Heart Breaking - S01 E05

1 month ago

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Cristine’s Pov:

I was very busy with my iPhone….

Actually I do file some documents with my phone so you can say I work almost everywhere, anywhere and everytime.

I was engrossed in my phone until I heard a slight cough.

I turned around…..

It was a very handsome young man.

He smiled at me revealing his beautiful set of gap teeth.

“Hello beautiful one” He smiled at me as I forced a smile at him and looked away.

“Hi” I mumbled almost inaudibly

“Do you mind if we share a table since there are two seats remaining?” He said friendly

“OK! One of them is for my friend” I said with my eyes still fixed on the device.

He sat on the chair still staring at me.


Why is this flirt looking at me?

I was feeling so uneasy and uncomfortable but I had to bear it.

“Ehhh… By the way my name is Andrew! What about you?” He asked with a seductive smile.

I became very annoyed and pissed off.

Why can’t he just keep a distance from me huh?

“I’d rather not talk” I said with the calmest voice I can speak with at that moment.

“Oh… Come on beautiful one, I really wanna know more about you” He said

I flared up angrily.

“Are you deaf? Why are you pestering me you pesky thing?” I flared up in annoyance.

He gulped as he stared around in embarrassment.

But what do I care?

I quickly glared at his left fingers and I found no ring.

Then I spotted a ring in his shirt breast pocket.

Ughh! That’s men for you…. He’s probably married and always takes off his ring to woo women to his stinky b ed.

“Am sorry I was just trying to be friendly and….” He said

“Oh shut up! Go to h’ll with your friendliness and burn to ashes” I yelled

I was already causing a scene.

“Uhm… Are you in a bad mood or something?” He said still smiling.

“Just scram! Your sight sucks” I screamed as Dani rushed in with the tray of tea.

“Oh my g©sh! Crisy!!” She called as she dropped the tray on the table.

“What? You should be screaming at this shameless flirt here” I said pointing at the ashamed man.

I hate him so much already.

“Cristine? Enough already” Dani said

“Oh please Daniella!” I sneered

“Am so sorry Mr” Dani pleaded on my behalf and that angered me the more.

“What? Why are you apologizing to him? He should apologize for pestering my dear life” I said angrily.

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