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When he saw Yuanen Yehui kill the aquatic soul beast with ease, he could not help drawing in a chilly breath out of fear. This seemed quite different from the data gathered about this girl’s abilities!

Such formidable darkness power. Could it be that she was an evil soul master?

The purple-black hue in the river continued to spread out into the distance. Where it passed, the weaker soul beasts did stand a chance of fighting back as they were transformed into radiance before fading away. Some amphibious soul beasts hastily got out of the water. Some were feeling in a hurry, while others were charging at Yuanen Yehui.

Meanwhile, an enormous pillar of water shot into the sky from the river in the distance, followed by the wave of a powerful aura.

As the boundary river, there were quite a number of rather strong soul beasts in this river. The creature before their eyes was one of them.

Floating at the top of the huge geyser as a giant crab-like soul beast over six meters wide and more than four meters in height. It waved its enormous claws in fury.

It was a ten-thousand-year soul beast known as the Steel Crab! It was the lord of this river.

The Steel Crab’s tiny pair of eyes rolled around and locked on to Yuanen Yehui almost immediately.

A ghastly scene emerged. More geysers rapidly shot out from the river underneath them and formed a bridge-like structure. With its eight long legs, The Steel Crab quickly crawled its way toward her, waving its pair of four-meter long claws as it charged toward Yuanen Yehui.

As it closed the distance between them, the Steel Crab opened its iron-black front claws completely and let out a mighty burst of soul power. Its defense had clearly been bolstered while its strength was unusually great. In fact, its front claws could easily cut rare metals in half. No other aquatic soul beast could rival it at this point in time.

A large number of its disciples and grand-disciples had been killed, which sent this overlord of the aquatic soul beasts into a rage.

Meanwhile, a stream of starlight descended from the sky and shone upon the giant crab’s body with perfect precision. At once, the ten-thousand-year Steel Crab, charging wildly at high speed, had been brought to halt. It even lost control of the geyser supporting itself, and the pillar of water collapsed.

The purple-gold radiance cut out a graceful yet quite bitter arc of light in the air. With a single flash, it vanished.

In that instant, the Steel Crab’s body was frozen in midair. Skimming past the crab, Yuanen Yehui was still spinning before she delivered a slap to the shell on the crab’s back.

One could clearly see that the purple-gold radiance turned into a vortex-like entity that shot into its body. There was a loud boom, and the massive Steel Crab’s entire body was blown apart, the pieces making a mess as they scattered on the ground.

An incredible gush of energy burst forth from its body before dissipating into the surroundings.

Yuanen Yehui nodded satisfactorily. “This ten-thousand-year soul beast is such an indulgence. It’s so nutritious.”

Retracting her Star Staff, Xu Xiaoyan smiled and said, “It seems a little foolish. Don’t you think that the soul beasts here are stupid? I don’t know how the War God Hall actually runs its settings. The soul beasts don’t even know how to avoid conflict. They could obviously sense our strength, yet they still have the courage to charge at us. That’s simply idiocy!”

Hiding in the forest, Nan Gongyi could not help feeling upset and angered when he heard that. ‘Is she referring to those soul beasts as idiots? Or us?’

1He was speechless!

In any case, he had even less courage to go out at this moment. He was well aware of the ten-thousand-year Steel Crab’s capabilities. Though he was also capable of defeating it, he could not possibly do it in such a short time. He figured that the girl with the Star Staff from the opposite team was a control-type soul master. The combination of a control-type and an assault-type soul master yielded the most effective partnerships in the soul master’s world. Nan Gongyi knew his limitations, so he chose to hide in a dark corner and wait.

Meanwhile, a stream of light suddenly surged to the sky from the middle path. It exploded in the air and transformed into a pink halo that spread outward.

“The middle path is in danger?” Yuanen Yehui felt her chest tighten for a moment.

There was no way they could contact each other via soul communicators here. As a result, they had discussed everything in advance.

Everyone carried a distress signal device given by Ling Zichen. The signal would be unleashed when any of them were in danger. It was apparent that the signal came from the middle path. Something had happened at Ling Zichen’s side.

“Support the middle path. Let’s go!” Yuanen Yehui flapped the wings on her back without the slightest hesitation and flew toward the middle path. Xu Xiaoyan leaped up and followed closely behind her.

Naturally, Nan Gongyi noticed their movements from the opposite side. That being said, he was quite afraid of sneaking into the opposing team’s left path alone.

There was some real trouble at the middle path.

The Demon Guqin Douluo Mo Zihong had played the instrument continuously for a long time and realized that nothing was happening to Ling Zichen. When he noticed that she stood over there without moving at all, he became suspicious. Hence, he launched his first exploratory attack.

With a pluck of his guqin, a stream of soul power turned into a sound wave that blasted at Ling Zichen on the opposite bank.

The sound wave weakened as it travelled a hundred meters, but Ling Zichen was incapable of dodging it. She took a direct hit and blacked out for a moment.

Though she had a protective shield, she was still blasted a dozen meters away. She relied on the mecha’s own stabilizing system to land her safely on the ground. As soon as she regained consciousness, she sent out the distress signal without the slightest hesitation.

The Demon Guqin Douluo Mo Zihong from the opposite team was very experienced in combat. He could tell from this opponent’s actions that she was obviously under his control! As a result, she was rendered helpless.

He continued playing the guqin and a series of pale purple sound waves burst forth. Oddly, each of the seven sound waves he released chased after the one that came before. The sound waves collided six times, with each successive collision causing them to accelerate. After the final acceleration, the seven sound waves had fused into one gigantic sound wave. Moving at the perfect speed, it reached Ling Zichen just as it was at its strongest. The control ability of this attack could be described as remarkable.

Ling Zichen was feeling rather depressed at the moment. All this time, she confidently assumed that her fighting capacity was no weaker than any Title Douluo. This was also why she had the courage to spar with Tang Wulin in the past.

That being the case, after meeting these Title Douluos in real life, she had discovered that her mecha was still sorely lacking. A mecha could never replace a soul master’s abilities completely anyhow. There were still many things that she would need to improve.

Her mecha was powered by numerous Positive Circulating Source Soul Circuits. It was the only one of its kind in the entire mecha world, and its power could not be matched by any other ordinary soul device. Nevertheless, she could not bring the mecha to the level of an experienced soul master unless she turned herself into an actual bomb.

She watched helplessly as the sound wave reached her. She could only cross her mecha’s arms to brace herself. Her protective shield was turned on to its highest setting.


The sound wave hit her, and Ling Zichen was blasted away by the impact. On the opposite side, Demon Guqin Douluo had already leaped up and flew straight from the opposite bank, still playing the Demon Guqin in midair. He supported the instrument with one hand while he plucked the strings with his other hand. He fired sound waves into the water to prevent the aquatic soul beasts within it from attacking him. He flew toward Ling Zichen at high speed.

He had determined that Ling Zichen was the weakest of the team from Shrek that was taking part in this match. Moreover, he was certain that she was the weakest of all. If he could take her down first, the result of this round was basically determined.

The blast had thrown Ling Zichen dozens of meters away before she managed to stabilize herself. The astounding sound wave had even left behind some scuff marks on her mecha, and her protective shield was shaking violently from the impact.

However, it was also at this moment when sparks of light illuminated Ling Zichen’s mecha. It looked just like the dazzling stars in the night sky, and a fearsome aura arose from the mecha.

This was the number one mecha in the world after all! Although Ling Zichen’s abilities were less than stellar, the power of her mecha was unquestionable.

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