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Leakproof Golden Body

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Such a powerful blood essence fluctuation!

He had never engaged in a fight with a powerhouse from the Body Sect. He had only heard of stories about them, and the aura A Ruheng was displaying at the moment had already surpassed his expectations.

The Body Sect’s ideology was using one’s body as a martial soul. In the world of soul masters, it was the sect whose disciples had the most control over their bodies. They elevated their abilities by elevating their bodies. Ao Rui was finally experiencing the extent of power achievable by elevating one’s body.

A Ruheng placed his palms together in front of his chest. His entire body turned gold and red as if he had been cast in gold. His eyes had even become an exceedingly dazzling golden color.

At this point, he no longer looked like a human being anymore. He stood over there like a celestial being or a buddha.

The transformation of A Ruheng’s body drew the attention of both sides.

Tang Wulin’s eyes were moving about as he could not stop himself from expressing his joy any longer. This was peak performance!

His senior disciple brother had finally cultivated the Body Sect’s Innate Secret Technique to its highest level, the Golden Body Arhat.

He had no idea when A Ruheng had reached this level, but he was well aware that even he was incapable of achieving it.

In the legends, a Body Douluo would be able to enter the Golden Body Arhat realm when he cultivated the Body Sect’s Innate Secret Technique to perfection. At this realm, the strength of his body could rival that of a real God. It could be said that he would possess the most powerful body in the world.

Tang Wulin had spent some of his time cultivating the Body Sect’s Innate Secret Technique. He could reach a higher realm due to the presence of Golden Dragon King Bloodline in his body. Even so, he would never attain such perfection, as it was impossible for him to cultivate to the Golden Body Arhat level. After all, he was not the Sect Master of the Body Sect.

There were many requirements that needed to be fulfilled in order to become the Golden Body Arhat. For example, the person must be a virgin male. Moreover, they would need to begin laying the foundation of the Body Sect’s Innate Secret Technique at a very young age to recuperate his health. Only the disciples cultivated by the Sect Master would be able to adopt this method. The disciples would need to endure countless tortures during the process and suffer through extreme hardships.

As a result, there was another term to describe the Body Sect’s Innate Secret Technique. It was known as ‘Godmaking’!

Tang Wulin’s cultivation was considered cultivating without a solid foundation or training. It was also due to his extraordinary natural endowments that he was able to cultivate the Innate Secret Technique successfully. However, he had not expected that his senior disciple brother had already succeeded in cultivating the Golden Body Arhat. That level had not been seen for the past few millennia at the very least.

The truth was, A Ruheng would need to thank Tang Wulin for his success in cultivating to the Golden Body Arhat level.

His frequent sparring with Tang Wulin and also the feeling gained from the interchange of the Innate Secret Technique during the cultivation process with Tang Wulin had inspired him greatly. Especially helpful was the process of Tang Wulin combining the Innate Secret Technique with his Golden Dragon King’s Dragon Air. In addition, A Ruheng was genuinely blessed with extraordinary natural endowments. He had recently cultivated successfully and became the true Golden Body Arhat.

As a Body Douluo, this was considered the pinnacle of their abilities, the culmination of their beliefs. A Ruheng had also relied on becoming the Golden Body Arhat to elevate his cultivation base to rank-97 in one go.

Moreover, the Golden Body Arhat was also known as the Leakproof Golden Body. He would not be encountering any more bottlenecks from this point onward until he reached quasigod rank in his cultivation. Everything would be free from obstruction and he would be able to achieve that rank in a short period of time.

The Golden Body Arhat could certainly become a quasigod.

This was tested and verified through history.

Hence, one could only imagine the joy in Tang Wulin’s heart when he realized that his senior disciple brother had already cultivated to this level. In fact, he was even more delighted than when he acquired the Eternal Heaven.

2Even though two Limit Douluos from the Yuanen Clan had joined Shrek Academy, they were not the direct line of descent from Shrek. On the other hand, A Ruheng was his senior disciple brother, so they had a most intimate relationship with one another! Having a future quasigod like A Ruheng would be immensely significant for Shrek, the Tang Sect and even the rise of the Body Sect once again.

It was especially beneficial for the Body Sect. After so many years in decline, the sect would certainly regain its former glory with the presence of this Golden Body Arhat.

