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I said, Who the hell are you?!” Larry Cage’s voice came again, this time louder than ever.

Scarlett didn’t know if she was coming or going. Looking at the man standing before her, she could see the hate in his eyes. He looked at her with contempt and disgust.

She began stammering. ” I-I’m…. I’m….”

” You’re what?!” Larry Cage yelled.

Scarlett froze. ” I’m the new maid.”

Larry Cage glared at her. Then he spoke into his wrist watch. ” Henri, can you come up here this instant?!”

Scarlett watched him, feeling her legs shaking. She felt like a shoplifter that’s just been caught.

Henri didn’t waste a second. He arrived and stood before his boss. He seemed surprised to find Larry Cage in the mansion.

” By the heaven, sir, when did you get back?”

” Will you shut the hell up and explain what this hideous thing is doing in my son’s room?” Larry Cage yelled at Henri’s face.

Henri regarded Scarlett in his cool way. He bowed calmly to Larry Cage. ” I apologise for not letting you know on time, sir. We were hiring new maids after I fired the other three. Snitch’s Agency sent her to me.”

” Snitch’s Agency?!” Larry Cage blasted. ” And of all women in the world, they sent here a fúcking negress?!”

Scarlett felt blood rush to her face but she kept calm.

” If Snitch’s Agency recommends her, then I had no other choice than to employ her, sir,” Henri said.

” What the fúck is she doing in my son’s room?” Larry Cage demanded. ” That’s all I care to know!”

Henri looked at Scarlett and he seemed sad for her. ” She’s Craig’s personal maid.”

” The fúck!” Larry Cage swore. ” You made a black woman my son’s personal maid? You blasted fool, are you out of your d--n fúcking mind?”

Henri bowed again. ” I apologise, sir. However, it wasn’t my intention. Master Craig demanded she becomes his personal maid.”

Larry’s eyes burned. ” Craig decided that?!”

Henri nodded. ” Indeed so, sir.”

Larry Cage turned to Scarlett. His eyes showed his hatred for her. If looks could kill, she would have been a dead woman by now.

” I don’t want her!” Larry Cage said, his voice gruffy. ” Send her away. Get Snitch’s Agency to bring in another maid.”

And he made to leave.

Scarlett would have said something but she was too scared to even utter a word.

Henri turned his back to her and began walking away. ” Get packing, Scarlett. You’re fired.”





School was over.

Craig walked around the block to the coffee shop where Quinn would drive to pick him up.

He was walking around the block when a car pulled up beside him and a man leaned out.

” Hey, kid.”

Craig looked up to see a black man smiling down at him. ” Umm… who’re you?”

The man opened the door and got down. He walked up to Craig and stood before him. ” Name’s Eddie. Got a minute? I wanna talk to you.”

Craig wrinkled his nose at him. ” Talk to me? About what?”

Eddie lowered his eye lids at him. ” About Scarlett.”

Craig’s eyes widened and he felt his blood rising.





Standing on the walk-bridge by the side of a nearby beach, Craig and Eddie faced each other.

Eddie had taken him in his car to this place to talk to him. Craig, not wanting Quinn to spot him had followed Eddie. So long it was about Scarlett, he had nothing to fear.

” I’m Scarlett’s former boss,” Eddie explained. ” I work at XHUB.”

Craig shrugged. ” So what’s that got to do with me?”

” I know who you are.”

Craig didn’t react. ” What’s your deal, man?”

” You’re Larry’s Cage’s son, Craig Cage,” Eddie said.

Craig knew this man must’ve been spying on him. ” And what if I was, huh?”

” You’re Scarlett’s lover,” Eddie blurted out. ” You two are having some secret affair going on, aren’t you guys?”

Craig got red then cold. ” You ape, is that what you know how to do best? Spying on your ex workers?”

Eddie scowled. ” Look kid, I don’t care who you are or how wealthy your father is. I wouldn’t be here having this conversation with you if it weren’t for Scarlett. Just tell me what you want with her?”

