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Dragon Domain

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The Titan Giant Ape nodded. “The little boy has a rather impressive lineage. Of course, if you can cultivate our clan’s Titan Divine Punch well, all this is nothing for you.”

Ever since the Titan Giant Ape learned about his descendants, he enjoyed using the words ‘our clan’ frequently. It felt especially warm to him.

Yuanen Yehui nodded and asked, “So what do you think the captain is doing, Elder?”

Er Ming said, “I can’t sense too clearly with the protective shield in between, but I think he must be trying to understand the changes produced when the opponent damaged the law. Wulin is highly perceptive and his insight into laws is very profound. I believe that he must be benefiting greatly from this experience. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have decided to take a beating.”

The inside of the Dragon Moon Song was rattled, but the waves of vibrations had dispersed the impact of the blow to Tang Wulin’s back. Most of it had been spread through his entire body, so Tang Wulin did not have to endure the brunt of the attack.

Gu Yue had put the finishing touches to this armor’s design. Gu Yue had put much thought into the characteristics of Tang Wulin’s body when she was designing and making the battle armor. Tang Wulin was equipped with incredible defensive abilities such as the Golden Dragon Body and the Domineering Golden Dragon Body. As a result, Dragon Moon Song was not made to be an unyielding shield, but to absorb impacts.

For an ordinary soul master, a suit of armor with lower endurance would have been inadequate. It could very possibly reduce the soul master’s fighting capabilities and even leave them vulnerable to serious injury. However, this was something that Tang Wulin’s body could endure. Additionally, his battle armor could withstand even more attacks and would not be damaged so easily. Moreover, despite being a shock-absorbing-type battle armor, Dragon Moon Song relied on its absolutely exquisite quality to have even higher defense than ordinary three-word battle armors.

As long as Tang Wulin was not fighting against a powerhouse like Yuanen Zhengtian, it would not be an easy task to breach his three-word battle armor.

Qiangu Zhangting watched as Tang Wulin flew toward him. In fact, he could even see the dash of smugness in the depths of Tang Wulin’s eyes. This infuriated him even more.

He had a lot riding on this battle. He had gone through multiple simulated battles with Tang Wulin in preparation. He had also searched for the Spirit Pagoda’s powerhouses adept in lightning-type abilities so that he could practice. He had not expected that Tang Wulin’s lightning storm skills would not be his main concern in the match. What would be his undoing was Tang Wulin’s ability to take a beating.

He knew the Coiling Dragon Staff’s offensive capabilities better than anybody else. Even an ordinary Hyper Douluo clad in battle armor did not have the audacity to take a beating from his staff!

Nevertheless, this Yu Longyue from the Blue Electric Overlord Dragon Clan had already endured how many attacks from him at this point? He acted as if he was completely unaffected. His aura did not show any signs of weakening whatsoever. Was he really even human?

Moreover, his battle armor was extraordinary. Qiangu Zhangting put his trust in his own battle armor, but for some reason, he felt that there was something different about Tang Wulin’s armor.

‘This can’t go on anymore!’

Qiangu Zhangting had already used three moves of his Unyielding Staff Technique. The Unyielding Staff Technique was powerful enough that it could break and utilize law power, but using it was rather exhausting for Qiangu Zhangting. His original plan was to land a blow on Tang Wulin’s head with the staff and overwhelm him entirely. However, it was apparent that his plan would not work judging from the situation. The Unyielding Staff Technique was incapable of critically injuring this opponent. This was simply unimaginable.

Qiangu Zhangting was skilled in a total of five different Unyielding Staff Techniques, but the more advanced of them would consume even more of his energy. His ability to attack would no longer be at its peak if the opponent could withstand all the techniques.

Qiangu Zhangting had a lot of combat experience, and he promptly chose to unleash his battle armor without the slightest hesitation.

Speckles of white-gold radiance appeared at the joints and vitals of his body, and burst of white light bloomed on his forehead. It was as if a giant white dragon had soared out from his forehead into the sky at once. It then transformed into a dragon-shaped helmet and landed on his head.

The white-gold battle armor covered his entire body from top to bottom, and a gigantic pair of wings spread out from his back. Meanwhile, the Coiling Dragon Staff in his hand had also turned white-gold. The dragon pattern engraved on the Coiling Dragon Staff gave out a roar that was several times louder than before. The engraving transformed into a real white dragon and rose out of the staff. Instantly, the white dragon swelled up in the wind and transformed into a giant dragon over thirty meters in length that floated underneath Qiangu Zhangting’s feet.

