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Newest Technology

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A set of such a light and portable mecha divine mecha along with the utilization of Source as energy core were the reasons behind his shock. This set of divine mecha could be used by Ling Zichen, an ordinary person. This was the most terrifying part of it.

In other words, if her research could help to popularize this device it was possible for any ordinary person to become a divine mecha master after undergoing training in the future.

If she truly succeeded, then the significance of the soul masters’ existence would be weakened substantially.

“I bet you’re afraid now!” Ling Zichen made a hand gesture taunting Tang Wulin with her index finger.

Tang Wulin said, “Can this mecha be popularized for common use?”

Ling Zichen spoke without the slightest hesitation. “That’s impossible. Do you know how much the production cost of a set of mecha at this rank? Over sixty percent of the resources acquired from the Star Luo Empire and Dou Spirit Empire over the years through trading activity have been used by our department. Currently, a small-sized unit of the Positive Circulation Circuit has been successfully developed. We have only managed to produce this single set of mecha with all the resources. This item here is a test subject used to demonstrate the scientific and technical achievements. It will not be utilized in this manner. Its production cost is ten times an ordinary divine mecha. At least at the moment, I can’t think of how we can popularize it. However, I can boldly say that it will remain as an advanced product even after a thousand years.”

Tang Wulin was a soul master after all. He felt relieved upon listening to her words. It was an object that could completely replace soul masters.

“However, it’s difficult to say if we can develop many types of Positive Circulation Source Systems with combinations to amplify the effect of Source Fusion. Of course, there is still a long process that is needed to achieve that. In fact, it can’t be completed in just a few generations. Just like your concern earlier, the research is extremely dangerous. There will be nothing much left of the researchers if not done cautiously.”

Ling Zichen’s voice suddenly sounded slightly dejected at this point.

Tang Wulin asked, “Director Ling, do you have a companion that…”

“My father and mother were performing research on the first generation of Positive Circulation Circuits when they were blasted to death. They lost control of the Source and it resulted in an explosion,” Ling Zichen indifferently said.

“I’m sorry!” Tang Wulin heaved a sigh in his heart. He found that his impression of Ling Zichen was now becoming slightly better.

“It’s fine. Our lives have already been offered to the research since earlier. This is the goal of our life. If I am given a chance to take apart Eternal Heaven for once, the threat of death is nothing to me. It’ll be worth it.”

Tang Wuli truly wanted to slap at his forehead. Her weird behavior had started once again. The scientist’s mentality was different from an ordinary person as expected.

“I need to test and verify your fighting capacity.” Tang Wulin said to Ling Zichen in a deep voice.

“Sure! Go ahead. I would like to see how capable you are as Tang Sect’s Sect Master.” Ling Zichen appeared to be in high spirits.

Tang Wulin could not help feeling that this woman was not only a science lunatic but could also be a violent madman.

Shrek Academy’s gymnasium was equipped with the most advanced technology in today’s continent. In the reconstructed Shrek, the huge gymnasium specially designed and built by Tang Sect was located right on the side of Shrek Academy’s arena. One could call it Shrek Coliseum too.

The coliseum’s size was about half the size of the Mingdu Coliseum. Moreover, it was equipped with all sorts of advanced facilities that could be adjusted according to different needs at all times. It could be used for mecha battle, soul master battle or as cultivation arena, actual battle drill, and also all sorts of sophisticated lessons. It was the most important component of Shrek Academy after the reconstruction.

Each of the four classes that had just begun the semester would take turns to carry out all sorts of lessons over here on a daily basis.

It was precisely Luo Guixing’s class that was to study and learn over here today.

Yi Zichen was standing at the front of his class’s lineup. He was already chosen as the class monitor of Class One.

The coliseum before his eyes appeared exceedingly open and transparent. There were numerous glass-like materials that acted as the shields inside the coliseum. The entire place was emitting an intense form of texture.

Luo Guixing looked at the students before himself. He could not help but subconsciously go in a trance and recall the situation when he had just entered the academy back then.

He was already quite famous at the time. He had the moniker of Shackler and he relied on his control over space to earn the reputation of being the most powerful control-type battle soul master in his batch. At least, it had been the case before Xu Xiaoyan’s uprising.

Tang Wulin and the few other students were accepted into the academy later on. When they first entered the academy, they were even treated as outcasts. Yet who would have thought that a decade after then they would have already grown to become Shrek’s mainstay?

He was a hot-blooded youth that was accepted into Shrek and had already become a teacher now. Everything changed way too quickly.

The youth standing at the front of the line was known as Yi Zichen. He had a heroic bearing on his face. He did not come from a prestigious background and he did not inherit some powerful lineage either. However, he was extremely tenacious in temperament and had exceedingly high natural endowments. He had already achieved the result he had now at such a young age. Even though he could not compare to Luo Guixing’s batch, he was considered the best of the younger generation. More importantly, Luo Guixing could see that Yi Zichen seemed to possess qualities that were similar to Tang Wulin back then.

Perhaps, he would become another Tang Wulin in a decade? Was this possible? Who could tell?

“Today is the day that all of you have come to the Shrek Square. You can treat this place as a gymnasium, coliseum, or a training arena. You will be coming here frequently. Internal strifes are prohibited in the academy but you are not prohibited from engaging in a spar. How do you define and differentiate between a spar and internal strife? It’s very simple. Inform the teacher and notify me that you wish to have a fight. Then, I’ll take you to this place and open up an area for you. I’ll be watching your fight as a referee. This is known as a spar. However, if you choose to engage in internal strife and violate the academy’s rules, then I will make you leave this place without the slightest hesitation. You will not be given a second chance. You will be immediately expelled upon being discovered. Do you understand?”

“Understood!” The group of hot-blooded youths shouted aloud without the slightest hesitation under the leadership of Yi Zichen.

Luo Guixing nodded satisfactorily. “Very well then. This is your first time here today. I would like to properly familiarize myself with each of you. So, our lesson for today is very simple. It is going to be the spar that I’ve mentioned earlier. Now, please line up according to the soul master’s type. The first line will be the assault system. The second line, control system. The third line, agility system. The fourth line, auxiliary system. The fifth line, other types of soul masters.”

The students capable of being accepted into Shrek were naturally no ordinary youths. It was not difficult to understand Luo Guixing’s instructions. Five lines of queues were already formed in the time it took to breathe a few times.

Yi Zichen hesitated for a moment but decided to stand in the control system’s line in the end. His martial soul could be assault and also be a control type but in the depth of his heart he found that he was more fond of being in the control system. This was because he enjoyed the feeling of exercising control over the entire scene.

Luo Guixing raised the registration book in his hand and began announcing. “Yi Zichen, Chen Yuan, Zhuang Yu, Luo Rui, Shang Guanran. The five of you will form into the first battle squadron, the second squadron…”

Just as Luo Guixing was dividing his students into groups, all of a sudden, a layer of faint red color rippled inside the entire coliseum. The red color appeared on those glass-like materials at first then the red color spread rapidly and combined together to form an enormous red light shield.

“Warning, warning. We are about to begin a spar of three-word battle armor and above. Everyone in the center please retreat into the safe zone immediately. Please retreat into the safe zone immediately.” An electronic voice was heard soon after.

Luo Guixing had a change of countenance. He hastily waved his hand. “Everyone, follow me. Perhaps, we are going to witness a grand show.”

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