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Please Speak Properly

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Tang Wulin took a step back to avoid being poked for a second time. He spoke in a deep voice, “Please speak properly.” He found that he was already getting impatient after putting up with this psychotic woman.

Ling Zichen spoke in disdain, “Look at you being so uptight. If a woman like me is unafraid, why are you? If you can get a hold of the Eternal Heaven, even an older woman like me will sleep with you.”

“Please speak properly!” Tang Wulin’s voice was reaching a much higher pitch. If Ling Zichen was not just an ordinary person, Tang Wulin might have used his aura to suppress the manic woman.

“Why should I speak properly? Let me tell you this. My ancestor took part in the research for the Eternal Heaven in the past. It is the last Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition ever made. The production involved many crucial skills that have been lost because they were not handed down through the generations. Even someone like me only has some superficial knowledge of it. Do you know how such tiny ammunition can contain such terrifying power? It is because every type of rare metal contains some special substances. We call these substances Sources. The Sources are the reason rare metals are so firm and tenacious. In reality, forging is a process of refining the Source. The rare metal’s Source can only be changed from the soul-forging level.”

“The proposal to produce the Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition came about when a renowned researcher developed a method to extract a metal’s Source. By using this method, the researchers could extract the core energy source contained in the rare metal for refinement and compression. These Sources are extremely small in size. The total weight of a Source extracted from one cubic meter of heavy silver will never exceed one gram.”

“If there is a sufficient number of Sources and they are arranged in a certain sequence, a qualitative change will be produced in between the Sources. We call this change the Source fusion, and it is capable of generating an incredible amount of power. A Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition contains over fifty kilograms of Sources. The Source fusion generated from this will be converted into a horrifyingly devastating explosive force. It will produce apocalyptic power when it is triggered.”

It was Tang Wulin’s first time hearing about these details related to Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition. He could not help feeling curious. Indeed, Ling Zichen seemed to be slightly more normal. She was finally talking smoothly and easily.

“Think about this. How much rare metal is needed to produce a Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition? It would come up to an astronomical figure. As a result, we could only produce three in all of human history. That being the case, we have still suffered huge losses. By the time the Federation discovered that research into the Godkiller ammunition was taking so many resources that the project was utterly infeasible, the three Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunitions were already produced. Hence, the Federation shut down all research related to the Source of rare metals. In my opinion, this was an act of utter foolishness.

“There is nothing wrong with studying how to use and mobilize the Source. If we could properly direct the research, it would be immensely helpful in developing new technology. For example, my current research topic is on how to utilize the rare metal’s Source to form a circuit that can recycle the Source and use it to produce a continuous supply of energy. In simpler terms, we could turn Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition into an energy core that would constantly produce energy. It could power any technological equipment that requires a large amount of power, such as a naval vessel or an airship. One of the main reasons our research into space exploration has been slow is because of the lack of engine power. Our methods of propulsion are incapable of supporting long-distance space voyages. On the other hand, if my research is successful, we’ll be able to solve this issue for the most part.”

“Please hold on for a moment, Director Ling. We are drifting too far from the topic.” Tang Wulin interrupted Ling Zichen’s conversation. Although he was very interested in the topic of technology as well, the most important task at hand now was to first acquire the Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition.

Ling Zichen glared at him unpleasantly. “Think about this, if we can acquire the Eternal Heaven and take it apart to remove the Source on the inside. Once its components are sorted and classified, it is going to be a massive amount of resources! If my research can be completed, the Source contained in the Eternal Heaven is enough for me to produce one hundred Positive Circulation Source Soul circuits.”

Tang Wulin’s heart skipped a beat. “Take the Eternal Heaven apart? Isn’t that dangerous?”

Ling Zichen said, “It is dangerous, of course. However, danger and opportunity exist side by side!” At this point, she was brimming with total confidence. “I’m at least sixty percent sure that I can take it apart successfully!”

Tang Wulin said, “What about the other forty percent?”

“It will explode then.” Ling Zichen said this as though it was of concern to her whatsoever.

Tang Wulin finally understood. He knew exactly what to make of this woman. She was a lunatic!

‘Why did their two Excellencies assign such a psychopathic woman to me?”

His expression dimmed. Tang Wulin said very seriously, “Under no circumstances will that be permitted. If we manage to get a hold of the Eternal Heaven, you can use it for research, but you can’t take it apart or destroy it. It doesn’t matter if the risk is only one percent. Shrek City has already been blasted into nothingness. Our Tang Sect and Shrek Academy can’t afford another loss.”

Ling Zichen said, “I can take it somewhere where there’s no one else so I can dismantle it!”

Tang Wulin could not hold back anymore. Furiously, he said, “You can’t do that either. Is your life not a life? Absolutely not. This is an order and it’s not up for debate.”

Ling Zichen pouted her lips. “We shall discuss more when we can get a hold of it then.”

Tang Wulin was just about to lose his patience. He took a deep breath to suppress his rage. Then, he spoke in a deep voice, “What suggestions do have about the technical side?”

Ling Zichen shrugged and said, “nothing much. Look for it, then take it back.”

Tang Wulin was stunned. “And that’s all? Under what circumstances will the Eternal Heaven explode?”

Ling Zichen spoke, “That’s difficult to tell. We’ll have to see the program set by the federal government. Of course, their programming is nothing but a trifling matter to me. So, I can solve it if you take me along with you. As long as I can see it, I’ll definitely have a way to settle it. That is one hundred percent certain.”

The director’s words put her absolute confidence on display.

Tang Wulin said, “The location used to house the Eternal Heaven will certainly be under tight defense. You’re an ordinary person. It’s going to be very dangerous for me to take you along. I can’t guarantee your safety when it’s highly possible that we’ll be confronted by four-word battle armor masters.”

“My safety? There’s no need for you to worry about my safety. Even though I’m not some soul master, you may not necessarily be a match for me in a one-on-one battle,” said Ling Zichen while raising her chin at Tang Wulin in a provocative manner.

“Hmm?” Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment.

Ling Zichen raised her right hand. Tang Wulin saw that there was an interesting accessory on the back of it, attached by a thin metal sheet. He noticed that there was a round pink jewel about an inch in diameter encrusted on it.

A pink radiance began to circulate around the jewel. The glowing hue transformed into pink bands of light that covered Ling Zichen’s body completely in a split second.

The entire process only lasted the span of two breaths. In the next moment, the voluptuous scientist standing in front of Tang Wulin was fully clad in a pink suit of armor.

The armor had elevated her height by about one-fourth. The elevation level was almost the same as battle armor. The pink armor appeared to be extremely light and agile. The entire suit was formed by interconnected diamond-shaped tessellations. There was a pinpoint of light at the center of each of the diamond-shaped pieces. These light spots could only be seen under close inspection. In fact, they were not clear, but they had cast a misty pink glow over her entire body.

“I bet you haven’t seen this before, right?! This is the newest product of our research. It embeds a Positive Circulation Source Soul Circuit into a mecha. The mecha utilizes the most sophisticated mecha technology. It’s fused with a battle armor’s soul circuit based on our research into battle armor. It’s triggered by using Sources as the energy core. Hmm, I don’t think you can understand what I’ve just said. The simplest explanation for this is that it is a mecha powered by the Source at its core. Though it’s very small, about the size of battle armor, it’s a genuine divine mecha. More importantly, it can be donned and piloted by an ordinary person because of the existence of units of positive circulation Source soul circuits. Additionally, it was designed with a protective system that keeps the user from getting physically exhausted while piloting the mecha.”

At this point, Tang Wulin could not help taking a cold breath.

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