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Ling Zichen Is Eliminated

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The Demon Guqin Douluo was not completely correct in his judgements. He was right about Ling Zichen being the weakest one among those from Shrek Academy. However, though her body was weak, overall, she was no slouch.

The Demon Guqin Douluo’s biggest advantage against her was his control. She had been under his control from the moment they collided due to her lack of preparation.

Mo Zihong had managed to hold Ling Zichen back with his sound wave attack, but he had lost his control over her. Under such circumstances, Ling Zichen was no longer vulnerable!

She raised the short staffs in her hands and quickly shot out two beams of light. In an instant, the solid-like streams reached Mo Zihong’s face and vanished in a flash.

“That’s quick!” Mo Zihong was astonished, but he reacted swifty to the situation. His fingers moved as streams of light burst out from the Guqin and formed into two melodies that blocked the two staffs’ radiances accurately.

“Boom, boom!” Mo Zihong had not expected what happened next. During the collision, the explosion was far beyond what he had prepared for. With a deafeningly loud boom, the incredible shockwave pushed him backward. He then saw a pink silhouette was already upon him.

‘Trying to match my speed? The most sophisticated mecha is actually equipped with supersonic speed.’

The numerous radiant sparks on Ling Zichen’s body burst out simultaneously. Hundreds of light rays descended from the sky and bombarded the Demon Guqin Douluo.

Ling Zichen had a short temper. Her rage had almost driven her to madness after she was under the opponent’s control for such a long time. She finally managed to seize the opportunity to counterattack the opponent currently. She planned on being merciless, so she unleashed her most powerful attack as soon as she had the chance.

The greatest advantage of her mecha was its speed and offensive capabilities. She was currently using these to their full extent. On the other hand, Mo Zihong was at a disadvantage after underestimating her mecha. In fact, he could not even tell if it was a mecha or battle armor.

There was nowhere else for him to hide or dodge when he was enshrouded by so many explosive light beams.

‘What should I do?’

Mo Zihong made a prompt decision, and the seventh soul ring on his body glowed. He threw the Demon Guqin in his hand to the sky. He spun around and fused with the Demon Guqin in an instant.

At once, the Demon Guqin began to grow in the sky and transformed into a giant guqin, over five meters in length and two meters in width. The guqin’s strings were played themselves and created a melodious rhythm. Countless melodies were unleashed and sound waves bloomed out into the surroundings unhindered.

It was the Demon Guqin Avatar!

“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!” There was a series of explosions in the sky as the sound waves and soul beams clashed into one another, making into violent waves of energy.

Both opponents were showing the full extent of their offensive capabilities.

The first person affected was Ling Zichen. She felt dizzy when the Demon Guqin Avatar started playing melodies with controlling abilities. She was rendered incapable of carrying out her next attacks. A mighty explosion then came from underneath her. The shockwave rolled back and blasted Ling Zichen off her feet into the distance.

On the other hand, the Demon Guqin Mo Zihong was not feeling well either. In her anger, Ling Zichen had fired over seventy percent of her soul beams. The power of her soul beams was concentrated through every single one of her Source Soul Circuits. It’s explosive force brought fear to Tang Wulin in the past.

The tremor struck the Demon Guqin with such strength that its rhythm went offbeat. The blow knocked the Demon Guqin out of the sky, with the ground breaking into chunks of soil where it fell.

The Demon Guqin Douluo Mo Zihong watched as Ling Zichen was blasted away. This time, he finally noticed that her body looked stiff before she was blasted away. This meant that she was under his control.

It seemed that she was afraid of his melody.

He endured the arduous lashing of the explosion. A ring of glowing patterns appeared underneath the Demon Guqin Avatar. A splendid dark purple metal emerged on the surface of the Demon Guqin as well. It was his three-word battle armor!

With the amplification of the three-word battle armor, Mo Zihong quickly neutralized the energy assault from earlier. The guqin’s strings were producing melodies that were several times stronger than before.

