Heart Breaking - S01 E09

1 month ago

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I got out of the bathroom with my bathrobe.

My cell phone rang aloud.

It was a business client.

I quickly picked up the phone….

📲Good Evening Mr Wong📲 I greeted sharply

📲Same here Miss Cruz! I called to remind you of the meeting tomorrow📲 He said

My face beamed with smiles.

📲OK sir….📲 I said

📲Just call me Wong! Be formal with me Cristine📲 He said with a creepy laugh.

I frowned… He would have noticed if he were there with me.

📲Good night📲 I said as I hung up quickly.

“Men will always be men! Can’t they stop flirting?” I said angrily.

I still have to find my wrist watch.

I wonder where I dropped it.

I continued searching though and some thing fell out of my bag.

It was my inhaler….

It skipped my mind to tell you guys…

The truth is that am suffering from asthma attack.

Am asthmatic…. 😢

I picked it up and dropped it inside my drawer.

I picked up my calendar and flipped the pages.

Oops… All the maids are on leave tomorrow!

I almost forgot!

For three days actually so I’ll have to do the kitchen stuffs on my own.

Ooh! I still have to find my watch…

I’ll eat first…

I walked out of the room now in my pyjamas.


I was ready for office as usual.

The maids are all gone as well….

I give them the leave because I want them to rest as well unlike me.

I was at the dinning eating breakfast when I heard a the doorbell ring loudly.

💭 Who could that be? 💭 I thought aloud as I got up quickly and made for the door.

I opened the door and gasped.

Guess who? 😳😳

“Good morning!” His voice rang into my ears…



Who is that? 😅😅

Imagine the voice is now ringing 😂

More tales to unfold 💃 💃

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