Heart Breaking - S01 E08

1 month ago

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Cristine’s Pov:

I glanced at the wall clock and gasped.

It’s already late…..

Dani have gone home and I was the only one in the office.

After what I encountered in the hands of James, I become such a workaholic.

I spend almost all of my time working.

Believe me when I say love is not my kinda thing.

That sht doesn’t exist…..

It does two years ago after James made a fool out of me all in the name of love.

I summarized what I was doing as I picked up my handbag and cell phone.

I walked out of the office.


The sound of my heels was on the only noise I can hear all over the place.

One could hear the sound of a pin.

I hopped into my car immediately and speeded off.

🏡 🏡

Few minutes later….

I was already home!

I have nowhere else to go and Dani won’t be coming over at my place.

She has a dinner date with her boyfriend or should I say fiance Felix.

Though Felix have been very nice to her and to me, I still have doubts about him.

I walked into my extraordinary mansion…..

To people it’s a very big house but to me,,,, it’s my lonely crib.

I walked in after letting out a soft sigh.

The maids already served dinner at the dinning.

I walked upstairs tiredly rubbing my eyes.

I got into my room and jumped tiredly on the bed heavily.

I almost slept off due to tiredness but I had to take a shower.

I took off my jewelries slowly.

That was when I noticed I wasn’t putting on my wrist watch

“Where could it be?” I thought as I searched my handbag.

but it wasn’t there…..

Actually it was a gift from my dad before he died!

it’s actually very expensive.

That was his last gift before he became late.

I scratched my head.

It’s very important to me…..

I breathed heavily.

I’ll have to take my birth before looking for it… I concluded.

🚿 🚿

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