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You Deserve It

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When it came to elite fighters of the highest grade, Shrek could be said to have a clear upper hand. In fact, the academy had even surpassed Yun Ming’s era. There were five Limit Douluos on their side. Moreover, those people could possibly be four-word battle armor masters!

They were rendered incapable of dealing with Shrek overtly in this case. Moreover, they were well aware that the full report of the day’s occurrences would undoubtedly spread the news through the entire continent. Word of Shrek possessing five great Limit Douluos and a Divine Craftsman would certainly cause a mighty uproar on the continent. In addition to the two Limit Douluos in the Tang Sect, the combined ability of Tang Sect and Shrek was already no worse than Shrek City before the terrible catastrophe.

Unless Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition was utilized again, there would be no way to deal with Shrek. Shrek could possibly be destroyed once again if the Holy Spirit Cult chose to launch an all-out assault. However, as it stood, the Holy Spirit Cult had gone deep into hiding.

For the moment, the Spirit Pagoda dared not even be seen trying to prevent Shrek Academy’s students from acquiring spirit souls. This would give Shrek an excuse to send out their many top grade powerhouses to do something beyond their imagination.

In the past, Tang Wulin actually took down the Spirit Pagoda in the Dou Spirit Empire.

It could truly be a tough process to deal with Shrek in the future. The only thing different about Shrek at this point was that it would take a long time to accumulate the resources needed to restore the academy’s foundation back to its original state. However, the fact was that Shrek Academy had already stood up once again. They had gained a firm foothold now regardless of how they did it and whether the others were willing to acknowledge it or not.


A crisp clinking sound was heard echoing around the teachers’ dining lounge in Shrek Academy as their glasses touched. Everyone including Tang Wulin, the five Limit Douluos, all the Sea God’s Pavilion members, all the teachers and also the students that survived the catastrophe had excitedly raised the cups in their hands.

The enrollment program had ended. After tabulating, there was a total of three hundred and twenty-one students that met the requirements to sit for Shrek Academy’s entrance examination. To everyone’s surprise, after the examination and selection, one hundred and seventeen students had passed the examination.

This was a very unusual number in the history of Shrek Academy.

After the reconstruction, Shrek had been slightly more accepting in their enrollment, but that only meant that more students were taken in. The difficulty of the examination remained unchanged.

The candidates for the entrance examination were all completely confident after the baptism of the Seven Holy Abyss. The passing rate was over thirty-percent and it was a rarely seen number. In the past, it was considered impressive if even ten-percent of students passed Shrek Academy’s entrance examination.

Back in their day, Tang Wulin and his classmates had also gone through the examination. They relied on their amazing natural talent and coping capacity to pass.

In total, One hundred and seventeen students passed the entrance examination and were accepted into the academy. They became the first batch of students after Shrek Academy’s reconstruction and also the foundation of Shrek’s glory.

The batch of students had rather impressive qualities and no lack of geniuses amongst them.

In this world, there was never really a lack of geniuses. However, it was Shrek’s ability that empowered their talents such that they could become the geniuses they were meant to be all along.

All their hard work from earlier was being repaid on this day. The value of this batch of students could not be overstated. The students had already settled in by this point and had checked into the new campus. In order to prevent Spirit Pagoda’s trying to take revenge, Shrek Academy spared no effort in activating the soul circuit defense system now.

Their current celebratory feast was not especially grand, but every single member of Shrek was excited from the bottom of their hearts.

Just as Qiangu Zhangting had come to realize, the reconstructed Shrek Academy had finally gained a firm foothold after this day’s enrollment. Their efforts from the reconstruction until this very moment were considered a preliminary success. Much more needed to be done to accumulate resources for the future, but at the very least, they had everything required to start building.

The five great Limit Douluos’ show of strength was meant to tell everyone that Shrek would not tolerate being dishonored. Just like how the divine mecha got shot down when it flew into Shrek Academy’s airspace, Shrek would never tolerate being violated!

Everyone would need to consider very carefully whether they were capable of fighting against Shrek’s five Limit Douluos before confronting Shrek. Moreover, there were genuine quasigods on their side as well.

The main table was huge. Tang Wulin was seated at the head due to his identity as the Sea God’s Pavilion Master while the five Limit Douluos were seated around him, naturally. After that came all the Sea God’s Pavilion members.