As he stood on the white dragon’s head, clad in white-gold battle armor with a staff in his hand, one had to admit that Qiangu Zhangting looks would set the ladies’ hearts aflutter.

A melodious dragon’s roar came from Qiangu Zhangting’s mouth. A glowing white-gold mist arose from Qiangu Zhangting and the white dragon underneath him at once, and his entire aura changed.

The audience was surprised to see a white-gold halo projected onto the ground. It was thirty meters in diameter and complemented the glorious white dragon in the sky. It was his three-word battle armor domain!

He raised the Coiling Dragon Staff over his head. There were fine, densely arranged white-gold dragon scales covering the surface of the staff. Qiangu Zhangtin’s body was releasing loud dragon’s roars while the domain halo underneath his feet glowed brightly. It projected an enormous white-gold pillar of light into the sky.

There was no doubt that even an outsider could tell that Qiangu Zhangting was going all out at this point.

Tang Wulin spread his battle armor’s wings and stopped in midair. Radiance shimmered in his eyes as he adjusted his aura, but he did not immediately launch an attack.

Seeing how powerful this battle armor and its domain were, the Qiangu Clan truly deserved its reputation as the most powerful in the Spirit Pagoda. On the other hand, Tang Wulin could not unleash his Blood Golden Dragon Domain because the domain’s attributes were too obvious. He was afraid that people would be able to identify him as soon as he used it.

The giant white-gold dragon took the initiative to launch an attack. Everything in the surrounding area suddenly turned an incandescent color which covered the entire competition stage. The white dragon exhaled and its breath turned into dozens of slightly smaller white dragons instantaneously. The dragons attacked Tang Wulin from all directions.

It was the Dragon Domain! That was Qiangu Zhangting’s three-word battle armor domain. The design of his three-word armor had come from his clan. It was not specifically designed for him as all the soul masters with the Coiling Dragon Staff martial soul would be given this set of battle armor if they could cultivate themselves to this extent.

Terrifying energy arose in the air. The mighty white-gold radiance filled up the entire arena. At this point, Tang Wulin was like a little boat swaying in the Dragon Domain.

A peculiar feeling suddenly radiated through his entire body at that very moment. Tang Wulin felt as if an agitated aura had appeared in his body. The sensation did not originate from his power, so he looked down at his wrist instinctively.

A light of seven colors burst out abruptly from his wrist, and a ring of seven-colored radiance projected outward from his body.

All the audience members witnessing the battle were astonished when the seven-colored halo appeared. In fact, Tang Wulin was dumbfounded as well.

The halo was massive, and inside it was countless dragon-shaped striations. Under close inspection, one could see that there were thousands of giant dragons within those striations. Moreover, the dragons were all different in appearance and color. It was a riot of hues.

The most terrifying part was that the size of the halo was over one hundred meters in diameter! It was projected onto the ground clearly for all to see. On the other hand, all the white-gold light that had surrounded them started dissipating rapidly akin to melting snow when this halo appeared. The white dragons that came shooting at Tang Wulin were assimilated as soon as they entered the range of the seven-colored light. They then disappeared without a trace.

It was also at this exact moment when blurry scenes began to appear in Tang Wulin’s surroundings.

“That’s Thought Concretization!”

On the main platform, Qiangu Dongfeng stood up abruptly and words almost escaped his mouth involuntarily.

He was a Limit Douluo, so how could he not recognize Thought Concretization? Even so, he had never expected that his grandson would be encountering a powerhouse whose spiritual cultivation base had achieved Thought Concretization in this Joust For A Spouse Festival. The one-hundred meter domain was even more shocking. What was that? He had never even heard of a Limit Douluo’s domain reaching one hundred meters in diameter.

There had never been a battle armor domain that was as large as this. In fact, it had never been recorded before in all of history.

Moreover, it was apparent that the domain was not just a facade. As soon as it appeared, the Dragon Domain attack that Qiangu Zhangting had launched was blocked.

There seemed to be more than just law power that was contained within the seven-colored radiance. What sort of power was that?

Gu Yuena had also stood up. She could not help covering her mouth as she witnessed the scenes of Thought Concretization glowing visions that began appearing around Tang Wulin’s body. Her beautiful eyes were filled with disbelief.

So many glowing figures appeared in the Thought Concretization at once. There were more than a hundred that emerged in the area surrounding Tang Wulin. Perhaps because of his insufficient cultivation base, the images were not very clear. Moreover, it appeared as if there was nothing special about them.

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