” That’s none of your fúcking business, nígger!” Craig snapped.

Eddie controlled himself with an effort. ” Don’t be too stupid about this, kid. Scarlett’s like a daughter to me. I care about her as much as anyone else. Ever since you two got along with each other, she’s been in trouble. Her store got burnt and now she’s staying in your mansion and—”

” Let me tell you something,” Craig said sharply, getting angry. ” I’m well aware of her store. I gave her the money to start that business. After the stall got burnt I offered her a better life. She’s happy where she is, leave Scarlett alone.”

” What better life?” Eddie rasped. ” What do you want with Scarlett? You’re after something. I just know it.”

” You’re pretty annoying for a man your age,” Craig said getting angry. ” I don’t wanna lose Respect for you. You mad cause she’s mine or what?”

” That’s not—”

” I don’t even have time for this, man,” Craig said, moving forward with anger in his voice. ” Scarlett is happy with me. She’s way better off with me than at XHUB. Leave us alone.”

” I don’t trust you, Craig,” Eddie said. ” There’s something off about you. Scarlett doesn’t seemed safe with you. I know that.”

Craig gritted at him. ” I don’t trust you too, man. Whatever your reasons are for calling me here, it’s stupid. I don’t have anything to say to you. If Scarlett’s happy being with me, you sould too.”

Eddie hid a smile. ” You don’t know what you’re up against Craig. All I’ll say is, watch your back. I got eyes on you.”

Craig smiled too. ” Same goes for you too, nígger. Watch your back cause you don’t know what’s coming after you.”

And tugging his bag tighter over his shoulder, Craig walked away, keeping to the shadows until he waved down a taxi and drove away.

Eddie stared after the taxi. He had gotten what he wanted from Craig. He had passed his message across to him.

All he had to do was wait and watch him closely.

No matter what happens, he’s not leaving Scarlett alone.





Craig arrived home in the Rolls Royce with Quinn. Quinn hadn’t said a word to him. He knew better than to question his master about his affairs with the black maid.

He was just waiting for the right time to sink his hook in and draw out the fish he was patiently fishing for.

Quinn thought of many things. If Larry Cage got fed with a reliable information about his son’s affair with a black woman, what would it cost him?

Blackmailing Craig would be great. He could make millions out of Craig but that would be an unwise thing to do at the moment.

There was time for everything. His time would come and when it comes, he’d swoon in for the kill.

Craig got out of the Rolls Royce and rushed towards the oak door where Henri was waiting for him.

” Welcome home, master Craig.”

Craig saw the wrinkles on Henri’s forehead and he frowned. ” What is it?”

” Your father’s back.”

Craig was surprised. ” Thought he said he was staying the week at Tokyo.”

Henri shook his head. ” The meeting got cancelled. He’s back. But I’m afraid he got a little upset with your personal maid.”

Craig knew his father would blow the ceiling if he saw Scarlett. He had hoped he would be home to defend Scarlett.

” Where is my personal maid?” Craig asked, stepping into the room. I’ve got a job for her.

Henri followed him, looking sick. ” On the contrary, master Craig, your father sent her away. She got fired.”

Craig felt his entire system shut down. He turned sharply to Henri. ” Say what?!”

Henri repeated himself.

Craig could hardly believe his eyes. The least he expected from his father was to give her the dirtiest job in the mansion, not having her fired.

” Where is she?” Craig asked, feeling blood rising to his face.

” She’s gone.”

Craig balled his hands into fists. ” And my father?”

” In his studies.”

Craig didn’t waste a second. He marched towards the elevator and shut himself in.

His anger grew and he felt an inclination to hit someone in the face.

Once the door swished opened, he marched over to the table where Larry Cage was recording a speech.

Larry Cage saw his son coming and he looked up. ” Why, Craig, you’re back.”

Craig placed his hands on the table and leaned angrily at his father’s face.

The tone of voice he used on his father even surprised him.






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