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Asiatic Apple Douluo

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As a result, the War Gods had all undergone changes of heart. They had no intention of underestimating these people anymore.

“Shrek Academy’s Shrek Seven Monsters, Yue Zhengyu.” Yue Zhengyu nodded toward the opponent’s side.

“The War God Hall’s seventh War God, Shi Mengshan. Title: Asiatic Apple.” She was the Asiatic Apple Douluo Shi Mengshan.

As soon as he heard the words ‘Asiatic Apple’, a thought suddenly arose in Tang Wulin’s mind as he stood on the outside. It was the idea of an extremely rare special martial soul.

Yue Zhengyu watched the opponent closely. The expression on his face was calm.

Before their arrival, they had been performing drills based on the information collected about the War God Hall. They learned that the ranking of the eighteen War Gods was constantly changing. As a result, it was not an option for them to choose their opponents based on the War Gods’ numbers.

However, some of the famous War Gods were still renowned and had their own specialties. For example, there was still a relatively low number of female War Gods.

Hence, Yue Zhengyu had considered the opponent’s identity when he made the choice. He could not keep the smile from the corners of his lips as soon as he heard that the opponent was the Asiatic Apple Douluo.

Judging by appearance, Yue Zhengyu was not much weaker than Tang Wulin. His entire body was filled with an aura of holy light. There was no doubt that Yue Zhengyu was an extremely attractive man especially when he was smiling. Even so, his smile appeared to be tinged with contempt in Shi Mengshan’s eyes.

‘How dare this boy look down upon me?”

Shi Mengshan squinted and there was a flash of light in her eyes as a suit of rose-red armor covered her entire body. Yes, the seventh War God unleashed her battle armor as soon as she came forward. She did not plan on showing any mercy.

Following the manifestation of her battle armor, her weapon appeared and Yue Zhengyu’s expression stiffened ever so slightly upon the sight of it.

It was a war hammer. Why was it called a war hammer? The head was a rectangular shape with a ring of indentations at the center which made the two sides look even larger. The length of the head was almost equal to She Mengshan’s height, and the handle was over two meters long as well. It seemed like this weapon was just as extravagant as the forging hammer that Tang Wulin and Yuanen Yehui used in the past.

The war hammer also had a rose-red hue. Its surface had been engraved with dense and fine soul circuits with highly complex patterns. A red hexagram expanded outward from underneath the Asiatic Apple Douluo’s feet. Even though it was only about five meters in diameter, she underwent a drastic change as soon as her battle armor domain appeared. She had a wild and cool aspect. There was a surge of air surrounding her body that made it feel as if the air was constantly exploding around her.

Was her martial soul not the Nine-heart Asiatic Apple? It was a strong type of poison martial soul. If that was the case, why did her battle armor appear to be in the style of a strength-type?

In Yue Zhengyu’s memories, Asiatic Douluo Shi Mengshan relied on her strong poison Nine-heart Asiatic Apple martial soul to stand apart from the War Gods. Her fighting capacity was actually ranked on the weaker side of them, but her poison was extremely potent. Thereby, she was ranked the strongest in the overall performance.

Even with all of this information, it seemed like there was something wrong with Yue Zhengyu’s prediction. Shi Mengshan’s battle armor was completely different from what he had imagined. In addition, there was that flamboyant weapon. Yue Zhengyu was aware that he would be having some difficulties in this battle.

Yue Zhengyu dared not have the hold back at all, so he chose to unleash his battle armor at once as well.

His light gold battle armor had an exquisite streamlined form. The main colors of his armor were gold and white. His cuirass was a single piece that protected both of his chest and back. A pair of enormous golden feathered wings made him appear incomparably cool and stylish. This was his first request during the making of his battle armor. In his mind, an angel would always need to be adorned with feathered wings, so he wanted a pair fitted to his armor.

His plackart and faulds were also complete, but that was all. The battle armor for his limbs had not been finished yet, nor had his helmet. Of course, these partially completed pieces of armor were all part of a suit of four-word battle armor.

