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Super-concentrated Soul Circuit Defense System

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Zang Xin’s words left Tang Wulin confounded. As the organization consisting of the core combat strength of the federal government, War God Hall had actually declared its support for the reconstruction of Shrek Academy. It was almost no different from acquiring support from the federation itself.

“How, how is that possible?” The federation did not want to see Shrek Academy achieving its old glory. Otherwise, it would have never joined hands with Spirit Pagoda in the first place.

How could a Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition be stolen so easily? Tang Wulin would never believe that this was not related to the internal issues of the federation.

Yet, the fact that War God Hall had actually openly expressed its support in the reconstruction of Shrek Academy signified that the matter had already exceeded Spirit Pagoda’s control and even the control of the federation.

Judging from Zang Xin’s expression, Tang Wulin could tell that there were some hidden clues. “Is this related to Elder Long?”

Zang Xin sniggered. “Even though there are quite a number of people in War God Hall that are related to Shrek as over one-third of them have graduated from Shrek, that person has definitely played a decisive role in this matter. How can this be achieved so easily without his support? It seems that he has finally made up his mind.”

Tang Wulin could not refrain himself from smiling. The emotional matters of the older generation were truly intricate.

Zang Xin was referring to the current generation of War God Hall’s Hall Master, Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie. He was one of the strong big brothers in Hawk Faction. He was also the most powerful person on the federal government’s side. He had managed the War God Hall for over five decades and was definitely deeply rooted in the position. Everyone in the military posts including Bright Mirro Douluo and Angel Douluo were still inferior to him.

Chen Xinjie’s declaration had basically signified that Shrek Academy’s reconstruction would no longer face resistance. Even Spirit Pagoda dared not often the big brother that had direct control over almost all the Title Douluo-ranked powerhouses in the federation!

It could be said that everything was developing in the best possible direction with the Boundless Sea Douluo’s support. Even though Tang Sect’s name had yet to be rectified, if Shrek’s reconstruction could be completed and entered the right path, it would also reflect well on the Tang Sect.

In the project layout for Shrek Academy’s reconstruction, a portion was specifically designed for Tang Sect.

“That is truly awesome. Shrek’s reconstruction can finally enter the right path,” Tang Wulin said in excitement.

Zang Xin nodded and said, “There’s another good news. The Super-concentrated Soul Circuit Defense System being developed by Tang Sect for over a hundred years has finally completed its development phase.”

Tang Wulin had heard about this system from Zang Xin before. It was absolutely the best technology of today. Its initial research was precisely carried out for Shrek City. It was a form of super defense soul device system.

In simpler terms, if the development of this defense system had been completed earlier and it was set up, the great catastrophe would not have happened to Shrek City. This system definitely deserved the reputation of the ultimate defense.

“That’s good. How long do we need before the system can be put into use?” Tang Wulin anxiously inquired.

Zang Xin said, “Not soon. Moreover, the resources needed are massive. With Tang Sect’s accumulation of resources, it will take at least seven years to complete the overall Super-concentrated Soul Circuit Defense System with Sea God Lake as its center. In addition to the modifications to all sorts of equipment, it’s impossible to do it in less than ten years. Moreover, we will need to consume at least one-third of Tang Sect’s resources.”

Tang Wulin was at a loss for words upon hearing the costs. Those were the resources that Tang Sect had accumulated over the last twenty thousand years! And yet more than one-third of the resources would need to be used in order to complete the system. One could only describe this with the word ‘terrifying’.

Zang Xin smiled. “However, it will still be worth it. Both Tang Sect and Shrek will need a safe and stable base so that no other people can sneak in and take advantage of us.”

Tang Wulin nodded. “It’s truly going to be a huge problem now that the resources available on the continent are depleting.”

Zang Xin continued, “After the system has been completed, all Tang Sect’s research effort will be concentrated in two directions. The first one is for the recovery of the environment while the other is outer space exploration. I hope that we can find a future for our Douluo Planet through our hard work and efforts. It is a special period of time now so all your attention as Tang Sect’s Sect Master is focused on going against the outside forces. When Shrek’s reconstruction is completed, Old Cao and I will be passing over everything related to the internal operations of Tang Sect to you. By then, you’re going to be troubled with many tasks.”