Weakness, cursed, debilitation, drowsiness. All sorts of powerful control-type melodies diffused into the surroundings, bombarding Ling Zichen from all sides.

This was the reaction of a mighty War God. He was fully capable of making precise adjustments based on the situation on the battlefield and then choosing the best method to attack his opponent.

Ling Zichen’s combat experience was not as rich as his. If Tang Wulin had been in her place with her abilities, he would have relied on his speed to put some distance between them after breaking free from the opponent’s control. From there, he would attempt to regroup with his squad and not try to take on the Demon Guqin Douluo single-handedly.

The assault of the Guqin’s melodies had rapidly muddled up Ling Zichen’s state of mind, and there was an intense distress alarm inside her mecha. The mecha’s protective shield was pushed to its highest setting after sensing that her spiritual fluctuation was too intense.

However, the protective shield had been initially designed to filter sound, but it was still rather weak in defending against spiritual power. After all, spiritual power was everywhere and very hard to capture. This had always been one of the major issues her research focused on.

No matter how great Ling Zichen’s spiritual power, it was still that of an ordinary person and not a soul master. Her mind still had limits to what it could endure.

At present, the assault from the Title Douluo’s astounding guqin melody had not only put her body under someone else’s control, but also threatened her life.

Her vital signs were immediately showing severe reactions. If this continued, it could possibly result in her head exploding.

Meanwhile, a stream of radiance descended from the sky all of a sudden and enshrouded Ling Zichen’s body. With a single flash, the light and Ling Zichen had vanished without a trace.

It was the War God Hall’s self-protection system.

When the system sensed that a soul master’s life was in critical condition, to the point that they were incapable of protecting themselves, the War God Hall would automatically transfer them out from the system to ensure the soul master’s safety.

This was the most important feature of the War God Battlefield acting as a training ground. It was fine to cultivate, but it was not alright for a person to seek doom in here.

Mo Zihong felt reassured as he watched the radiance descend before him. He went from his Demon Guqin Avatar back to his true form. His entire body was still clad in his three-word battle armor. He did not stop moving nor did he continue to advance, but instead, the control-type Title Douluo swiftly flew toward his side’s boundary.

Since he had the upper hand, he would need to maintain it and not behave recklessly.

With the situation being reduced to five against four, it was no longer necessary for him to take risks.

Though he was a powerful control-type soul master, he would still be in danger if he was fighting against an agility-type soul master or an assault-type if their spiritual power overwhelmed him.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin, Yuannen Yehui, Xu Xiaoyan and Sima Jinchi heard a voice in their ears informing them that a team member of theirs had left the battlefield when Ling Zichen was transported out.

Yuanen Yehui was not the only person that received the distress signal. Tang Wulin had made his way to the middle path almost simultaneously when the Demon Guqin Douluo retreated back to his side.

Yuanen Yehui and Xu Xiaoyan had also arrived at the same time.

Tang Wulin saw the Demon Guqin Douluo Mo Zihong’s silhouette hiding back into the opposite side’s forest at one glance. He immediately understood what had brought them to this situation.

He had misjudged. He expected that the opposite team would send out their best fighter, the Skycrosser Douluo, instead of the Demon Guqin Douluo Mo Zihong.

In Tang Wulin’s original plan, Ling Zichen’s offensive power was potent enough, especially when she pretended to detonate herself. It was frightful, even for a Limit Douluo. As long as Ling Zichen could hold the opponent in the middle path temporarily, the rest of the team could turn the tide and gain the upper hand after killing the Darkness Demon Dragon.

Then, they would rely on their teamwork to get an opportunity to fight against the opposing team.

As it happened, Tang Wulin did not expect that the Demon Guqin Douluo would take the middle path. Moreover, he had overlooked Ling Zichen’s ability to resist spiritual sound wave control-type soul skills. This mistake had resulted in the elimination of his team member on the middle path.

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