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Gu Yuena’s Sobs

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It appeared to be a man digging a hole or moving something. The objects which he moved were enormous and the work appeared exhausting. Each light shadow seemed to be doing the same thing, only that their colors looked slightly different from one another. Then, a dragon-shaped light shadow surrounded all the light shadows and acted in accordance with the changing dragon-shaped runes in the halo below.

The audience was confused while the powerhouses watching the battle could not make out what it was. In fact, the Shrek Seven Monsters who were most familiar with Tang Wulin, including his teachers and seniors, had no idea what was happening either.

At this very moment, Gu Yuena felt there were only two people remaining between heaven and earth, namely Tang Wulin and herself. Only she could figure out what he was doing at the moment.

An indescribable emotion rippled in her heart. She felt her throat was choking from the sobs.

It took three years. She finally understood why he did not return during those three years. She realized what he had been doing during the three years. Now, she knew why she could sense a trusted adulation from him when he returned three years after.

With great effort, she clenched her teeth in an attempt to stop the warm tears from streaming down her face. Yet, her heart had lost its icy cold rigidity at the moment.

‘Na’er, you’re right. You’ve been right all along. So am I. I’ve been right all along too. He did what I’m supposed to do!’

At the same time, Tang Wulin found the experience baffling too. He had utterly no idea what just happened. He could only sense as if there were countless giant dragons roaring by his side. It sounded like the dragons were filled with adulation toward him.

Of course, he knew what the bracelet was. It was a gift given to him by the giant dragons when he left the Dragon Valley. He never expected the bracelet to be triggered like that.

At the moment, he could vaguely feel the calling which came from a distance. It was a calling that was filled with adulation from the dragons in the Dragon Valley from another plane.

He extended his greetings to them. ‘Are all of you doing well?’

Qiangu Zhangting’s Coiling Dragon Staff which was raised high in the air could not be brought down much to his surprise. He could sense that his Coiling Dragon Staff was trembling and even the white giant dragon beneath his feet was trembling too.

How was that possible? He was well aware of the giant dragon attached to his Coiling Dragon Staff. It was the Break Evil Dragon which belonged to a special Dragon Clan. In fact, the dragon was not under the control of the Dragon God but was considered foreign within the Dragon Clan. It was born and bred in heaven, formed from the condensation of heaven and earth’s vital energy. Although it was part of the Dragon Clan, it was not considered a purebred of the Dragon Clan either. In any case, it was equipped with the ability to break evil.

The Break Evil Dragon would unleash its unyielding spirit regardless of how powerful its enemy was. It was capable of enabling the master of the Coiling Dragon Staff to express abilities beyond himself. The unyielding consciousness of the Unyielding Staff Technique and even the method to damage and control law had all been created after the Qiangu Clan’s powerhouses studied the Break Evil Dragon on the Coiling Dragon Staff for many generations.

At the moment, the Break Evil Dragon was trembling in fear surprisingly. It was fearful and dared not advance as it was confronted by the opponent’s domain. It was unprecedented in Qiangu Zhangting’s experience ever since his martial soul awakened decades ago. In fact, he had never heard of such a situation happening to the powerhouses in the clan who had the Coiling Dragon Staff martial soul.

“Roar…” A deafening dragon’s roar was heard at the moment. The Thought Concretization which surrounded Tang Wulin’s body suddenly turned into a light rainfall. Meanwhile, the seven-colored halo underneath his body enlarged. At that very moment, if felt as if there were thousands of giant dragons that leaped into the air to fill the space on the entire competition stage.

Since the beginning of the Joust For A Spouse Festival, there were quite a few dazzling competition scenes but none was as dazzling as this!

Qiangu Zhangting was devoured. So was the white dragon beneath him. In the entire space, there were only giant dragons spiraling repeatedly into the air and giving out loud sonorous roars.

The thousands of dragons danced gracefully in the air to galvanize the world.

The audience on the scene including those on the main platform were shocked to witness such a scene that they went completely silent. They were breathless as they bore witness to such a miraculous scene.

A seven-colored light shadow arose in the air, then slowly faded away. The halo underneath Tang Wulin’s feet had vanished, leaving Tang Wulin suspended in midair with a baffled expression on his face.

