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Vast Sun Douluo

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Only the Body Sect’s Sect Masters were qualified to use this title. He was the Body Douluo A Ruheng!

“The War God Hall’s first War God, Ao Rui. Title: Vast Sun.” He was the Vast Sun Douluo Ao Rui. He was the first War God of the War God Hall, only preceded by the few Hall Masters. He was a rank-98 Hyper Douluo, just one step away from being a Limit Douluo. He was the greatest warrior of the War God Hall.

The War God Hall did not know that the Body Douluo had actually joined Shrek. A Ruheng’s declaration had doubtlessly highlighted the relationship between the Body Sect and Shrek Academy without a doubt.

Although the Body Sect had already declined, the sects that used to dominate the continent still believed that even a lean camel was larger than a horse. With the Body Sect’s support, the War God Hall and even the entire Federation would need to re-evaluate the status of the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy once again.

A Ruheng rubbed his huge bald head. His eyes were not looking at the Vast Sun Douluo on the opposite side. Instead, he was gazing at the Asiatic Apple Douluo Shi Mengshan, who had retreated from the competition arena earlier.

He took a deep breath. His expression suddenly turned serious and focused like he had never been before. His entire aura became condensed. He lost his usual bravado, but there was a hint of depth in his aura.

It was Tang Wulin’s first time seeing A Ruheng in such a state. He had always known that his senior disciple brother was a man of great wisdom that often appeared to be slow-witted. He seemed careless on the surface, yet he was actually extremely intelligent.

An example of this was when A Ruheng realized what happened when Tang Wulin used a strategy to command them in the Blood God Army years ago. He had mentioned this in private to Tang Wulin before, but he had never talked about this with Sima Jinchi.

If anyone was judging this Body Douluo only from the surface, then they were pretty much putting themselves at a disadvantage.

A faint smile emerged on his face. A Ruheng heaved a soft sigh softly and clasped his hands together in front of his chest. With every flicker of light in his eyes, the air would warp and became a little distorted.

It had been too long. He was already over thirty years old and would soon be nearing his forties. Through all that time, he had never encountered a woman that could pique his interest.

He was well aware of what he was. His body was far beyond ordinary, and he had been cultivating using the Body Sect’s special cultivation method since he was young. He was truly too strong. In other words, he was incapable of dating normal women as he could very well kill them accidentally.

In fact, it was even possible that he could accidentally crush a woman to death if he could not control his strength during intimate moments.

As a result, A Ruheng had always wanted to look for a strong woman as his wife. The problem was that the strong ones were hideous while the beautiful ones were not physically strong enough.

He did not fancy a maiden like Yuanen Yehui, who had strength in her bones. He desired a woman with a powerful build as well.

As a result, he was immediately attracted when he saw Shi Mengshan with her tall, muscular figure. She could be said to have a stout body along with a delicate and pretty face. He felt like it was love at first sight.

“Please hold on for a moment.” A Ruheng waved his hand at the Vast Sun Douluo standing on the opposite side.

Ao Rui was stunned for a moment. ‘This has never happened before in the earlier rounds! I thought that all of them would fight as soon as they came forward? What is this man going to do?’

A Ruheng’s lips hummed as he spoke to War God One. “Old Ao, I have something to ask of you! Your War God Hall’s seventh War God there, I wonder, is she married?’

‘Old Ao?’ The corners of Ao Rui’s lips twitched for a moment. He thought to himself, ‘Am I a close friend of yours? Even the few Hall Masters don’t address me in such a manner! I’m the first War God after all.’

Even so, he contemplated and thought about how the man on the opposite side was the Body Sect’s Sect Master. He was the current Body Douluo after all. It seemed to be quite alright such a man to address him in such an intimate manner. He found it acceptable.

Any other person would have the same thought and would be more willing to accept the acknowledgement of a peer.

Nevertheless, why was he asking if Shi Mengshan was married?

“I think she had a close playmate in her childhood. They eventually broke up because he complained that she was too tall and muscular,” said Ao Rui.

