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Sea God’s Second Examination

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He had borrowed the piece of Soul-s-----g Medal from his elder to ensure his victory in the competition. His elder had advised him over and over again not to use the Soul-s-----g Medal unless he had no other choice. Each time the weapon was utilized, the consumption of resources needed for its maintenance was too much.

Had it not been because Gu Yuena was exceedingly important for the Spirit Pagoda coupled with Qiangu Dongfeng’s approval, he would not have wielded the Soul-s-----g Medal at all.

As soon as the Soul-s-----g Medal was used, the opponent would die without a doubt. The opponent’s soul would be scattered and dispersed!

In the history of the Qiangu Clan, there had been no exception whenever this divine weapon was used.

The hundred-meter domain launched by Tang Wulin earlier was truly terrifying. Although it did not harm Qiangu Zhangting much in the end, Qiangu Zhangting had felt a force no less inferior to a Limit Douluo’s. In a sense, this boy from the Blue Electric Overlord Dragon Clan seemed unable to control it well.

Such a threat must be stifled in the cradle. He would not hesitate to do so even if it meant provoking the Blue Electric Overlord Dragon Clan.

Hence, Qiangu Dongfeng frowned as he stood on the main platform watching Qiangu Zhangting use the Soul-s-----g Medal. Even though he was a little reluctant, it would be better to remove such a threat. Otherwise, it could result in bigger troubles in the future.

Gu Yuena’s pupils constricted for a moment when the Soul-s-----g Medal was launched. However, her expression was soon back to normal. In the eyes of outsiders, she appeared to be rather cold and desolate at present.

‘Sin God huh? That’s nothing but a rank-3 Godhood. On the other hand, the Golden Dragon King is half of the Dragon God, and Tang Wulin has received only a portion of the Golden Dragon King Bloodline. However, it’s a true rank-1 Godhood. Even if Qiangu Zhangting defeats Tang Wulin with the Soul-s-----g Medal, he can’t possibly kill him with it. How can the Golden Dragon King’s power be shaken that easily?’

At the moment, Tang Wulin was in so much discomfort that he was about to go mad.

He felt his soul turning rigid bit by bit. His entire sea of spirit seemed to be drained and dried. He felt that both his Soul Core and Dragon Core were turning into stone at present.

He had never encountered this kind of stress before. It was a feeling that went inside out. The simplest term to describe the feeling was ‘breakdown’!

He was on the verge of breaking down.

No matter how hard he tried, he could not struggle free from the feeling. It was truly an unpleasant feeling. He wished that he could scream out loud, yet he was incapable of making any sound.

Meanwhile, something was triggered in his sea of spirit all of a sudden. In the next moment, a speckle of golden color bloomed abruptly. It immediately softened all which had dried up and stiffened earlier.

Tang Wulin’s spirit returned to normal instantaneously too. He also saw the speckle of golden color.

Then, he heard a phrase that emerged in his mind vaguely. It sounded like his father’s voice.

“The Sin God’s power should not be kept in the human world.’

In Qiangu Zhangting’s eyes, Tang Wulin’s body was turning into gray-black bit by bit under the illumination of the Soul-s-----g Medal. His life energy was draining at full speed.

According to historical records, the person illuminated by the Soul-s-----g Medal would turn into stone completely within a short time. The person’s life energy would be stripped away turning the person into powder and vanishing into nothingness.

‘You shall die! If you’ve the audacity to be my love rival, then you shall die!’

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin’s eyes glowed. A gray-black airflow flowed from his body and transformed into an illusory woman’s head. The head was screaming and howling in fear.

Soon after, Qiangu Zhangting saw a stream of golden radiance bloomed from Tang Wulin’s right hand to transform into a gigantic Golden Trident.

Tang Wulin’s eyes had turned clear and bright as he looked toward Qiangu Zhangting who was completely stunned. There was a bantering look in Tang Wulin’s eyes. ‘So you think you’re the only one with a divine weapon huh! My father is a God precisely.’

The Golden Trident slashed out at lightning speed and carried a magnificent stream of golden radiance in the sky.


Qiangu Zhangting and Qiangu Dongfeng on the main platform screamed out almost in unison. Nonetheless, no one could stop anything from happening at this moment.

The Golden Trident’s enormous spikes swept across the Soul-s-----g Medal in the sky. A loud boom was heard. The Soul-s-----g Medal was smashed into smithereens. The golden radiance rippled and cleansed the gray-black airflow into nothingness within a split second. It did not even leave behind a trace of its presence.

The dazzling golden color enshrouded Tang Wulin’s body. A moment later, Tang Wulin descended from the sky and landed on the ground.

All of a sudden, the vision before his eyes turned blurry. Tang Wulin felt as if he had stepped into a golden world.

What was that…

Everything in his surroundings was golden. An overbearing voice was heard in his mind saying, “The Sea God’s Second Examination. Begin.”

The Sea God’s Trident seemed to be triggered by the Soul-s-----g Medal, launching the second examination at this moment. Tang Wulin was at a loss, not knowing whether to laugh or cry at this moment. The competition on the other side had not even ended yet! What was going to happen to Joust For A Spouse Festival if he suddenly disappeared in such a baffling manner? Would he lose? He could not lose! Whether it was for Gu Yue or for the Tang Sect and Shrek’s plan, he could not lose.

Yet, there was nothing he could do now. He was pulled into this place, so it would not be an easy task to leave. The examination only ended when he either passed or failed it.

He took a deep breath strenuously to suppress his anxiety. Since it had happened, he would face it then. The right thing to do now was to settle the problem as soon as possible.

He focused his attention and found that it was all golden in his surroundings. It was a sea of golden color which stretched as far as the eyes could see.

The first examination had tested his willpower. What would he be tested on in the second examination?

He waited a long while, but there was utterly no movement at all. Tang Wulin decided to cross his legs and sit quietly so as to have a better sense of his surroundings.

All his abilities were present. He relied on his sharp senses for he believed that he would be able to react at once should anything happen.

Meanwhile, a stream of bright light appeared in his heart without warning. Tang Wulin was startled. He thought something was about to happen so he leaped up immediately.

However, everything was calm and quiet in the surroundings. In fact, nothing happened at all.

He sat down again and waited patiently.

However, his heart felt disturbed. It was total silence and the place was completely void. There was nothing he could do at all.

Time passed. Tang Wulin lost count of how long it had been. All his soul devices did not function in this world. It was as if only his soul had entered this place. Hence, there was no timer to let him know how long he had been in the place.

What should he do?

There was nothing he could do. He could only wait.

Tang Wulin could still stabilize his mind when it first began. With the passing of time, he did not even feel hungry nor tired in the void. There was truly nothing here! He could not even engage in cultivation. He could mobilize his soul power and his blood essence power, but he could not cultivate nor circulate them.

Consequently, all he could do was to think deeply. There would come a time when he would figure out everything in his mind. However, even time was at a standstill here.

‘What sort of test is this actually?’

Time continued to pass. Tang Wulin was growing more anxious. All sorts of negative emotions began appearing endlessly. His incessant thoughts made him depressed.

Yet, it was useless. It was completely useless. He would not be able to get the slightest response even if he were to scream or shout. There was nothing here, nothing at all.

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