Tang Wulin lifted his wine cup and personally toasted every single person to express his gratitude. After one round of toasts, his face was flushing ever so slightly. Read comics on our

“Elder Long, please give a toast,” said Tang Wulin to Long Yeyue by his side.

The youthful version of Long Yeyue was truly an exquisite beauty. Only her eyes remained unchanged. They always had a sorrowful look after experiencing so much hardship in life.

“The success of our enrollment is only the first step of our progress, but it was a very firm step. The establishment of the Seven Holy Abyss is certainly immensely beneficial to the reconstruction of Shrek. In the classes that follow after this, we will be working closely together with the seven seniors from the Seven Holy Abyss to cultivate our students even better, focusing particularly on improving the quality of our education. Our powerful abilities will need to be supported with the right qualities as well. Otherwise, we are not benefiting society, but actually harming the continent.

“Everyone has been working really hard recently, especially Tang Wulin. Frankly, many of us hesitated when we chose you as the Sea God’s Pavilion Master because you were so young. However, we had no other choice at the time and under those circumstances. I didn’t even know how long I had left to love. The future of Shrek could only be passed down to the younger generation.

“I was well aware that you would have a very heavy burden on your shoulders when you agreed to take on this role. We also felt that enormous weight. However, you did not disappoint us at all. Even though we have been helping you all this while, you depended on yourself even more. You relied on your abilities to bring Shrek to its position today little by little. You helped the reconstruction of Shrek step by step and awakened the Ancient Life Tree. Everyone could see every part of that. As a result, I must say this to you on this occasion. You deserve your reputation as the Sea God’s Pavilion Master!”

Elder Long’s words made Tang Wulin feel like his entire body was shivering, and his eyes reddened in a split second.

Even though he was well aware that he should not be tearing up, given his identity as Sea God’s Pavilion Master, he found that he was incapable of controlling his emotions.

All these years were truly tough on him. The good life he had in the past had completely vanished in an instant when Shrek City was destroyed in that explosion. He carried the heavy burden, watched the love of his life leave him, the destruction of Shrek and the killing of his adoptive parents by the Blood Demon. He was constantly confronted by formidable enemies, both overtly and in the dark.

The people on the outside could only see that he was growing at full speed and his abilities were advancing at a tremendous pace over time. He went from a nobody in the Shrek Seven Monsters to the Tang Sect’s Sect Master and the Sea God’s Pavilion Master of Shrek Academy which shocked the continent. He was like a living legend. He was just like a main character that had cheated in a game to attain his success.

That being the case, how many people were aware of the agony he had endured in the depths of his heart and the strife that he had fought against.

Over the years, he walked the path little by little and crossed the obstacles one step after another. Every step he took was accompanied by pain and danger. He was capable of gritting his teeth and endured the obstacles one after another due to his body’s constant adjustment and continuous elevation.

His state of mind had been growing all this while, yet no matter how much he had grown, he could still feel fatigued just like anybody else!

He worked laboriously for the reconstruction of Shrek. He had solicited the Titan Giant Ape Clan for the academy and brought in the Qilin Douluo Tong Yu so that Shrek Academy’s inner secrets could become profound once again. At the same time, he was also fighting against the elemental calamity on a daily basis and performing nonstop Heavenly Refinement.

Who was capable of being baptised by the elemental calamity every day? It may have been beneficial for his abilities and cultivation base, but how many people would understand the pain of being blasted by the calamity daily? It felt as if his body was about to be torn open and churned into pieces. It was a visceral sensation that one could only feel by experiencing the process.

He had pulled through. Over the years, he had gotten through it successfully.

He had turned into a steadfast person. He was capable of confronting an opponent boldly regardless of how powerful they were. Nevertheless, he had a fragile side as well. He had moments of waking up in the middle of the night in agony over the one he missed.

At that moment, his steadfastness was shattered by Elder Long’s words. He could no longer control his emotions anymore.

“I’m sorry!” Tang Wulin stood up and turned around with his back facing the table. He refused to let these people see him as he had lost control of his emotions.

Sitting at his other side, Yali immediately stood up. She opened her arms and hugged him. “My child, you have suffered greatly over the years. All of you have and we can see that. You especially have been burdened with too many responsibilities and many things that you shouldn’t have to go through at your age. However, you are also constantly growing similarly as you are enduring these hardships. It has made you stronger and firmer.”

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