Qiangu Zhangting had already landed on the other side of the ground. He still had on his battle armor but the Coiling Dragon Staff in his hand had changed. The dragon on the Coiling Dragon Staff was gone leaving behind a barren staff.

The scene turned ghastly in an instant.

At present, Ai Fei could only open his mouth in surprise as he sat on the commentator’s platform. He had utterly no idea how to continue commentating on the scene before him.

The corner of Tang Wulin’s lips twitched once. He obviously felt the giant dragons that regarded him as their core calling out to him earlier. He seemed to have an inkling, yet he could not make out what it was. It would not be easy, but he should be able to guide and control those dragons. However, everything disappeared soon after including the feeling he had a moment earlier. On the other side, Qiangu Zhangting’s battle armor domain and the dragon on his Coiling Dragon Staff had all disappeared as well.

Tang Wulin lowered his head to look at the bracelet on his wrist. He noticed that the seven-colored glow on the surface of the bracelet had vanished, leaving behind a translucent crystal. However, he sensed a vague suction force coming from the colorless crystal as if it was absorbing something from the air.

At present, he came to the realization that the gift given to him by the giant dragons in the Dragon Valley produced such an effect. Only that, they never told him how to use it. So, he was clueless until now. Undoubtedly, the bracelet unleashed its aura spontaneously after being stimulated by the external world.

It seemed like he had to do further research on it.

“Don’t you think that you can win just like that!” Meanwhile, an exasperated voice was heard. Tang Wulin just realized he was still engaged in a battle. His love rival was standing opposite him.

Even though Qiangu Zhangting was panic-stricken, the competition meant a lot to him. He could not lose Gu Yue because Gu Yue was an important part of his life. Hence, he must win this competition at all costs.

As he was speaking, Qiangu Zhangting supported his body with his right hand gripping the Coiling Dragon Staff. The moment his domain was broken, more than half his soul power was lost that even his battle armor turned dim and dull. He had lost at least sixty percent of his cultivation base with the loss of the Break Evil Dragon.

However, he was not discouraged even the slightest bit. On the contrary, he appeared to be very confident. He stretched out his left hand and conjured something in his left palm. It was a hexagonal object.

It appeared to be a dull piece of gray iron medal. At the very moment it appeared, the lighting which had been dazzling earlier suddenly dimmed. It was an unexpected dullness as if the sky had suddenly turned from a bright day to dusk in a split second.

The object seemed to be absorbing the light.

Then, the iron medal floated up from Qiangu Zhangting’s palm slowly. When it reached midair, it began to enlarge rapidly. In an instant, it had already turned into an iron medal ten meters in diameter suspended in midair. It was facing in Tang Wulin’s direction.

It sent chills up Tang Wulin’s entire body instantaneously. He felt his entire body stiffen. An indescribable shudder surged through his sea of spirit.

A ghastly snake emerged on the surface of the iron medal. The snake twisted its grey-black body. It had an enormous tongue which was at the center of the iron medal. Its eyes opened at this very moment.

Tang Wulin stiffened instantaneously when he saw its eyes that even the energy circulating inside his body seemed to be sealed at the moment.

What sort of eyes were that! Both the eyes were blood-red akin to two blood-colored abysses. It absorbed Tang Wulin’s spirit soul. Tang Wulin saw an illusory silhouette over a hundred meters in height appear behind the iron medal. Her hair was made of giant snakes and her eyes were red and filled with a dark aura. The surroundings became a red abyss in Tang Wulin’s perception.

Qiangu Zhangting’s lips cracked into a savage smile as he watched Tang Wulin who was halted in midair lose control as his body began to tilt backward.

‘It’s all your fault! You’re seeking doom.’

It was said that the Soul-s-----g Medal was inherited from a real Godhood, the Sin God Medusa. It was a true divine weapon that also served as a hidden weapon for the Qiangu Clan!

Each time it was utilized, countless sacrificial offerings were offered to the remnants of the Sin God in the Soul-s-----g Medal in order to maintain its existence. The Qiangu Clan had lost count of the number of soul beasts which were offered as sacrificial offerings to the Soul-s-----g Medal.

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