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Magma Fiery Man

A Ruheng chuckled. “Sure, I can take a bath at the same time. Let me go and take a look.”

As he was speaking, his skin had already turned golden. He leaped up and flew toward the area above the magma lake.

Tang Wulin’s eyes were glowing with a purple-gold radiance. He utilized his Purple Demon Eyes to observe his senior brother disciple A Ruheng’s silhouette in preparation to assist him if needed.

It would be very difficult for A Ruheng to get hurt by the magma in his Leakproof Golden Body. He was the most suitable candidate to explore the path.

The rest of them gathered behind Tang Wulin and unleashed their individual soul powers to withstand the high heat.

A Ruheng looked up and gazed into the distance upon flying to the area above the magma lake.

The surroundings were all golden-red such that he could not see into the distance clearly. The air was quivering in the heat which produced a wave-like pattern.

A Ruheng might appear crude, but he was actually a meticulous person at heart. He flew around to observe the terrain in the surroundings and commit it to memory.

Undoubtedly, one would need to exercise the utmost caution when one was flying over the magma lake. Someone like Xu Xiaoyan would be immediately annihilated upon falling into the magma lake.

For the safety of his comrades, he must investigate thoroughly.

Meanwhile, something unusual occurred!

The magma lake under him bubbled for a while. Soon after, a deafening roar was heard. An enormous magma fireball over five meters in diameter shot toward A Ruheng.

A Ruheng scoffed coldly and blasted a punch.

He would never show any panic emotions when he was confronted by an attack in any situation due to his cultivation base.

The magma fireball suddenly exploded with a loud boom but it did not disperse. A silhouette appeared from within and arrived before A Ruheng as swift as lightning. It immediately gave A Ruheng a big hug.

Yes, he got a hug.

It was a creature in human form with hands and legs. It was about three meters tall and was curled up in the fireball earlier. When the fireball exploded, it might have utilized the explosive force to get to A Ruheng in an instant.

Its high body temperature was its best weapon. It gave A Ruheng a hug.

A Ruheng was startled. The opponent was so swift that he was a little slow in reacting to the situation. However, he cracked into a smile when he was hugged, so he returned the gesture as well.

A ‘poof’ was heard. The fiery man’s body was crushed by his body right away. However, a fiery glow was seen flickering, before it turned into speckles of radiance which gathered together to reform its original body once again in an area nearby. It floated in the air following that.

At present, the people finally saw how the creature looked.

It was about three meters in height and its entire body was fiery red, leaving only its eyes burning with golden flares. It appeared exceedingly weird.

It was obviously a living creature of an extremely pure fire element. One could see that it managed to leave behind some marks on A Ruheng’s Leakproof Golden Body after its hug.

By the looks of it, any other ordinary Title Douluo in A Ruheng’s place would not have been able to withstand the hug.

At the same time, fireballs arose from the magma lake one at a time. The fireballs floated in the air before exploding in succession. A silhouette was casted after each explosion.

Strangely, the creatures which appeared from the fireballs were not only in human forms but were in animal forms as well.

For example, there were fire wolves, fire lions, et cetera. However, the human form creatures were the largest in number. There was a fiery creature in the form of a man, over seven meters tall, which exuded an exceedingly powerful aura. From the power of the energy it was emitting, it had achieved a Limit Douluo’s power.

Tang Wulin was astonished. ‘Impressive. It seems like the War God Hall is truly hiding many secret weapons!’

It was not an easy feat to fight against so many strange creatures. Moreover, the opposing side seemed to possess an ability that was almost close to immortality.

Yet, these creatures did not look like soul beasts as their auras were obviously quite different from the soul beasts. It would not be easy for them to charge through so many fire element creatures.

Tang Wulin grasped the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand tightly and made a hand gesture at Xu Xiaoyan who was behind him.

Since the fire element creatures could be resurrected, they must dash through by force. The faster they did it, the better it would be.

“Please don’t fight us.” Out of the blue, a fiery man with the largest body, who turned out to be the leader, suddenly spoke to Tang Wulin. He was speaking in human language!

Tang Wulin’s chest tightened for a moment. Their opponents could actually converse in human language. Could it be that this clan was related to mankind?

The leader looked in Tang Wulin’s direction and bowed ever so slightly to salute Tang Wulin. Had it not been its fiery red body and dazzling golden eyes, it really looked like a human being.

“Hello. I’m sorry to bother you all at this time. I’m truly sorry. However, we’ve entered the War God Hall, and we wish to continue our venture ahead. It seems like the only way is through the magma lake. We only wish to pass through in peace and we mean no harm,” said Tang Wulin in a deep voice. Nevertheless, he remained vigilant. He was prepared to launch an attack at the opposing side at any moment.

The fiery man said, “We mean no harm as well. Only that I sensed a God’s aura earlier, so I came out to take a look personally. May I know which one of you is a real god?”

God’s aura?

The people shifted their gaze to look at Tang Wulin. The god’s aura mentioned by this gigantic fiery man should be due to Tang Wulin’s trident.

A radiance flickered in Tang Wulin’s eyes. He said, “I’m sorry, we don’t have a God with us. Perhaps, you sensed the aura which originated from my divine weapon.”

As he was speaking, he unleashed the Sea God’s Trident.

Tang Wulin unleashed the divine weapon to shock his extremely powerful opponents.

The moment the Sea God’s Trident appeared in Tang Wulin’s grasp, a strange wave-like sound arose immediately. His comrades nearby instantly felt a cooling sensation radiating from the weapon which sheltered the fiery heat in front of them.

The leader’s enormous body shook once abruptly when it saw the Sea God’s Trident. The words escaped his mouth before he could even open it. “That’s a super divine weapon.”

The pitch of its voice was raised revealing its heightened emotions.

Super divine weapon?

Tang Wulin did not have a thorough understanding of the divine weapon’s rank actually. Perhaps, no one on the Douluo Continent was capable of distinguishing divine weapons.

‘What does the so-called divine weapon refer to?’ Tang Wulin had a question on his mind which he asked silently.

The fiery leader appeared to be extremely excited. In fact, he began to dance with joy while the other fiery men in the surroundings broke out in a clamor. A few were speaking in strange voices which were probably the clan’s language.

After a long while, the fiery man said, “Hello, my dear respected humans. I truly didn’t expect you to have a super divine weapon. However, you’re not a God yet. Nonetheless, it proves you have the god-ranked blood flowing in you. Otherwise, you can’t possibly wield the super divine weapon. I’ve a small request, and I wonder if you can be of assistance?”

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. A request? They had just met, yet the opposing side had requested for his assistance.

However, they needed to cross the magma lake before them. Hence, he could not reject the fiery man’s request outright.

“Please go ahead. I’ll try to help if I can.”

The fiery man was silent for a moment before it said, “Actually, I don’t know if you can do it either. I can’t force you nor do you need to guarantee anything. I only hope that if you achieve Godhood in your lifetime and arrive in the Divine Realm, can you please help us to look for the world which belongs to us initially. Help us look for our original home.”

When those words were spoken, Tang Wulin managed to pick up some clues despite the confusing speech.

“Are you trying to say that you don’t belong to the Douluo Continent?” asked Tang Wulin in curiosity.

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