Tang Wulin smiled bitterly. “Your excellency, don’t you pass over everything to me. You are a capable man and capable men should always be busy.”

Zang Xin smiled. “Don’t even think about it. How old are we now? We should be thinking about retiring in peace in the presence of young people like you. However, there are certain matters that we will still need to attend. Recently, we’ve been feeling a little strange. It has already been a very long time since the Holy Spirit Cult has made any movements. This is very unusual for them considering their temperament.”

Ever since the Holy Spirit Cult’s comeback, all sorts of sabotages and catastrophes had occurred continuously. However, the cult had vanished without a trace during this recent period of time. Ever since the surprise attack on Tang Wulin back then, the Holy Spirit Cult had not made any appearance. During the recent Joust For A Spouse Festival of Spirit Pagoda, Tang sect and Shrek Academy were on guard for the possible appearance of Holy Spirit Cult’s powerhouses but they had not encountered a single evil soul master from the start to end.

Tang Wulin frowned. “That’s true. It seems a bit too quiet.”

Zang Xin said, “There’s nothing from Star Luo Empire and Dou Spirit Empire’s side either. It’s an unusual situation. We must be prepared. You’re already a Divine Craftsman now so you must strive to complete your four-word battle armor in advance. You will be standing on an undefeatable ground when you have your four-word battle armor.”

“Yes.” Tang Wulin nodded. Not only him but he should begin preparing for his companions as well. The only issue was that he could not forge his four-word battle armor at the moment due to the over high-quality requirement. He was still incapable of controlling that with his current standards.

“Alright, rest well. We will leave in the morning tomorrow.”

Zang Xin soundlessly left just like how he came. People from Tang Sect and Shrek moved through the underground channels. In reality, even though the federal government did not apprehend these organizations, they had not expressed their intention to rectify Tang Sect’s name either.

It seemed like Spirit Pagoda had no choice but to suffer this loss in silence.

Tang Wulin leaned on the sofa of the VIP car in the soul train as he looked at the scenes continuously skimming past the window. He was in a rare state of mind.

On his opposite side, Xie Xie leaned his head on Yuanen Yehui’s shoulder but was pushed away by Yuanen Yehui.

Er Ming sitting next to Tang Wulin was decadently feasting big mouthfuls of barbecued chicken sold on the train.

The destination of their trip was not the Shrek Academy, but Yuanen Yehui’s home.

It was best for them to resolve the issue related to Yuanen Yehui’s lurking peril as soon as possible. Yuanen’s cultivation base had already achieved eight-ringed at present. Even though she possessed the twin martial soul such that her Fallen Angel martial soul did not affect her as badly as her mother’s back then, a certain effect was still present on her. Er Ming had already announced that the issue could be solved but Yuanen Yehui’s clan was unaware of this matter. The best method to solve this was to complete the process before Yuanen Zhentian’s witness. Only then would Yuanen Yehui’s name be rectified before her clan. At the same time, Er Ming hoped to use this opportunity to acknowledge his descendants.

“Boy, are you looking to stretch out that tight skin of yours?” Er Ming glared at Xie Xie.

Xie Xie sniggered. “Not really. Senior, I’m considered your half disciple now and also your half descendant’s son-in-law. If I don’t work hard, how can I help you to carry on the family line huh!”

Er Ming rolled his eyes. “You’re a truly shameless boy.”

Xie Xie appeared to be quite proud instead of being ashamed. “That’s true. How will I ever get a wife if I were not shameful.”

“Who’s your wife again?” Yuanen Yehui rolled her eyes.

Xie Xie coughed. “Alright, alright, I won’t talk anymore. I don’t want to trigger big brother by making a public display of our affection.”

Tang Wulin cracked his neck and smiled. “Xie Xie, I heard from senior Er Ming that you’ve recently been making vast improvements, huh!”

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