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The Arrival

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Xie Xie’s control over the transformation of space had genuinely improved under Er Ming’s guidance. The Space-time Dragon was said to be capable of traveling through space and time, so it was definitely not as simple as spatial concealment. After so many days of cultivation, Xie Xie had identified the right direction of cultivation and was advancing at a tremendous pace.

“Big brother, I’m not. I’m but a firefly compared to you.” Xie Xie immediately sat upright while talking.

Everyone was acquainted with one another for such a long time now. There was a saying that one could understand the meaning behind the lyrics just by listening to the song. Xie Xie was well aware that he would be drawing in Tang Wulin’s challenge if he did not behave himself. Of course he did not want to be tormented.

“What are you afraid of, just do it? Fight him. How can you ever improve yourself if you don’t challenge a powerhouse,” Er Ming said with the desire to stir up trouble.

Xie Xie rolled his eyes. “Senior, please let me live for a few more years for the sake of Yuanen’s happiness.”

Yuanen Yehui suddenly intruded. “However, I would like to give it a try. Captain, why don’t we look for an opportunity for Xie Xie and I to challenge you together, is that alright?”

Her elevation during this recent period of time was also huge. Under Er Ming’s guidance, she gradually began fusing Cloud Vortex Divine Punch with Titan Divine Punch. Moreover, her cultivation base had already reached the peak of eight-rings. There was only one fine line between her cultivation base and the Title Douluo realm. It was just as mentioned by Er Ming, in order to elevate faster, one would need adequate stress and one would also have to challenge a powerhouse.

“Sure!” Tang Wulin agreed to her proposal without the slightest bit of hesitation.

Xie Xie saw Yuanen Yehui’s determined gaze. He wished to object but he could not do it and smiled bitterly.

The soul train traveled at high speed. There was no way of telling if their luck had changed but they did not encounter any situation this time at last.

Yuanen Yehui’s home was located in the eastern part of the continent. It was actually not that far from the original Shrek City. It was located on the eastern side of the original Great Star Dou Forest in a city named ‘Uphill City’.

It was a second-tier city surrounded by mountains. The soul train would have to bore through a tunnel in order to reach the city. After the train stopped and the group of people got down from the train, they saw that the place looked like a peaceful haven away from the turmoil of the world.

The Uphill City was surrounded by mountains as its walls. All sorts of vegetation grew lushly in the mountains. The environment here was protected in great condition. As soon as one entered the Uphill City, the air felt much fresher and even the sky appeared to be bluer and clearer.

“Your hometown is truly amazing!” After getting off the soul train, Xie Xie inhaled a deep breath of refreshing air and felt a relaxing sensation run through his entire body.

When he turned his head to the side to look at Yuanen Yehui, he realized that there was something wrong with her. She stood there blankly while her body slightly shivered.

How many years had passed and how many years had it been since she returned to this place! She had finally returned to the familiar yet strange place, so how could she not be overwhelmed with emotions

She could still clearly remember every scene that she had experienced as a child. In one single day, her mother had turned into an ice-cold corpse. In one day, her father who once stood on the pinnacle of the clan was reduced to a zombie. Everyone looked at her with eyes filled with rage and hatred. Her originally warm clan had suddenly turned into a deep abyss of living hell.

She felt as if she could still hear her grieving, wailing, and weeping.

Xie Xie sensed that something was wrong about her as he hastily walked over and held her hand. He gave it a tight squeeze and softly said, “Everything is going to be alright. I’ll be by your side at all times.”

Yuanen Yehui turned her head to the side and took a glance at him. All of a sudden, she found herself in a trance. Yes! For so many years, he had always been by her side no matter what. He was there when Shrek encountered the great catastrophe and he was there when she was enlisted in the army. Every second and every moment, he was right by her side. Regardless of her detachment from him, he went from being rejected to acceptance and then when their relationship was agreed upon, he had never ever abandoned her.

She had never completely opened her heart for him due to her past. On the other hand, her heart now suddenly softened as she listened to his words.

As compared to Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena, she realized that her relationship with Xie Xie was already much happier. At least, they had been together all along!

“Hmm.” She softly nodded and tightly squeezed his hand.

They walked out of the train station and found a car waiting over there. A man was standing by the side of the car. Yuanen Yehui could not help changing her countenance for a moment upon seeing him. This was because this person was none other than her second uncle, the second uncle who changed his name to Yuanen Tianshang.

