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Spirit Academy’s Grievous News

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Qiangu Zhangting frowned deeply. “Could it be that those people are temporary reinforcements? Those few Limits Douluos are a little too unfamiliar, I think. Every Limit Douluo available is a reputable and proper person. How could Shrek find them so easily?”

Qiangu Dongfeng spoke in a deep voice, “I’ve already sent someone to investigate this. We shall discuss further once the investigation results are out. With Spirit Pagoda’s intelligence sources, we will only need a small trail to find the clues. There’s no need for you to be bothered with this. Handle the academy’s enrollment program properly and screen the outstanding students for thorough cultivation in the future. An academy’s good name mostly comes from the students it cultivated. I refuse to believe that we can’t compare to a newly reconstructed Shrek in this area.”

“Yes!” Qiangu Zhangting said with complete confidence, “Don’t worry. We have so many resources that they don’t, it’s impossible for us to fail regardless.”

Suddenly, they heard a hurried knocking at the door.

Qiangu Zhangting furrowed his brows and spoke in a deep voice, “Come in.”

A middle-aged man pushed open the door from the outside with a panicked expression on his face. “Oh no, President, this is no good.”

“What is no good, huh? Please calm down and explain clearly.” Qiangu Zhangting’s heart was racing. He was most afraid to hear this sort of news.

The middle-aged man swallowed and said, “We have just concluded the enrollment program for today. We have discovered that none of the enrolled students have registered soul power over rank-20. Even though it is considered quite rare for twelve-year-olds to have soul power at such a level, there should not have been none at all! Shrek Academy has been using this as an enrollment requirement for ages. We then spoke to the students that came for registration. They told us that some students were already chosen after the initial screening test.”

“What do you mean by initial screening test?” Qiangu Zhangting was stunned for a moment.

The middle-aged man had no choice but to say, “I have no idea either! All our selections and examinations are carried out inside the academy. Yet, these students were saying that the initial screening test had been carried out when they were queueing up outside. The chosen ones entered a door of light swirling with a vortex-like radiance and then disappeared. They were the ones that were not picked out after the initial screening test, so they entered the academy for the examination right after.”

Qiangu Zhangting’s vision darkened at once. He asked in a fury, “How is that possible? Could it be that the staff in charge of the enrollment stationed at our academy’s door are all blind? How could they not have seen anything at all?”

By this point, the middle-aged man was on the verge of tears. “I also don’t know! We already looked through the video recording of our academy’s doorway, but we can’t see anything on that either. The only thing out of the ordinary is that all the students were seen extending their hands upon arriving at the door. Then, some people were seen walking to the side before seemingly vanishing into thin air. It’s just that our staff did not seem to notice that at the time for some reason.”

Qiangu Zhangting was about to speak when he was interrupted by Qiangu Dongfeng. “Let’s go. Take us to see the video recording now!”

Half an hour later, Qiangu Dongfeng and Qiangu Zhangting stood in front of a large screen with grim expressions. They were watching the video of the situation that took place at the queue outside of the academy.

The staff in charge of enrollment guided the students to the inside of the academy when they reached the door. However, the students were obviously stopping for a moment before coming through the main entrance. They stretched out their hands and some of the students walked to the side before disappearing. However, the staff stationed at the door of Spirit Academy acted as if they had not seen anything at all.

“What’s going on? Explain to me in detail. What is going on there? Who can tell me?” Qiangu Zhangting roared in anger at the staff standing in a line by his side.

They were trembling with fear. This was not an ordinary academy. The powerhouses in Spirit Academy were as abundant as clouds in the sky. These staff members were nothing but the low-grade personnel. It would be as easy as turning over one’s hand for Spirit Academy to take their lives.

“President, please don’t blame them anymore. This is obviously an act of extremely brilliant illusion. I seem to remember sensing an intense spiritual fluctuation for an instant earlier. However, it had already vanished by the time I looked into the matter. I think the Spirit Pagoda Master was still at Shrek Academy when the illusion was generated.”

