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The Strange Asiatic Apple Douluo

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Following the elevation of her cultivation base, her battle armor was upgraded to two-word armor. She made her battle armor using the usual soul master’s method to amplify her martial soul.

However, she discovered an issue when her cultivation base reached seven rings.

The Asiatic Apple was of the highest grade out of all poison attribute martial souls. On the other hand, the amplification effect on strong poison from battle armor was not that great. After testing, she discovered that her Nine-heart Asiatic Apple’s would be as potent as any poison could possibly be once she cultivated the Title Douluo-rank. In other words, the amplification of her battle armor could only be used to amplify the range of the poison’s effects at most, but not the strength of the poison.

If that was the case, it was of little use to her.

Shi Mengshan became extremely depressed. If her battle armor could not amplify her fighting capabilities, it would undoubtedly affect her overall ability as well when she reached a higher level. Therefore, she was constantly in bad spirits despite being highly valued as a control-type soul master in the War God Hall.

This went on until one fine day, when she was visiting the War God Hall’s warehouse, she discovered the set of battle armor which she was still using.

At the time, she was still trying to decide if she should upgrade her two-word battle armor to three-word battle armor and if there would be any purpose to it.

When she discovered this suit of battle armor, she came up with an audacious idea. She decided to take an approach that was different from the rest.

Thereupon, she expressed her idea to the high-ranking personnel in the War God Hall.

Without a doubt, the idea was extremely bold. All her efforts and labor for her two-word battle armor earlier would be in vain if she failed. This was because she would need to abandon her old armor first in order to inherit a new armor.

As it was, Shi Mengshan had always been a person with persistent willpower, and she insisted on sticking to her idea.

In the end, the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie and the Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue decided to support her after discussing it with one another. They allowed her to proceed with the attempt.

After all, there was quite a large number of suits of armor left behind by the seniors in the War God Hall. If this approach was workable, it would be quite beneficial for resource utilization in the War God Hall.

Thus, the Asiatic Apple Douluo Shi Mengshan went ahead with her plan.

The result was a success, but it could also be described as less than ideal.

She had truly succeeded in inheriting the set of battle armor. Additionally, she had total control over its power, so its formidable offensive capabilities could be fully utilized.

However, the set of battle armor was not custom-made for her, so it would conflict with her martial soul when she wore it. This was a huge problem for her.

In the end, she would not be able to utilize the battle armor when her martial soul was unleashed, and she could only use her martial soul when she was not wearing the armor. This was the reason for what they had just witnessed.

The most potent attack stemming from her suit of armor was the three consecutive strikes she had just performed. Even a Limit Douluo might not be able to withstand the explosive power of those three strikes. The set of three-word battle armor had originally been made with the goal of pushing physical strength to its limit. In fact, the design for this battle armor came from the Tang Sect.

As a result, the Asiatic Apple Douluo was in a difficult position after she had not managed to defeat her opponent when she unleashed the three strikes.

Though she could still control her speed, her flying ability was still slightly weaker compared to Yue Zhengyu’s exquisite performance. She was incapable of catching up to him and it was exhausting for her to fly when she was clad in battle armor. This had resulted in the situation taking place before everyone’s eyes now.

Yue Zhengyu would not be giving her another chance to approach him.

He turned around and compelled the flame to burn the poison that invaded his body. Although Yue Zhengyu was disrupted and affected to a certain extent, he was still capable of ensuring that the opponent could not catch up to him.

Furthermore, Yue Zhengyu gradually noticed his opponent’s issues. She was incapable of catching up to him!

This opponent’s offensive skills were so fierce, but what use would that be if she could not catch up to him and land another blow?

He was in a much better position this way.

A wisp of a smile emerged on his face. Yue Zhengyu looked down at Shi Mengshan and his expression began to change.

Since she could not catch up to him, he could launch his long-range attacks. At that point, it would be a war of attrition. As long as he could withstand the wait and remained vigilant, he would be the victor in the end!

“Alright, I accept my defeat.” Just as the idea came to Yue Zhengyu, Shi Mengshan stopped running after him.

She could not catch up and still had to endure the opponent’s blasts of holy light. Of course, she knew how this would end.

She did not lose because of her abilities, but because of her limitations. Perhaps she would have won if her opponent had been unable to resist her strong poison or he had been slower.

At this point, Shrek had three victories and one draw!

Yue Zhengyu’s eyes remained fixated on the Asiatic Apple Douluo as he landed on the ground. He patted his chest and let out a breath of relief.

He had won this round, but out of all the battles, he was the one that ended up looking shoddy and inexperienced. At least, he was quite embarrassed compared to Xie Xie. He had not even managed to display the skills that he had learned.

As expected, Xie Xie moved closer to him when he returned to his companions.

“Shut up! I’m warning you.” Yue Zhengyu glared at him ferociously.

Xie Xie touched his nose and said sulkily, “I’m actually here to console you. Look at you. You’re so dull.”

Yue Zhengyu spoke in an unpleasant tone, “You’re here to console me? Stop it. I don’t believe you. You’re certainly here to make fun of me for dodging and hiding throughout the entire battle, being chased like a headless fly and being beaten like a frightened rat, right?”

Xie Xie gave him a big thumbs up. “It’s fine too if you’re the one that says it. Not bad. You’ve improved. You’re wise enough to know yourself now.”

“You!” Yue Zhengyu was furious. Had he not been injured, he would have tried to clobber Xie Xie, even if he was not sure if he could still beat him in a fight at this point.

Tang Wulin could not be bothered to turn around and check on them. He had long since become used to the quarrels between the two of them.

It was deathly silent on the War God Hall’s side. The Asiatic Apple Douluo had returned them. No one would say anything to her, of course. Nevertheless, after all these battles, it was truly getting embarrassing for the entire War God Hall.

Meanwhile, someone walked out from Shrek Academy. It was the Strength God A Ruheng who had been itching to try his luck for a while.

A Ruheng walked out while rubbing his bald head. He did not even think before saying, “I would like to challenge the first War God.”

As soon as the words were spoken, all of them were roused.

The first War God!

According to the War God Hall’s predictions, Shrek would choose carefully, taking some losses to ensure greater victories. For example, they may not necessarily have the candidate capable of fighting against the Limit Douluo, the Skycrosser Douluo. They could send out a slightly weaker soul master to fight against the Skycrosser Douluo and then acknowledge their defeat. In turn, Tang Wulin would be challenging the first or second War God, and he would still stand a chance of winning. Hence, they did not expect that someone from Shrek would challenge the first War God so soon. Moreover, the challenger was not Tang Wulin.

What was the significance of this? This meant that it was highly possible that Tang Wulin would be challenging the Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue!

Shrek was not planning on using tricks in their contest against the War Gods this time. They would engage in the battles by fighting strength with strength.

Tang Wulin did not expect that his senior disciple brother would proceed so soon. According to the plan, it would be A Ruheng and Sima Jinchi’s turn only after the six remaining members of the Shrek Seven Monsters had finished their bouts. Furthermore, they had to ensure that Ling Zichen succeeded in entering the next level as well.

However, it was apparent that the Strength God could not hold himself back anymore.

War God One walked out from his side and entered the arena. The man had a calm bearing and appeared to be over the age of forty. He had a simple and unsophisticated look.

“Shrek Academy, A Ruheng. Title: Body!” The Strength God A Ruheng announced his name brazenly.

It was obvious that the War God Hall was taken aback for a moment when he declared his title to be ‘Body’.

Anyone would know the significance of his title. It showed that he belonged to one of the most powerful clans in the world!

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