A Ruheng’s eyes glowed as soon as he heard that. He hastily inquired further, “So, she didn’t look for another partner anymore after that?”

Ao Rui said, “These are her private matters. It’s not appropriate for me to discuss too much.”

A Ruheng said, “Old Ao, you’re a bore. Say, don’t you think that you should care for your brothers and sisters as the first War God? I can see that the Asiatic Douluo is about forty years old, right? You don’t think that she is lonely without a partner at her age? I’ve fallen in love with your Asiatic Douluo at first sight. I fancied her as soon as I took one glance. Do you think you can create an opportunity for us to get acquainted later?”

The Vast Sun Douluo looked at the man standing before him, not sure whether he should laugh or cry. It felt as if the Vast Sun Douluo was saying, ‘Do you think this is a joke?’ Had this opponent not been the current Body Douluo, perhaps he would have struck the first blow right then and there.

The numerous War Gods of War God Hall were Title Douluos. Every Title Douluo-ranked powerhouse had a world that belonged to him or herself. Even though he was the first War God, there was nothing he could do to intervene with the affairs of the rest! Moreover, it was someone with a cold and rigid temperament like Shi Mengshan.

Furthermore, it was Shrek Academy that came over to challenge the War God Hall. In a sense, both sides were still in a state of being on opposite sides now. ‘Don’t you think that it’s a very inappropriate time for you to propose that you wish to pursue our War God now?’

Despite his words, A Ruheng had a serious look on his face. It did not seem to be especially appropriate for the Vast Sun Douluo to reject his request. Moreover, A Ruheng was right. It was not that easy for Shi Mengshan to look for a partner given her condition.

She was a heavily built Title Douluo and was getting old. How would it be easy for her to look for someone that she fancied at this point?

Ao Rui turned his head to the side and took a glance at the Asiatic Apple Douluo subconsciously. On the other hand, Shi Mengshan had her eyes closed at the moment. She was pondering about the battle from earlier and concluded her gains and loss. As a result, she did not notice Ao Rui’s gaze.

She did not see, but the rest of the War Gods did!

At this exact moment, the numerous War Gods felt baffled. What was their big brother doing? These two opponents had not even bothered to engage in a fight, and they seemed to be talking about something. Was this not a challenge anymore?

“I’m sorry, Your Excellency. I can’t help you. You must work hard on your part if you truly wish to pursue the Asiatic Apple Douluo. I can’t provide you with any information.” The Vast Sun Douluo pondered for a moment before he made the decision not to give A Ruheng any more information about Shi Mengshan at this time. After all, it was their first time meeting each other. It was still hard to tell if A Ruheng was a suitable match for Shi Mengshan even if A Ruheng was an impressive personage.

A Ruheng frowned deeply. “Old Ao, if that’s the case, I won’t be cutting you any slack!”

The Vast Sun Douluo almost rolled his eyes. ‘Who says that I need you to cut me any slack? Can’t you see that I’m a rank-98 Hyper Douluo? There’s still the question as to whether you are a worthy opponent for me.’

The Vast Sun Douluo could not help feeling infuriated by the opponent’s disdainful words. “There’s no need to hold back on my account. Please do your level best!”

“Alright, I shall fulfill your wish then!” A Ruheng scoffed coldly before he abruptly took a step forward.

Before Ao Rui had the time to consider if there was anything suspicious in his words, an incomparably majestic aura burst out from the Body Douluo A Ruheng.

“Buzz buzz buzz, buzz buzz buzz!” A peculiar hum that sounded like a hymn rose into the air all of a sudden. A wheel of light became illuminated behind A Ruheng abruptly. The glowing wheel looked almost solid, and its shape seemed to be complementing the beauty of his background.

Meanwhile, a thick and heavy blood essence gushed out from his body suddenly when the wheel rose behind him.

Instantly, the entire arena turned blazing hot as if magma was pouring out from the ground. Despite his cultivation base, the Vast Sun Douluo Ao Rui felt as if the blood inside his body was boiling. There was an ineffable feeling of discomfort in his body.

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