Yuanen Tianshang took a glance at Yuanen Yehui without any expression as he opened the car door.

The group of people arrived in front of the car. Yuanen Yehui opened her mouth in an attempt to say something but she did not manage to do it. She joined Xie Xie and sat inside the car

Tang Wulin closely followed behind and got into the car while Er Ming walking at the back of the line sized Yuanen Tianshang up and down a few times. He nodded and said, “Your aura is overly gloomy. The depression in your heart has greatly affected your insight.”

Yuanen Tianshang raised his brows ever so slightly after hearing the words that sounded senile and even a little as if he were directing the affairs. “Who are you?”

Er Ming chuckled but did not answer the question. He got into the car on his own accord. However, Yuanen Tianshang could only sense a gush of indescribable terrifying stress that was emitting from Er Ming’s body the very moment he got into the car.

He had only ever felt the stress of this extent from his father.

‘Is he a Limit Douluo?’ His pupils constricted for a moment without his control. He thought to himself that this person should be a Limit Douluo sent out by the Shrek Academy.

Even though they lived far away in the Uphill City, they too had watched the live broadcast of Joust For A Spouse Festival. Anyone who was a soul master would be shocked upon witnessing the appearance of the four great Limit Douluos from Shrek and Tang Sect because these were extremely powerful people!

If the Limit Douluo before his eyes now belonged to Shrek too, then the hidden ability of Shrek Academy was truly terrifying. It was simply unimaginable. Shrek truly deserved its reputation of being the number one academy on the continent!

This person should be here because he was worried about Yuanen’s safety, right? However, that issue would still have to be solved.

Yuanen Tianshang took a seat on the driver’s seat. He slowly drove the soul car onto the road.

Before her return, Yuanen Yehui had informed her clan. Yuanen Tianshang was willing to come and personally pick them up today because of her courage. Her willingness to return proved that she was willing to face the problem. Yuanen Yehui was a courageous child. Even though he hated the sister-in-law that killed his wife, he did not divert his hatred onto Yuanen Yehui. Perhaps it was due to his hatred that he did not hope the tragedy to replay itself once again.

The Uphill City was not a big place. Titan Giant Ape Clan was a reclusive clan so they did not live in the downtown area but in a manor located in the west countryside.

Calling it a manor sounded nice but in reality, it was more like a village. The manor was situated beside a river at the foot of a hill. Large stretches of lush green forest surrounded the place. It felt like a peaceful haven away from the world’s turmoil.

Under Yuanen Clan’s proper management, even though the village was completely situated on a mountain, a winding mountain road passed through the door of every village house. A soul car could drive up the road so this ensured convenient transportation to the clan.

When Yuanen Yehui saw the mountain village from afar through the car’s window and could no longer control her tears from streaming down her face. It was a place that left her with countless beautiful memories but was also filled with countless painful moments.

As they entered the small rugged road on the mountain, Er Ming’s eyes were filled with curiosity. He could clearly sense that the small village was indistinctly filled with an incomparably familiar aura. How could he refrain himself from being excited? This was because almost everyone here had inherited his bloodline and lineage!

As a creature that had existed for countless years, he was no longer just a soul beast. In a sense, at least a portion of him was a human. Similar to the situation with mankind, the passing of lineage was the most important task for soul beasts too.

He had always thought that he did not have any descendants. When he suddenly saw that so many of them existed, he could not stop himself from the flood of emotions? It felt amazing. Moreover, it was something he had never experienced before even after living for thousands of years.

Er Ming had already lost count of how long it had been since he was as delighted as now. He was already growing impatient to make an appearance before his descendants. He did not wish to prove anything nor hoped that his descendants would address him as ‘ancestor’, but he only hoped to see them live joyously and continue his lineage. He would be satisfied with it.

It was the first time in his life that he had ever felt such intense feelings towards mankind. In fact, he felt it more than the kind feelings he had for Tang San. It was a female human being that gave birth to his descendant and helped him to pass down his lineage! His descendants were human beings too. It felt as if mankind was no longer as abominable as before.

The soul car drove all the way until it stopped in front of a mansion located halfway up the hill. It was a stretch of rather flat ground. The mansion appeared to have occupied a rather large area and it was the largest building on the mountain. It was also Yuanen Clan’s ancestral house and this was where the ancestral hall was located.

Yuanen Tianshang took the lead to get down from the car. He walked to the inside of the mansion without waiting for Tang Wulin and the rest.

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