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Yuanen Clan’s Manor

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Yuanen Yehui regained her calm at present. Since she had returned, she was prepared to face the problem. She took a deep breath and was first to get down from the car while the other three followed in succession.

Er Ming looked curiously everywhere, then he nodded in satisfaction. He felt at home with the environment. It was a rather impressive place.

Er Ming who grew up in the Great Star Dou Forest had always enjoyed the forests the most. Even though it was a forest mountain, it was quite pleasant here.

Yuanen Tianshang appeared at the door once again and signalled Yuanen Yehui to follow him.

At present, the ancestral home appeared desolate. Other than Yuanen Tianshang, there were no others living there. The four of them followed behind him.

As soon as they entered the ancestral home, they immediately felt a different aura within. Tang Wulin identified it as a plant-type aura. It smelled pleasant and had a calming effect on people. It was apparent that the ancestral home was built with extraordinary wood materials.

As they walked through the door, they were greeted by a spacious courtyard. Tang Wulin had seen this kind of courtyard in the Heaven Dou City before. It was an ancient architecture on the Douluo Continent. Apparently, the Yuanen Clan was a traditional clan.

Yuanen Tianshang did not speak but guided the group of four inside. Yuanen Yehui lowered her head ever so slightly as she followed behind him. She was not observing her surroundings as she had no wish to see it. In fact, she dared not look for fear of losing control of her emotions.

Xie Xie was holding her hand tightly all this while trying to give her support. Tang Wulin and Er Ming followed behind. At the same time, they were sizing up the mansion.

There was a ring of columns which supported the porch surrounding the front courtyard. The columns were made of wooden logs. The aura seemed to be emitting from the logs. It exuded a feeling as stable as Mount Taishan. They crossed the front courtyard from the side and arrived at the middle courtyard. The first thing which greeted them were the two huge characters: ‘Ancestral Hall’.

It was the largest room of the entire mansion, but it seemed more like a hall. The characters, ‘Ancestral Hall’ were written with elegant simplicity. One could tell that it was written by a famous expert at one glance.

Yuanen Tianshang walked toward the ancestral hall with the rest of them following suit.

Compared to the simple and unsophisticated look of the exterior, the ancestral hall was magnificently decorated. Each part of the hall appeared exquisite. At the front of the ancestral hall, a giant table shaped like a staircase had row upon ascending row of ancestral tablets placed on it. The rows formed a triangle with the top row as the apex of the triangle while the bottom row was the triangle’s base.

Each ancestral tablet recorded the person’s name together with his or her dates of death and birth. An ancestral tablet was placed at the highest position with the inscription ‘Deceased mother, Xiong Xiaoling’.

It was a little odd that a statue was placed next to the tablet. The statue was rather small, the height of the tablet which was about thirty centimeters. It was in the form of an ape beating its chest with its hands. The statue appeared life-like. However, due to its size, it seemed rather cute and goofy at a glance.

The first reaction Tang Wulin had upon seeing the status was to look toward Er Ming by his side. Then, he saw Er Ming’s lips twitching. Soon after, he heard Er Ming’s voice in his head saying, “Since when have I turned into this, this…”

He was at a loss for words.

“Why aren’t you paying your respect to your ancestors?” Yuanen Tianshang spoke for the first time since entering the house. His voice sounded stern and serious.

Yuanen Yehui took a glance at her second uncle and spoke softly, “Thank you.” Upon saying that, she knelt down on the rush cushion and gave three kowtows.

His willingness to take her to the ancestral hall signified that the Titan Giant Ape accepted her as a part of the clan. Although it sounded simple, it was no easy feat! After all, her mother was the one who caused a great catastrophe to the clan once. Of all the ancestral tablets placed on the altar, how many people placed in the last few rows had died because of the great catastrophe?

Yuanen Tianshang’s expression turned complicated as he watched Yuanen Yehui perform her kowtows respectfully. In the end, he heaved a heavy sigh.