Qiangu Dongfeng asked harshly, “Illusion? Where is this brilliant illusion coming from? At what rank would a soul master be able to do this?”

Han Tianyi spoke in a deep voice, “That’s hard to tell. Theoretically, I would immediately be able to sense when an ordinary illusion is conjured within the range of ten meters of me. Even so, in this case, the perpetrator was aware that the illusion would be exposed when it was retracted. Now that I recall, I was capable of sensing that spiritual fluctuation at the time because it had overlapped with spatial fluctuation. This resulted in some minor distortions. If I were to estimate based on this, the spiritual level of the person that created the illusion was at least equal to my own. Otherwise, I would not have only noticed it when it was too late.”

Qiangu Dongfeng drew in a cold breath. Han Tianyi’s spiritual level had actually surpassed the vast majority of the Limit Doulos. He deserved his reputation as the greatest spirit master on the continent.

If Shrek still had another spirit master whose spiritual cultivation base was at least as powerful and could hide from Han Tianyi, it would be too terrifying. This was just the newly reconstructed Shrek! This could no longer be something that Shrek had accumulated over twenty thousand years. How did they acquire such profound inner secrets? This was simply unbelievable!

More importantly, the reality of it all was there the whole time. There was no doubt that the most outstanding students had been seized by Shrek right in front of Spirit Academy’s main entrance.

Let alone Qiangu Zhangting’s vision darkening, even Qiangu Dongfeng was angry enough to vomit blood.

The competition in front of Shrek Academy used up such a large amount of time. Even though they conceded defeat in the end, Qiangu Dongfeng was under the assumption that Spirit Academy had already recruited enough students while they were held up during the challenge.

Who would have thought while they were plotting against Shrek, Shrek Academy had already completed a brilliant maneuver that cut the ground out from under their feet from the beginning. Where did they learn of this technique?! They used illusion, but since when did Shrek even possess an illusion master?

Qiangu Dongfeng’s rage had built to the point that his face was almost spurting blood. If the Spirit Pagoda were to learn about this incident, the entire Qiangu Clan might be gravely affected.

Establishing Spirit Academy had consumed a large number of resources including manpower, material resources and financial resources. Spirit Pagoda would never allow such failure to strike them.

“Grandfather, what should we do now?” Panic-stricken Qiangu Zhangting had no choice but to ask his grandfather.

Qiangu Dongfeng was a formidable man beyond his time after all. He suppressed his emotions for a moment before he spoke in harsh tones, “Seal this information off completely. Despatch this order to everyone that is aware of the incident. If anyone dares to expose it, don’t blame me for being merciless!’”

The nearby staff dared not even breath loudly upon sensing the ice-cold aura radiating from the Spirit Pagoda’s Pagoda Master in fear of provoking him further.

Qiangu Zhangting immediately understood his grandfather’s intentions. This incident could never be allowed to reach the other high-ranking personnel in the Spirit Pagoda, especially the Spirit Pagoda’s internal members. Otherwise, the Qiangu Clan would be in a vulnerable position.

They had taken a huge loss, yet they were incapable of disclosing this incident to the public. They could only suffer in silence.

Qiangu Zhangting could not refrain himself from angrily sputtering, “Shrek Academy is truly too despicable and shameless. How can they actually do something like this?!”

Qiangu Dongfeng took a cold glance at Qiangu Zhangting. “We have lost. At least, we are not at a disadvantage judging on the number of students recruited. We shall spare no effort in cultivating this batch of students when the term begins. We will be enrolling new students every year , so I refuse to believe that they will have such luck next year.”

Qiangu Zhangting’s lips twitched. As his grandfather was speaking, Qiangu Zhangting could tell that he was being fierce on the outside, but was trembling inwardly. He had just been confronted by the five great Limit Douluos of Shrek Academy, so this incident had shaken him to the core. At the very least, Spirit Pagoda had already lost their upper hand in their high-grade abilities.

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