In the center of his chest, eighteen jewels shimmering with bright gold radiance were encrusted in the shape of a ‘V’. With its bedazzling golden glow, it looked magnificent.

Yue Zhengyu clasped his hands in front of his chest and closed his eyes. The golden light bloomed out from his body. At his back, the shimmering figure of a six-winged angel emerged soundlessly, making the arena much brighter. A thick light element had also filled the arena and surrounded his body.

The Asiatic Apple Douluo took the lead to move. Her feet staggered for a moment and she arrived before Yue Zhengyu instantaneously as if she had teleported.She raised the war hammer in her hand, readying for a haymaker. She swung the hammer at Yue Zhengyu.

Yue Zhengyu dared not try to block the massive hammer and risk being finished off with one blow. His figure flickered, and he dashed over to the side using the Ghost Perplexing Track.

Though he dodged, it seemed that Shi Mengshan did not intend to change the direction of her hammer at all. She smashed it into the ground ferociously.

“Cling, clang!” There was a crash, and all the protective soul circuit runes in the area surrounding the entire arena illuminated at once.

Yue Zhengyu’s body shook violently at the sound. There were the tremors of the airwaves, soundwaves and soul power. Instantly, he became sluggish while his mind was filled with a humming noise. He lost his sense of hearing temporarily.

Meanwhile, Shi Mengshan’s raised her war hammer once again. The rosy radiance on the surface of the hammer shined brightly, and the domain underneath her feet began to spread out in response. At that moment, the war hammer in her hand was emitting a glow like a lustrous red jewel. She swung the hammer straight at Yue Zhengyu once again.

She was too savage!

Her battle method was domineering beyond comparison.

The Strength God A Ruheng’s eyes were shimmering with radiant splendor as he stood on the outside watching the battle. He was also muttering to himself, “That’s right. This is it. This is the feeling precisely. This is great. This is amazing!”

Sima Jinchi glanced at him sideways. “Whose side are you on again?”

A Ruheng did not even bother to turn his head as he said, “I’m saying that this maiden’s combat style is amazing! It’s so bold. I like a rough woman like her.”

The corners of Sima Jinchi’s lips twitched. He took a step to the side and made the decision to maintain distance from the man.

Yue Zhengyu was clad in four-word battle armor after all. His battle armor neutralized a large portion of the tremor from earlier. However, the war hammer shimmering like a jewel had already arrived on top of his head by the time he struggled free after the tremor stunned him

He was not Xie Xie. He was utterly incapable of performing a spatial retreat. He felt the immense threat arrived at a speed he had never expected.

Just then, the golden jewels on Yue Zhengyu’s chest began to shine. A golden V-shaped radiance surged out from his chest abruptly and crashed into the opponent. At the same time, he took a half step back and conjured the Light Saint Sword in his hand to block the war hammer.

Since he could not dodge anymore, he could only respond hastily.

“Clang!” The golden light landed on Shi Mengshan’s body, but she did not plan to dodge or hide. The three-word battle armor on her body glowed brightly with a rose-red radiance. She braced herself to endure the attack. She had only taken half a step back as her war hammer continued its course toward Yue Zhengyu.

“Boom!” At the sound, Yue Zhengyu was blasted away. His entire body was shimmering with the lustre of a red jewel. The Light Saint Sword in his hand had shattered at once and turned into sparks of lights that flew in all directions.

He was about to be in deep trouble!

Who would have thought that the female War God’s battle method would be so simple and crude, yet so effective. The power of her heavy hammer had surpassed everyone’s predictions.

It did not seem like she had relied on the strong poison of her Nine-heard Asiatic Apple to rise in rank. Her strength and the might of her battle armor were sufficient to make her the seventh War God.

What should he do?

The hammer smashed onto the ground. Shi Mengshan’s movements halted for a moment as well. The power of the second strike from her hammer had come at a price.

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