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Heavy Hammer

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However, the pause only lasted for one moment. The next instant, Shi Mengshan relied on the momentum created from smashing her hammer into the ground to twist herself around and charge straight at Yue Zhengyu. Her entire body spun at high speed with the giant hammer as her center of gravity. She dashed straight for the opponent like a terrifying typhoon.

On the other hand, Yue Zhengyu was dizzy from the smash. His arms were already sore, and blood was seeping out from the corner of his mouth.

His heart was filled with hatred. His predictions about his opponent at the start of the fight were incorrect. He was also having difficulty focusing on her which placed him in a difficult position.

The opponent’s offensive was truly too great. He was so overwhelmed that he felt like he was suffocating.

There was a golden flash in his eyes. With great effort, he summoned a stream of Light of Judgement to the front of his body. His sore limbs made it very arduous for him to seize the opportunity and dodge.

Shi Mengshan’s combat tactics could definitely be described as frenzied. She did not attempt to dodge at all when she was confronted by the Light of Judgement. She used her battle armor to simply endure the attack. Then, her tornado-like hammer was upon Yue Zhengyu once again.

Struggling, Yue Zhengyu gathered his soul power and infused it into the wings on his back. He flapped the wings strenuously to carry his body away from the attack.

The move was effective, and he was thankful that he had requested a pair of wings. The four-word battle armor’s wings were still reliable when his arms and legs were ineffective. It put some distance between him and the opponent at last.

Yue Zhengyu had been affected by the attack, despite not being struck by the tornado. Even with the protection of his battle armor’s cuirass, he felt a weight on his chest. He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood once again.

This was too savage.

Let alone a Title Douluo, perhaps even a Hyper Douluo could not match the might of his opponent’s offensive. He had not been able to counter her at all.

1Shi Mengshan scoffed coldly, and the rose-red radiance on her body glowed brightly. She went after Yue Zhengyu with a sudden stride forward.

Yue Zhengyu had already regained some feeling in his body after the infusion of his soul power. He turned around and ran without hesitation. Close combat with this opponent was too dangerous. The best option for him now was to keep his distance from her.

Fortunately, his wings gave him the upper hand in terms of speed. The rest of them just noticed that the Asiatic Apple Douluo Shi Mengshan’s three-word battle armor had no wings.

Generally, two-word battle armor was fitted with wings. The styles of the wings differed according to the needs of the wearer. However, wings that could be used to assist in flight would be precious for soul masters. Even if the high-ranking soul masters were capable of flight, the presence of wings would make the flying process a little easier.

A soul master’s endurance for battle armor was limited as well. There was no doubt that most of her power was concentrated in the weapon in her hand and this weapon was not her martial soul.

The Asiatic Apple Douluo was a person with many ideas undoubtedly.

Once again, the Asiatic Apple Douluo shuffled her feet and charged at Yue Zhengyu. She raised the war hammer in her hand and launched another attack.

Yue Zhengyu was shocked. He flapped his wings continuously as he flew everywhere, like to a headless fly, in an attempt to evade Shi Mengshan’s pursuit.

The situation inside the arena was already leaning toward one side. That being the case, Tang Wulin suddenly noticed that the Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yuen’s expression seemed a little strange. He had a regretful look on his face and also a tinge of helplessness.

What was happening?

As Yue Zhengyu was flying, he used his Light of Judgement to slow his opponent. Gradually, he began to catch his breath.

Shi Mengshan continued chasing after him, but she had not unleashed her martial soul all this time.

All of a sudden, right in the center of the arena, the Asiatic Apple Douluo stopped.

A faint smile emerged on her face. Shi Mengshan placed the war hammer in front of her body. She retracted her battle armor, revealing her original appearance.

She took a glance at Yue Zhengyu in the distance. She said in a mocking manner, “Chicken.” As she spoke, soul rings arose from underneath her feet. At the same time, branches and vines began to grow out from the back of her body. Almost in the blink of an eye, a large white flower had emerged in full bloom.