Even though the numerous War Gods from the War God Hall were experienced, knowledgeable and had a deep understanding of martial souls, they did not know enough about the Body Sect. In addition, it was true that the Golden Body Arhat had not appeared for the past few millennia. In fact, one could even say that Golden Body Arhat had not appeared many times throughout the history of Body Sect. There had been far fewer than there had been Limit Douluos.

Seeing A Ruhen transform into the Golden Body Arhat, the Vast Sun Douluo Ao Rui felt that he was so powerful. His blood essence’s exuberance had surpassed his imagination. Nevertheless, he still had no idea what the significance of this was.

On the other hand, the rest of the War Gods, including the Asiatic Apple Douluo Shi Mengshan, were only shocked by the sight of him. They also did know the extent of his power.

In fact, A Ruheng was not planning to expose his Leakproof Golden Body so soon. He was actually trying to show off in front of Shi Mengshan. As soon as his Golden Body was displayed, his blood essence had reached the perfect level of energy.

The Vast Sun Douluo dared not allow him to continue elevating his aura any higher. Soul rings arose from underneath Ao Rui’s feet. They were nine black soul rings! A huge sun had also emerged on top of his head.

His martial soul was the sun. This type of martial soul had always been seen as of the highest grade, but they were quite different from one another. Some were of great temperatures, while others were leaning toward light and brightness. Ao Rui’s vast sun was the combination of all these. It was known as the most powerful sun.

The nine planets lined up in the presence of the Vast Sun!

Nine enormous orbs of light gushed out almost instantaneously and shot straight at A Ruheng.

The air became distorted while the entire competition arena instantly became arid in the presence of the Vast Sun. The temperature of his blood essence and the heat of the Vast Sun distorted the light inside the arena massively.

A Ruheng chuckled aloud. He took a step forward and puffed up his chest. He did not have the slightest intention of dodging at all, and he used his chest to brace for the Vast Sun Douluo’s Nine Planets Aligned.

“Boom!” The first orb of light crashed into his body, but his golden physique did not even change color. He lowered his head and smashed his enormous bald cranium into the second orb. The orb collapsed and dispersed off while his golden body remained unchanged!

Then, the third came, followed by the fourth…then the ninth.

When those glowing orbs were shattered and blasted into pieces in succession, the surrounding temperature reached an exceedingly terrifying level. However, the Body Douluo A Ruheng remained standing tall over there just as before. His was completely enshrouded in gold-red radiance that shone even brighter than before.

“That’s pleasant and decadent. Give me more and I’ll use it as a shower.” A Ruheng burst out laughing aloud. Then, he walked toward Vast Sun Douluo on the opposite side in long strides.

To become the number one War God, Ao Rui was a man that was experienced in combat. That being the case, he had never encountered a situation like the one before his eyes now.

‘Is he still human? It seems like the Nine Planets Aligned fueled by my rank-98 soul power is nothing but a pleasant scratch to him. This is truly unimaginable.’

A stream of bright light abruptly burst out and fired at A Ruheng’s body. The light was akin to a solid pillar, and it struck him without warning.

“Boom!” A Ruheng’s massive frame was forcibly blasted away. He crashed into the protective shield in the distance ferociously and then bounced back.

He did not attempt to block the pillar of light, and he had not utilized any soul skills either.

The Vast Sun Douluo Ao Rui frowned deeply. He was very confident of his attack, but he also had very sharp senses. He could clearly tell that his attack did not penetrate his opponent’s body.

As expected, after crashing into the floor in the distance, A Ruheng stood up by pushing against the ground with his hands. He brushed away the nonexistent dust on his body and cracked a smile at Ao Rui.

A Ruheng’s eyes suddenly glowed. Two streams of bright light instantly shot out from them like electricity.

He was the Body Douluo with a body martial soul. Any part of his body was a weapon to him.

Vast Sun Douluo rotated a sun and transformed it into a huge shield of light in front of his body.

“Boom!” The light shield was shattered in the explosion, and Ao Rui retreated by half a step.

A Ruheng rubbed his temples. “Hmm, pretty impressive. The experiment is successful. Your strength is not that bad, huh?”

Ao Rui’s expression turned extremely unpleasant. It was his first time encountering an opponent like this. He could no longer be described with the word ‘valiant’ anymore. He was simply a monster!

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