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” I said, why did you get the black maid fired?!” Craig asked fearlessly.

Larry Cage stared at his son for a while. Then he calmly poured tea from his porcelain kettle into his cup.

He didn’t rush anything. He took his time and as he did so he noticed Craig was sweating.

” And what if I did, get her fired?”

” You shouldn’t have done that?!” Craig’s voice sounded harsh. ” I—”

” Shut your mouth!” Larry Cage snapped.

Craig stiffened. This was the third time his father had said those three harsh words to him.

He felt blood rush to his face.

Larry Cage sipped from his tea cup, glancing away from his son. ” This is my house, boy. It’s within my power to hire and fire anyone. I happen not to like the black maid and you know very well how much I dislike the sight of black women.”

” That’s Crab!” Craig said sharply. ” Who cares what your views are about black women? I was the one who sent her over to Snitch’s Agency to get recommended to work here!”

This got Larry Cage furious and he shot at Craig. ” You did what?!”

Craig stood up boldly to address his father properly. ” She’s an estranged single mother with obviously no job to take care of her and her child. I saw her begging in the Streets for alms. Instead of walking passed her and pretending I don’t give a d--n, I offered her a job here. Because I like her, I ordered Henri to make her my personal maid.”

“How dare you sprout such nonesense?!” Larry Cage rasped. ” Do you have any idea the implications of what you just did? Bringing a random black woman into my mansion is an outrage. Are you mad? If you’re serious about what you just said then you’re sick. Your madness must be coming from your mother’s side, I suppose.”

The way he mentioned Craig’s late mother, sent a murderous rage rushing through him.

Craig couldn’t take it anymore. He was shaking feverishly and there were anger in his voice as he marched towards his father.

” You-son-of-a-bítch!” He jerked his father by the collar and yelled at his face. ” Don’t you ever speak about my mother that way.”

The jerking on his collar caused Larry Cage to drop his tea cup, letting the cup slipped to the fluffy rug and breaking into two.

For the next two minutes, they remained like that, father and son, staring at each other.

Larry Cage was beside himself with shock. His son had never dared to react in such a disrespectful manner.

” Craig….” Larry Cage’s mouth quavered. ” Who… who did this to you?!”

Craig suddenly realized his mistake and he let go of his father’s collar. He took a step back, feeling sweat beads forming over his forehead.

Then to Larry Cage’s surprise, he took off into the elevator and shot himself down to the living room.

From outside his studies, Larry Cage could make out the sound of rumbling thunder in the sky.

A storm was coming.

Rising up from his chair, he picked up the telephone on his desk and dialed some numbers.

Henri answered. ” Sir, you called?”

” Where is Craig?” Larry Cage asked.

” He just left, sir.”

Larry Cage’s face twisted into a frown. ” Left? Where the hell was he going to?”

” He dashed out passed me towards the garage. Last I looked, he was speeding out of the mansion with the Lamborghini.”

Larry Cage glared at the phone for a long time. Then he slammed it down and took his gold capped staff. He had a dislocated bad knee which explains why he always took the staff with him.

Limping towards the hat’s stand, he took his hat and entered the elevator.

As the elevator descended, his mind ran with plenty thoughts. He could only imagine where his son was going to.

Henri was giving orders to Claire when he stepped out of the elevator and walked towards the door.

” Sir?” Henri called.

But Larry Cage didn’t answer him. He limped towards the oak door, walked out and stood outside.

The sky was sodden and dark with a stormy wind blowing around.

Anytime soon, it would rain. Larry Cage glanced around until he saw Quinn. Waving at Quinn, he wandered over to the garage.

” Mr Larry Cage?” Quinn bowed slightly as he ran over to his boss.

” I want you to take me to my son,” Larry Cage ordered and walked towards the Rolls Royce.

When addressing Quinn, Larry Cage only gives orders. Quinn had come to know him as a man who says less than necessary. An order is an order and he must obey.

Quinn ran over to the rear door of the Rolls Royce and opened it.

Minutes later, the luxurious car was speeding out of the mansion into the highway.

From behind him, Craig could hear Larry Cage scowling. ” What do you know about the black maid Craig brought home?”

Quinn caught his breath but he was quick to keep a straight face. ” I know nothing about her, sir.”

Larry Cage frowned. ” I believe you know more than what you say. You can tell me what it is.”

” I wish I knew, sir,” Quinn said boldly but there was a croak in his voice. He didn’t know why his boss was intrusive about Scarlett. He had plans for the future, telling his boss about Scarlett now might ruin his chance.

Larry Cage’s voice became hard. ” I’ll make you a fine settlement if you spill out the truth. Name your price. Tell me everything you know and you can retire with enough money to last you.”

Quinn felt a chill run up his spine. Spill out the truth? Name his price and get enough money to retire in peace?

He looked over his windscreen mirror at Larry Cage. Larry Cage was nursing his gold capped staff as if he were pressing some buttons.

” Well,” Quinn licked his dry lips. ” I do know something.”

Larry Cage leaned back over his seat, glaring at Quinn. ” Let’s hear it, Quinn and give me enough details.”