It was the Nine-heart Asiatic Apple!

The large flower swayed gently and unleashed a puff of pink mist, and the soul rings on Shi Mengshan’s body were shimmering.

A series of halos diffused out of the flower and spread all around them.

The Nine-heart Asiatic Apple was a poison-type martial soul and it was most skilled in control!

Yes, the Asiastic Apple Douluo was supposed to be a control-type battle soul master according to the information gathered by Tang Sect! She was not supposed to be the assault-type soul master that they had just seen.

Under such circumstances, almost everyone’s attention was drawn to her. The halos soon spread to Yue Zhengyu’s side.

Yue Zhengyu still felt like his insides were burning, despite getting some time to breathe, but he was finally feeling better compared to previously. His light attribute allowed him to heal himself faster.

He held his breath and condensed his spirit. Awesome golden flames burst forth from his body. It was the Holy Flame.

The angel behind him merged with his silhouette. It was the Angel’s Descent!

The halos that came from the Nine-heart Asiatic Apple landed upon him, but most were burnt away by the Holy Flame.

The Holy Flame was the nemesis of all evil poisons. Although its dominance over poisons was not absolute, it could still suppress the vast majority of them.

This was why Yue Zhengyu chose the Asiatic Apple Douluo. He felt extremely confident of his defense against poison. As for being poisoned by a small amount, it would not be much of an issue for him.

As long as he could return to Tang Wulin’s side after the competition had ended, he was not afraid of any poison. Tang Wulin’s Damask Tulip was a mighty immortal grass that could detoxify all of them.

Just like the Jade Snake Zheng Yiran, he had no interest in sparring with Tang Wulin anymore ever since he learned that Tang Wulin had the Damask Tulip as his spirit soul. Tang Wulin was the nemesis of all poisons!

On the other hand, the Asiatic Apple Douluo was observing the change in Yue Zhengyu with a burning gaze after emitting the halos.

Her poison had many special effects. Over the years, it had gained a new effect with every soul ring added, and all of them were incredibly powerful.

These effects included poison strike, weakening, slowing, dizziness, aging, palpitation and more. There was no need for her to do anything if she encountered an opponent that had little defense against poison. They would end up falling limply before her, leaving them vulnerable to her attacks.

That being said, judging by the look of things, her current opponent seemed to have a good deal of immunity to poison. The Asiatic Apple Douluo frowned ever so slightly. In the next moment, she was wearing her battle armor once again. Pointedly, her martial soul vanished when her armor manifested.

So that explained the matter!

Standing on the outside, Tang Wulin figured out the situation instantly as he watched the battle.

He understood why the Asiatic Apple Douluo’s tactics were completely different when she was using her battle armor. It turned out that this was the main reason. Surprisingly, her battle armor and martial soul were incompatible.

Undoubtedly, for a soul master, the best option was for their battle armor to complement their martial soul. That way, the armor could amplify the soul master’s martial soul and power as much as possible. The main functions of battle armor were defense and the amplification of one’s soul skills.

Be that as it may, the Asiatic Apple Douluo had an unconventional idea and took a completely different approach. This had resulted in Yue Zhengyu miscalculating which put him at a disadvantage at the start of the fight. It seemed like this was not unfair!

This was the reality of it. The Asiatic Apple Douluo Shi Mengshan’s battle armor was completely unrelated to her martial soul. In fact, her suit of armor had not even been made for her. It was given to her through an exceedingly rare inheritance. It was magnificent armor that was from a senior in the War God Hall. Though it was just three-word battle armor, it was already close to being four-word battle armor in certain aspects.

Shi Mengshan was a control-type soul master, yet she had always dreamed of becoming an assault-type ever since she was a child.

Nevertheless, her martial soul stopped her from achieving that dream, and this had always filled her with regret.

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