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Concerted Effort, To Guard Till Eternity

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It was not just Tang Wulin, the rest of the Seven Monsters had reddened eyes. After Shrek City’s destruction, they were akin to children without a home. Everyone had a goal which was to rebuild their home, Shrek Academy. They worked painstakingly in order to achieve this goal. Today was the day Shrek finally achieved success. Every single one of them beamed with pride and was overcome with emotion on their achievement.

Tang Wulin managed to control his emotions with great effort. He turned around once again. “Thank you, Elder Long and thank you to each and every person here. Shrek’s reconstruction is the result of everyone’s concerted efforts. I only hope that I can strengthen Shrek’s foundation once again. I promise to guard Shrek’s title of being the number one academy on the continent till eternity. I’ll ensure that Shrek will remain neutral, stop all wars, and bring peace and development to the continent so that the continent will continue to flourish and have a bright future.”

Long Yeyue spoke, “Well-spoken. This is the basis of Shrek’s existence. The academy has worked hard toward this goal over the years. The growth of soul masters and the development of soul devices have destroyed the continent’s environment. It has also resulted in the depletion of its resources, the Douluo Star’s destruction, the deterioration of the Ancient Gold Tree, and the withering of the Life Seed. We’ll spare no effort to develop the Douluo Continent, so it can regain its vitality and brilliance once again.”

“We must first ensure that we’re powerful enough to carry out our objectives. We need to possess the abilities to overcome our shortcomings. Hence, Shrek must be powerful.”

The Ancient Gold Tree was destroyed and the Life Seed has withered. These were exceedingly terrifying events to the whole continent. Unfortunately, very few people were aware of this matter.

Earlier, the Douluo Continent’s environment was getting worse. All the resources were depleted. Mankind was exploiting the continent endlessly without any moderation. The continent will be destroyed in the end.

Tang Wulin nodded in agreement to what she had expounded. He had already made up his mind since earlier. His future task was to restore the Ancient Life Tree’s vitality once the resurgence of Shrek Academy was put on the right track. At the same time, he would do his best to improve the environment on the continent. Its ecosystem was the foundation of the entire continent. The planet’s vitality was closely related to its ecosystem. The planet’s lifespan would be shortened if its ecosystem was continuously being destroyed. Mankind had caused severe damage to the planet. In turn, the entire plane would bring forth countless catastrophes to mankind.

As the Nature Child and the plane’s chosen one, Tang Wulin was well aware of this from his thorough comprehension of the planar law.

Thus, he would do everything possible to make changes to the best of his abilities. He was over twenty years old at present. Shrek was becoming more powerful too. Later, he would take up politics after Shrek had gained a firm foothold just like how it was back at the beginning when Shrek Academy had been the leader of the Independent Faction in the federal parliament. He would reclaim the position for sure. By doing so, he could rely on the academy’s influence to make the much needed changes.

Shrek was a low-key force in the federal parliament but had the parliament’s recognition once. In any case, it was time for Shrek to make its presence felt.

The feast went on until everyone had enjoyed themselves to their hearts’ content. After the crowd dispersed, Tang Wulin returned to his room on the top floor of the main academic building.

His forging workshop and room were on the same floor. On normal days, he seldom left the place.

The tipsy feeling he had from the feast earlier had faded. With his physical condition, the alcohol did not affect him. He had no need to exercise control over his condition as his powerful blood essence was enough to neutralize the effect of the alcohol with ease.

He condensed his spirit to initiate his inner sight. Soon, he entered the meditative state of forgetting oneself and the world. As the soul power inside his body flowed naturally and freely, the surface of his skin began to ripple with a layer of faint golden color.

The layer of golden color was rich with a faint texture. The striations which emerged within the golden layer were indistinct. At the same time, there was a faint seven-colored radiance circulating on the outer golden layer.

At the moment, Tang Wulin seemed to have fused with the entire planar world. It seemed as if he had become a part of the entire plane.

He had cultivated with the Heavenly Refinement continuously not only to forge metal but his body at the same time. In fact, he had cultivated the Body Sect’s Innate Secret Technique successfully. Moreover, it had fused with his Golden Dragon King Bloodline to become one. He now possessed a powerful physique which even a Limit Douluo could not possibly have. Otherwise, he would not have dared to resist the incomparably powerful strike of Qiangu Dieting’s staff.

When he was struck by Qiangu Dieting’s staff, Tang Wulin realized that he had comprehended the ultimate strength outburst of the world.

He discovered that Qiangu Dieting was far from surpassing him judging by Qiangu Dieting’s strength when he unleashed his staff. However, Qiangu Dieting was capable of utilizing his soul power with the guidance of planar power. The powerful force was a result of Qiangu Dieting’s destruction of the planar power. He guided the force to produce the terrifying outburst attack of the Combat Heaven and Earth.

The focus of the attack was its outburst!

Even without the Ancient Life Tree’s treatment, Tang Wulin’s body would heal if he was given the time to recuperate. After the breakthrough to the Golden Dragon King’s fourteenth layer seal, his self-healing ability had been elevated to another level. That was why he could sustain his effort in the Heavenly Refinement without exhausting his body.

The second soul core inside his brain had taken form gradually. It was different from the soul core in his abdomen. The second soul core was in the form of a tiny golden dragon. In the beginning, it was shaped like an ordinary soul core. To his astonishment, Tang Wulin discovered that the second soul core was akin to a tiny golden dragon which had bored out from the inside of an egg. Moreover, it was not fixated but mobile. In fact, the tiny golden dragon seemed to act in accordance with the remaining four layers of the Golden Dragon King Seal.

In the presence of the second soul core, the two great soul cores’ auras guided each other. In addition to the Dragon Core, Tang Wulin’s entire person underwent a qualitative change.

Tang Wulin was being baptised endlessly in the elemental calamity every day. It was also a process for him to fuse his body’s abilities with the three great cores so as to facilitate their interaction with one another.

During the past few months, Tang Wulin spent his time engaging in the most important process which was to stabilize himself after his breakthrough to the rank of a Hyper Douluo.

Ever since he became a Hyper Douluo, he discovered that his cultivation became easier as compared to the past. His body was now compatible with the entire plane. It was very difficult for an ordinary Hyper Douluo to mobilize the heaven and earth powers during cultivation. The heaven and earth powers would spontaneously accumulate around Tang Wulin for absorption into his body.

In addition, its speed was increasing!

Was it a good thing? Apparently, it seemed so. How could it be a bad thing for a soul master’s cultivation to continuously accelerate?

Anyway, Tang Wulin had been agonizing over this since the great battle with the demonic plane and his experience of channeling the life force.

The accelerated elevation of his cultivation base had resulted in his abilities becoming extremely powerful. However, he faced a dilemma. The higher his cultivation base, the higher the possibility of his Golden Dragon King Seal breaking spontaneously. The massive energy contained in his body would naturally squeeze against the seal. His elevation speed was apparently abnormal. In fact, it could be attributed to the hostile soul hidden in the deepest part of the Golden Dragon King eighteenth seal.

The hidden Golden Dragon King’s soul had already attempted to destroy his willpower on multiple occasions so that it could control his thoughts.

As a result, Tang Wulin was extremely cautious in suppressing the growth of his cultivation base.

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