Heart Breaking - S01 E04

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Dani’s Pov:

Cristine hugged me tightly in tears and I held her too.

That was when I spotted the picture on the ground.

My poor friend 😢

I picked it up and tore it into pieces.

“Dani I just can’t get this whole thing off my head” She wailed

“I know Crisy but you have to… You can’t keep dwelling in your past” I said.

I handed a handkerchief to her and she mopped face with it.

“It’s high time you forget about James” I said as she sat on the chair heavily.

“That guy broke my heart…. Am trying Daniella I just don’t know why the incident keeps reoccurring in my head” Christine said

“oh please… He’s not worth your precious tears my dear friend” I said as I sat on the chair opposite her.

“I heard he travelled abroad with the money he extracted from me” Christine said

I only shook my head

This topic won’t lead us anywhere so I changed the topic.

I yawned hungrily.

“You know what girl? Am really famished” I said sharply

Christine laughed loudly.

“Oh please Dani! Don’t tell me you didn’t take breakfast at home” Christine teased me.

I scratched my head and she chuckled.

“Silly…. Of course you know I did but uhmm…. Errr… Ahhh” I stammered.

“You now turned to a stammer? Foodie!!” Cristine teased as we shared a laugh.

“Am still hungry… Let’s just go get some toasted bread and a cup of milky tea at least from that newly opened coffee shop” I said yawning.

“Am hungry as well… I didn’t eat anything” Cristine said as she got up picking up her purse.

We walked out of the office chatting.

🚶 🚶

We walked into the almost full coffee shop.

Thank goodness we luckily got a space to assdown.

“Why is this place so occupied like this today?” Cristine whispered to me.

“Of course their coffee and French toast’s are really pretty nice” I responded

“I see…” Cristine nodded her head.

“Oh God! Let’s just order before my intestines get cut off” I said as we laughed.

“Waiter! Waiter!!” I called but I got no response.

“They are all to busy” Cristine said as she focused her eyes on her iPhone.

“I’ll go order at the counter” I said as she nodded

“French toast and eggs with a cup of milky tea” She said as I shrug.

“Alright” I said

“Make it snappy! Am really famished” Cristine said again.

I clicked my tongue loudly.

“Yes ma’am” I grinned

I walked straight to the counter to make my order.

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