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Pitch Black As Ink, Fallen Into A Demon

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Tang Wulin was still human and not a god after all. Tang Wulin thought that it should be the Skycrosser Douluo who would be guarding the middle path. Hence, he assigned Ling Zichen the middle path to act as a surprise, perhaps even a threat. It was because the soul circuit source core on Ling Zichen’s body was extremely terrifying.

Once Ling Zichen unleashed the unexpected intention to detonate herself, even a Limit Douluo would consider twice before taking action. However, he did not foresee Ling Zichen to encounter a main control soul master who was most feared by opponents who relied on their mechas in a battle. Furthermore, he was a powerful soundwave control-type soul master.

In reality, the Demon Guqin Douluo Mo Zihong was quite confused over Ling Zichen’s condition as well.

He felt quite surprised when he saw Ling Zichen’s pink mecha. Was that a battle armor? It did not appear to be, yet it was emitting a rather powerful energy fluctuation!

Nonetheless, its aura was too powerful to not be a battle armor. Could it be a mecha? Yet, it was too small to be a mecha.

Consequently, he began playing the Guqin as a means of exploration.

Mo Zihong was most skilled in executing a myriad of curses using the Demon Guqin. His Demon Guqin’s control ability was exceedingly powerful. His moniker as ‘the War God Hall’s Number One Control-type Soul Master’ was not for nothing.

As expected, a layer of pink radiance arose on the opponent’s body as soon as he began playing the Guqin to block off the sounds of his Guqin. The opponent stood still, not moving at all. The opponent did not launch an attack at him, but her protection was constantly triggered.

Actually, he was not aware that Ling Zichen was incapable of resisting his attack if he went on the offensive now.

Mo Zihong decided to continue playing his instrument since he misread his opponent. Meanwhile, Ling Zichen was becoming dizzy and confused due to the effects of the melodious sounds.

Fortunately, her super divine mecha had a powerful insulation system which filtered away most of the detrimental sound effects. It was also autonomous and equipped to protect its master such that she could maintain her current position.

On the left path.

Xu Xiaoyan and Yuanen Yehui had already made their way to the riverside. Their mission was to launch an exploratory offensive. Out of the three paths taken, this would be the only offensive route.

They arrived at the riverbank. Yuanen Yehui looked to the opposite side. At present, the opponent from the opposing team made his appearance as well. They stood gazing at each other. It was precisely the Haughty Dragon Douluo Nan Gongyi.

In the War God Battlefield, all soul communicators were banned. The only communication allowed was via conventional means. They could also use their soul skills meant for communicating which were similar to spiritual detection.

Although the participants in the competition today were Title Douluos, none of them were particularly skilled in such situations. Hence, both Shrek Academy and the War God Hall’s teams were incapable of relaying any information immediately to their teammates.

Consequently, Yuanen Yehui had no clue as to whether there was one or two people on the opposite side. Both sides remained gazing at each other across the river and did not launch any action.

The only difference was Yuanen Yehui was much more confident. She heard the killing of the Darkness Demon Dragon earlier. She clearly felt the transformation of her soul power. Such an obvious amplification effect was powerful despite the fact that she was already a Title Douluo. As a result, her eyes glowed as soon as she saw her opponent was the relatively weak Haughty Dragon Douluo Nan Gongyi.

Naturally, Nan Gongyi saw them as well. Xu Xiaoyan did not make much of an impression on him, but the War God Hall had gathered much information on Yuanen Yehui.

Yuanen Yehui had displayed her powerful abilities during Shrek Academy’s enrollment day. She was not only a Title Douluo, she possessed a four-word battle armor as well. Nan Gongyi felt hesitant especially after witnessing the performance from Shrek’s people earlier. Moreover, Yuanen Yehui had a partner by her side. According to the intel gathered, the person should be one of the Shrek Seven Monsters.

Even the food-type soul master from the Shrek Seven Monsters was so powerful, let alone the other soul masters who were involved in the main battles. Thus, he immediately decided to retreat after seeing the opponent. He quickly dashed into the forest to hide himself before the two women from Shrek could react to the situation.