Meanwhile, a huge silhouette walked out from the back of the ancestral hall. It was precisely the head of the Titan Giant Ape Clan, Yuanen Zhentian.

Yuanen Zhentian heaved a sigh softly as he saw Yuanen Yehui kowtowing respectfully at the altar. “It’s good that you’re back, it’s good that you’re back.”

His gaze then shifted toward Tang Wulin. He gave Tang Wulin a nod. Suddenly, Yuanen Zhentian felt a burning gaze at the moment, so he looked toward the source subconsciously.

Their eyes met. Yuanen Zhentian’s body shook once abruptly. He had an astonished look in his eyes. He felt his heart throbbing in a way which he had never experienced before. The palpitation originated from his bloodline. The blood essence in his body surged tempestuously toward his chest the moment he saw this person.

Such a situation had occurred a few times prior to this. Once, when he made a breakthrough to the seven-ring Soul Sage. It happened again when he possessed his martial soul avatar, and again when he made a breakthrough to the nine-ring Title Douluo. Last but not least, it happened during his Limit Breakthrough.

Precisely now, he took one glance at this person, and the feeling appeared out of nowhere for no apparent reason. How could he not be surprised?

Er Ming hesitated for a moment and said, “So, you’re the head of this clan?”

Yuanen Zhentian nodded, “That’s right. Precisely the grand old man. And you are?”

The corners of Er Ming’s lips twitched once. Yuanen Yehui had gotten up from the floor at present. She was about to say something but was stopped by Er Ming who raised his hand.

Er Ming then pointed to the statue on the top row of the ancestral altar. He spoke in a peculiar voice, “I’m it.”

Yuanen Zhentian was stunned for a moment. Tang Wulin’s first reaction was he almost burst out laughing. Even Yuanen Yehui who was quite nervous initially was dumbstruck for a moment, while Xie Xie covered his mouth and turned his head to the side.

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Yuanen Tianshang barked in rage.

Er Ming chuckled bitterly. “I know it’s very difficult for all of you to believe it, but it’s me alright. Come out.” He was already growing restless from exposing his identity. Soon after, he wanted to take down the statue and replace it with something else.

He took a step forward and left the ancestral hall.

Yuanen Zhentian looked toward Yuanen Yehui uncertainly. Yuanen Yehui nodded in reply. “He’s right.”

As he felt puzzled after experiencing the shaking of his bloodline for no reason earlier, Yuanen Zhengtian later became aware of something. It was precisely this sudden awareness that he found it beyond belief.

‘What… how is it possible?’

Yuanen Zhentian grabbed Yuanen Tianshang who was about to throw a tantrum before he walked out of the ancestral hall in long strides.

Then, he watched as Er Ming stood at the center of the middle courtyard. Er Ming was raising his head to look up at the sky.

Er Ming’s body began to lengthen. His terrifying muscles began to bulge. A mighty aura which was familiar to the entire Yuanen Clan surged forth from his body.

The granite-like huge muscles with its iron-black skin, and a mountain-like overbearingness exerted a mind-blowing shock on everyone.

This time, even Yuanen Tianshang clearly felt the throbbing sensation of the bloodline inside his body. When Er Ming’s body continued to grow with his bloodline aura getting more powerful, the entire Yuanen clansmen who had not left the Uphill City felt the changes in their bloodlines.

In a dimly-lit room, a man with tousled hair and moustache felt his body shake once. He raised his head subconsciously, and his murky eyes became clearer. Suddenly, he looked in one direction.

Er Ming’s figure grew over a hundred meters before he stopped. It felt like he was standing upright between heaven and earth with an indomitable spirit as he stood in the middle courtyard.

An exceedingly thick bloodline aura surged out from his body. Yuanen Zhentian was astonished because he felt inferior when compared to the powerful aura emitted by Er Ming.

He was a quasi god. Undoubtedly, he was a quasi god-ranked powerhouse to whom Yuanen Zhentian had aspired to be all this while. However, he did not expect to encounter such a person. Moreover, the person had the same Titan Giant Ape bloodline as him!

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