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Ling Zichen’s Fighting Capacity

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He waved his right hand as he spoke and a ring of silver radiance immediately rippled outwards from his body. Silver radiance shimmered and enshrouded all the students from Class One. It flashed in the next moment and they had already arrived over one hundred meters away on the edge of the coliseum.

Meanwhile, two silhouettes descended from the sky and gently landed on the ground.

There was no need to look with his eyes and Tang Wulin could sense that Luo Guixing and his Class One students were in the distance. His lips moved as he transmitted his voice.

A dash of surprise flashed past Luo Guixing’s eyes in the distance. He nodded and said, “Understood.”

“Alright, little fellows. All of you are in luck today. Follow me.”

As he talked, Luo Guixing brought along his students and rapidly arrived in a room on the second floor of the coliseum. This room was shielded by an enormous sheet of glass.

Faint red radiance rippled to the outside of the glass curtain. This was the strongest protective measure available. There was no need for Luo Guixing to instruct. The students had already reached to the side of the glass curtain wall. They looked towards the outside at the two people standing at the Shrek Square.

“Teacher Luo, is that a spar between three-word battle armor masters?” Yi Zichen asked Luo Guixing with an excited expression.

Luo Guixing nodded. “Look. There is at least one person that you should be able to recognize and already know their identity.”

Yi Zichen followed Luo Guixing’s gaze and looked towards the arena. His eyes immediately widened. This was because he had seen the man that appeared to be young yet was already an idol in his heart since the new term opening ceremony.

He learned about this person for the first time when he watched the Battle of Five Gods. He could never forget about the words spoken by the commentator in excitement and enthusiasm. Those words in the Battle of Five Gods were ‘fight alone in the enemy’s land’.

Every time he thought about those words, he could feel like his blood was boiling with righteous enthusiasm. No matter how tired he was from cultivation, he would always clench his teeth and painstakingly endure the process.

When he was about to enroll in Spirit Academy, he had no idea that this man was the idol in his heart. In fact, he knew even less that this man was the highest leader in Shrek Academy. He had almost lost control of his emotions when he saw this man on that very day.

The positive power of an idol had an immeasurable effect on the growth of a youth. Just like the white robe, blue sword, sky ice and snow cold Wu Zhangkong’s influence over Tang Wulin back then.

The man standing below there at this moment was precisely Yi Zichen’s idol. Was he going to engage in a battle? Who was his opponent?

Was that a pink armor? Was the person a battle armor master?

One could tell that the user clad in a suit of pink armor standing opposite Tang Wulin was a female. Moreover, it was a female with an exceedingly well-proportioned figure. However, her entire body was covered in a layer of armor so her facial features could not be seen.

Tang Wulin looked at Ling Zichen standing in front of him and made an invitatory gesture toward her. “Please begin. I would like to see the strength of your unit of Positive Circulation Source Core.” Tang Wulin was very curious to find out about it.

Even though the set of small-sized mecha before his eyes could not be mass-produced, it was his first time learning about the concepts of unit Positive Circulation Source Core. If all the Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunitions were made by using this item as its foundation, then how powerful could it be?

The research related to Source could very possibly become the most important scientific achievement in the entire history of mankind. At the same time, Tang Wulin had already begun to make his mecha. If it was possible, he hoped that he could combine this high-tech product. The prerequisite to use this item on his mecha was that it must be suitable.

“Sure!” The corners of Ling Zichen’s lips curved into an arc.

Of course, Tang Wulin could not see her expression. However, he saw a stream of pink lightning that suddenly arrived before himself.

One should know that due to Tang Wulin’s powerful spiritual power, his spiritual power would naturally form a large coverage around his body for detection purposes even when he was not intentionally controlling it. Yet, his spiritual power had only provided the slightest warning over the process when Ling Zichen began to generate speed until she arrived before him. The reason was very simple. She was too quick!

Tang Wulin did not move. He was supposed to be able to raise his hand at the very least during this exceedingly short period of time and shield his chest. However, he did not do so and allowed Ling Zichen’s fist to ferociously strike onto his chest. Moreover, his spiritual power was fully opened up during that split second.

The original pink lightning began to slow down in his spiritual world so that he could clearly observe everything that was happening.

The light spots that were distributed on every corner of Ling Zichen’s set of divine mecha instantly became illuminated as she was generating speed. It made her appear as if her entire body was glowing with bright light. Every light spot on her body seemed to be the source of the driving force. In the very next moment, the fist had ferociously pounded into his chest.

Tang Wulin could clearly feel that his Golden Dragon Body was naturally unleashed due to the impact. Pieces of golden scales densely arranged themselves on his chest. On the other hand, the scales retracted inward after enduring the force of impact. His pectoral muscles contracted while his chest caved in ever so slightly to slow down the force of impact.

Everything took place within his spiritual perception.

On the other hand, it felt like the two people had completed their first collision for the students and Yi Zichen on the second floor.

“Boom…” A gush of monstrous airwaves burst forth. Tang Wulin’s body slid backward in an almost parallel manner. On the other hand, a layer of gold-red radiance appeared on his body as soon as he was struck. The radiance shook violently to neutralize the terrifying force of impact following the speed of his body floating backward.

Tang Wulin retreated for a hundred meters before he managed to stabilize his body once again. He used his right hand to touch on his chest before he nodded in Ling Zichen’s direction.

Ling Zichen’s cold voice was heard. “That strike earlier is about one hundred thousand kilograms. According to normal measurement, even a soul beast with a super-strong defense like the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear would be blasted away by the impact. In other words, your defense is at least of the same level as a ten thousand year Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear. However, this is only a small part of my strength. I’m going to apply more force now!”


The pink lightning appeared once again. It traveled the distance of one hundred meters in a split second. However, Tang Wulin did not passively endure the beating this time. His right hand moved at the same time when Ling Zichen began to move.

The pink divine mecha’s attacking ability was rather strong. If Ling Zichen was holding back to a certain extent during the strike earlier, then this small mecha was genuinely a divine-ranked mecha.

‘The attacking ability is sufficient but I wonder about its defenses!’

Golden and pink radiance completed a collision in the sky. This time, Tang Wulin remained unbudged while the pink lightning surged into the sky rapidly as if it was refracted. However, the pink lightning did not stop at all. Countless streams of pink radiance transformed into a shower of pink light rain that shot towards Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin retracted his right hand and clasped his hands behind his back. Golden radiance flashed once in his eyes as his pupils turned into vertical slits. “Roar…” A valiant dragon’s roar burst forth in a split second. One could clearly see that a gigantic golden dragon’s head was charging out from the center of his body.

The solidified soundwave transformed into rings of golden halo that burst forth to the outside. The pink lightning was devoured into nothingness. On the other hand, the pink mecha revealed itself in the sky. However, a pink light orb about the size of five meters in diameter appeared around its body to protect it. The surface of the light orb was rippling and fluctuating violently due to the impact of Golden Dragon Roar.

One could see that two short spears were held in the pink mecha’s grasp. Each of the spears was about one point five meters in length. It was apparent that the pink lightning strikes earlier were unleashed from the spears.

‘Is she using a spear?’ Tang Wulin smiled and stretched out his right hand once again. He grasped at thin air to conjure his spear. Golden radiance shimmered and the Golden Dragon Spear had already appeared in his hand.

With his hand grasping at the Golden Dragon Spear, Tang Wulin pointed it into the air.

It felt as if the pink mecha became frozen for a moment. During that very moment, Ling Zichen inside the mecha could only feel some discomfort that she had never felt before. She did not feel it from her body but the feeling came from the depths of her heart.

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