” Yuanen, what should we do? Should we head over there?” asked Xu Xiaoyan of Yuanen Yehui.

Yuanen Yehui frowned ever so slightly. “I’m afraid it may be a trap. Let’s not rush over first. We should clear up the river of the aquatic soul beasts in the meantime. Let’s discuss further after we have observed the situation.”

As she was speaking, she had already leaped up and spread out a pair of wings, which was pitch black as ink, on her back. Her figure had also changed to reveal her gender. She had transformed back to her usual self. Her appearance was no longer masculine.

Yuanen Yehui carried a malicious charm in her Fallen Angel transformation. Back at the beginning, she had benefited immensely after killing the numerous demons from the Demon Clan especially in the purification of her bloodline. As a result, her Fallen Angel transformation was elevated tremendously at the time.

At the same time, Ye Xinglan worked hard and tried her best not to fall behind since Yuanen Yehui’s abilities were elevating so quickly.

It was not just her soul power which was elevated, it was her overall abilities as well. The power of her twin martial soul was fully revealed when she made the breakthrough to the Title Douluo rank. Apart from Tang Wulin, Yuanen Yehui was elevating faster than anybody else among the Shrek Seven Monsters.

She was the first person who made the breakthrough to be a Title Douluo. Besides, she had already achieved rank-93 within a short time. She was getting closer to becoming a Hyper Douluo. Chances were she would not be facing any bottlenecks at the Hyper Douluo rank which would stop her from advancing. It was due to her twin martial soul in addition to her ancestor, the Titan Giant Ape Er Ming’s and the Fallen Angel’s pure bloodlines.

In comparison, the others were elevating equally fast, but they still lagged behind Yuanen Yehui.

Ye Xinglan had always refused to accept her defeat. She was reluctant to submit to Tang Wulin, let alone Yuanen Yehui. Hence, her pent-up rage resulted in an outburst today. She had forced herself to comprehend the profound meaning of the Sword God rank.

On the other hand, Yuanen Yehui’s abilities were already on par with Ye Xinglan’s in spite of her comprehension of the Sword God rank. She was truly the next best person among the Shrek Seven Monsters whose cultivation base was second only to Tang Wulin.

The dark purple halo spun around her body with a faint golden light circulating inside the halo. Purple-gold was the color of the Demon Clan’s royal bloodline. it was the purest form of fallen power. After transforming into the Fallen Angel, Yuanen Yehui’s aura underwent a transformation as well. Apart from her gaze which remained crystal clear as before, her entire body emitted an intense evil energy.

She waved her right hand once and conjured the Shadow Demon Sword in her palm. Meanwhile, it was apparent that the aquatic soul beasts under her had already sensed her presence.

A giant fish suddenly popped out its head. It opened its mouth and spurted a water arrow straight at Yuanen Yehui.

The water arrow travelled at an exceedingly swift speed accompanied by a sonic boom which produced a deafening howling sound. It carried a strong smell as well. Apparently, the water arrow was poisonous.

At the same time, the purple-gold halo underneath Yuanen Yehui’s feet began to spin violently. Yuanen Yehui stamped her foot to create a violent surging airwave. The water arrow missed her, but it had already dissipated. The most terrifying part was the entire riverbed beneath her collapsed. The aquatic soul beast which had stuck out its head was instantly flattened by her foot despite having no direct physical contact. Simultaneously, Yuanen Yehui swung the Shadow Demon Sword downward just as the purple-gold radiance glowed brightly on her body.

Pitch black as ink, fallen into a demon.

The sword slashed past. The river under her turned purple-black instantly. Soon afterward, huge bubbles emerged on the water surface as if it was boiling.

Speckles of radiance arose and dispersed from the water underneath surging toward Yuanen Yehui and Xu Xiaoyan.

Even though Nan Gongyi had retreated into the forest, he remained hidden in the dark to observe his opponents.

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