I’ve sensed the aura of a super divine weapon since our descension to this world. It’s also my first time to see a glimmer of hope. Thus, I got emotional.”

He repeated the word ’emotional’ and was speaking incoherently once again.

Tang Wulin waved his hand at A Ruheng to signal him not to be impatient.

The fiery man calmed himself with great effort before he continued to speak, “We came from another world. In our world, we were living well and peacefully, but a catastrophe befell us and we were sent here.”

“Another world? Is it a main plane?” asked Tang Wulin.

The fiery man replied proudly, “It’s a main plane, of course. Moreover, it’s a main plane which is much more powerful than your world. Our world is known as the Magic Blue World while our clan is named the ‘Fire Host Clan.’

“Fire Host Clan?” Tang Wulin committed the name to memory.

The leader of the Fire Host Clan spoke, “My name is Huo Tian and I’m one of the leaders of the current Fire Host Clan. There are a few clan elders who are my superiors. There was a continent on our Magic Blue World and it was known as the Demon Monster Continent. Don’t get mad over what I’m about to tell you. Our Demon Monster Continent was ruled by the Demon Clan and the Monster Clan. We’ve humans on our continent too, but they’re the servants to our Demon and Monster Clans.”

After listening to the narration, Tang Wulin could not help but show interest. It was another world where similarly there were humans. He did not ask any questions but he listened to Huo Tian’s exposition patiently.

Huo Tian continued to speak, “Our Fire Host Clan was living at a place not far away from the Demon Monster Clan initially. The place where we lived was known as the Magma Sea or the Magma Red Sea. Our clan was known for producing warriors. Every clansman of ours possessed an inherent, powerful fighting capacity. Although we couldn’t stray from the magma area, we were close to being immortal as long as we were in a magma-rich area. Hence, we didn’t submit to the Demon Clan and the Monster Clan regardless of how powerful they were. We were considered as equals, and we traded with each other. In the Magic Blue World, our Fire Host Clan was as strong as any clan, other than the mysterious Purple Gold Clan.”

At this point, his voice was filled with pride. He was very proud of his clan.

“One day, our clan elder was invited by the most powerful demon of the Demon Clan to discuss some matters. Our clan elder was away for a long time on that occasion. Then, we received news. Based on astrological studies, the Demon Clan and the Monster Clan’s mighty creatures foretold that a great catastrophe would befall our Magic Blue World. It would result in the total annihilation of our world. We had to prepare for rainy days and combine the efforts of the entire world to survive the catastrophe.”

“Hence, the mighty creatures of the Demon Clan and the Monster Clan joined hands with our Fire Host Clan, and the powerful clans from the Boundless Blue Sea, namely the Sea Dragon Clan, and the Sea Giant Clan. Furthermore, we sought help from the mysterious Purple Gold Clan in addition to the Green Clan from the Life Green Sea. We were preparing a set of divine weapons to resist the coming catastrophe.”

“So, did you succeed?” Xu Xiaoyan could not refrain herself from asking, being the most curious person in the group.

Huo Tian said, “It was a success. Of course, we succeeded. We gathered all the resources from the entire Magic Blue World and the Demon Monster Continent to produce the set of divine weapons. It was a set of seven divine pearls which we named the ‘Magic Blue Seven Divine Pearls’. It was controlled by the almighty master of each clan to confront the great catastrophe together.”

“The catastrophe finally came to pass. The almighty creatures of the Demon Clan and the Monster Clan were correct in their prediction. Only thing was we never expected the catastrophe to be so deadly. At the time, a space-time turbulence churned on a planet much smaller than ours according to our clan elder. The smaller planet then slammed into us. Soon after, the clan elder and the almighties of the other clans took the Magic Blue Seven Divine Pearls to resist the catastrophe.”

At this point, Huo Tian became silent. The clansmen of the Fire Host Clan in the surroundings quietened down as well. They were filled with sorrow.

One could tell from their emotions that the resistance was unsuccessful.

Tang Wulin felt his chest tighten when he heard the word ‘space-time turbulence’. He could still clearly remember what his father once told him. The divine realm of the Douluo Continent was swept away by the space-time turbulence! It was precisely the space-time turbulence which caused him to be far away from his family members.

He did not expect the space-time turbulence which had affected him to be the cause of the catastrophe as well.

Huo Tian heaved a sigh, then he continued speaking, “The Magic Blue Seven Divine Pearls yielded some effects anyhow. At least, it managed to slow down the planet. I still remembered the day as if it was yesterday. The planet deflected the Magic Blue Seven Divine Pearls and slammed into the Demon Monster Continent.”

“At that moment, it felt as if the entire world was about to be completely annihilated. It was an unprecedented calamity. All at once, the mountains collapsed, the lands cracked, and there was a tsunami. Half the Magma Red Sea vanished instantly. Our clan elder didn’t return. Although I wasn’t sure, I figured the lives of the almighties of the Demon Clan and the Monster Clan were sacrificed in the great catastrophe.”

The Demon Monster Continent was shattered into a few fragments by the collision. On the other hand, the planet was pulverized too. The great catastrophe affected the entire world. At the same time, numerous spatial rifts appeared as well. A large number of living creatures in the entire Magic Blue World died because of that.”

“It was during that time when our batch was engulfed by a spatial rift by accident, and we were brought here.”

Tang Wulin finally figured out the situation. It turned out the Fire Host clansmen were transferred from another world.

Tang Wulin could not determine if the Magic Blue World was really more powerful than the Douluo Continent based on Huo Tian’s description. However, he could tell from the Fire Host clansmen’s auras that it was no weaker than the main plane of the Douluo Continent.

“The number of clansmen were a few fold more than the number now when we first arrived here. A large number died due to lack of a suitable environment. We managed to survive after finding this place. Yet, the place is too small. It really is small compared to our Magma Red Sea in the past. Our numbers have stopped increasing after reaching a certain number since there’s not enough energy to sustain us. We’re content to retain a small part of this place and have an agreement with the humans here to continue living in this place. We’re obliged to guard the seventeenth level of the War God Hall. This place is called the Magma Fire Hell, and this is our story.”

Tang Wulin could not help feeling shocked upon learning about the great catastrophe that befell the Magic Blue World as narrated by Huo Tian.

How terrifying it must have been when a main plane collided with another planet! He felt a profound fear just thinking of it.

If there came a day when the Douluo Continent encountered such a terrifying disaster, would the Douluo Continent be able to resist it?

No one could answer that.

Tang Wulin felt pity for the Fire Host clansmen subconsciously.

“So, how would you like us to help you?” asked Tang Wulin.

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