Quinn could only think about the money he would retire with.

He began talking.





Craig was Soo angry he didn’t bother to park the car at the parking lot. He drove around, dialing Scarlett’s number.

Her number went through but she refused to answer. He kept trying, hoping she’d answer.

Finally after numerous attempts, her voice came through.

” Hello?”

” Where the hell are you?!” Craig yelled at the phone. His face was screwed with worries.

Scarlett hesitated but then she told him.

” The city’s cemetery?” Craig was surprised. ” Hang on there, I’ll be right with ya.”

He slammed on the accelerator, Letting the Lamborghini pick up speed across the road.

The city’s cemetery stood out in front of him. He could make out a woman standing before a head stone with a Black umbrella raised over her head.


Hurriedly parking the Lamborghini, he stepped out and ran over the grass to where she stood.

” Scarlett?!”

Scarlett didn’t turn around even when he stood behind her, she didn’t acknowledge his presence.

” Scarlett,” Craig said taking a step towards her.

For a while a strong wind blew and there was nothing but silence and peace in the cemetery.

Craig didn’t know if she was angry at him or not. The umbrella shielded her face from his view.

Finally she spoke. ” I met with your father this morning.”

Craig balled his hands into fists. ” Scarlett, I’m soo sorry.”

Scarlett slipped her hand into her brown overcoat she wore against the rain and brought out her gold cigarette case.

She lit a cigarette and returned the case back to her pockets. Craig was quick to see her hands Shaking.

” He said some awful things,” Scarlett said, letting smoke drift off her nostrils. Her eyes were closed and deep in a frown. ” I felt hurt. I had to leave.”

Craig said nothing. He wished he could speak but he was at loss on what to say.

” My parents were black people,” Scarlett said. ” They came from Africa but we ended up here in Brooklyn and got citizenship. I’ve always been proud of my skin and my roots because it’s who I am. After losing my parents, I made it a vow to keep true to myself till I die. That’s why no matter what happens, no matter how people hate on me, I stay strong and never get downhearted. I guess I let my guard down on your dad. Those words broke me into bits,” she paused, removing the cigarette from her red lips. ” Tell me, is it a crime to be black?”

Craig quickly held her shoulders. ” No, not at all, Scarlett. I love black. I don’t give a d--n what others think about your skin color. I’m not racist. I am not my father.”

Scarlett made a bitter smile. ” He’s your father, you shouldn’t rebel against him.”

” I’m rebelling now!” Craig walked around over to her face and stood.

They were facing each other now.

Craig held her hand. ” Scarlett, I’m Soo sorry for getting you into this mess. Thing is, I can’t bear to lose you to anyone else. That’s why I bought you and kept you in the mansion to work for me. I love you, Scarlett. I love you Soo much I’d give up the world to be with you.”

Scarlett stared at him, her cigarette burning in-between her fingers. ” What do you see in me, Craig? I’m a pórnstar. I’m filthy. I’m no good.”

” I don’t care about your past,” Craig said. ” I only care about my future with you. I see my entire world with you. You may not believe me but it’s the fúcking truth and the truth is I love you more than you can imagine. Don’t think of it as some crazy teenage infatuation. This is real. This feelings, everything is real. I love you, there ain’t no two ways about it.”

Scarlett bite her lips. ” Craig, I’m twenty-four and you’re nineteen….”

” Age’s just a number,” Craig said sharply. ” I’d keep loving you even if you’re twenty years older.”

Scarlett made a bitter smile. ” What if I told you I’m a single mom, would you still love me?”

Craig looked intently at her eyes. ” Is that what you’re scared of?”

” Most men I’ve dated ran off the moment they knew I mothered a daughter,” Scarlett said.

” I’m not other men,” Craig said softly. ” I’ll take care of her as well. What’s her name?”

Scarlett didn’t know where he was headed but she said it. ” Daisy.”

Craig smiled. ” Daisy, huh?”

Craig held Scarlett’s hand tightly and he slowly went down on his knees.

” Was waiting for the right moment to do this but I can’t wait anymore,” Craig said. ” I’m ready now. Scarlett, would you marry me?”

Scarlett stiffened. Her eyes widened in shock as she gaped at him.

Craig was speaking fast. ” I’ve had enough of my father. Let’s get married. I have enough money to set up a small company and start life on my own as an independent man. We can go to Paris and have the fun of our lives. You can take your daughter, Daisy with you. I’ll take care of you two.”

Scarlett let her cigarette drop to the grass. She was dumbstruck. This was Soo unexpected. She didn’t see it coming.

” Marry me? Go to Paris?”

” Why not? You want a good life, don’t you?” Craig was excited now. ” I’ll give you a better life. I’ll give you the world on a plate. I love you. Don’t you understand, darling? I’m crazy about you.”

Scarlett was without breath. ” Craig, don’t you think—”

” There’s nothing to think,” Craig said. ” I mean every word I say. Look, suppose you don’t accept my proposal, what’s gonna happen to you, huh? What’re you gonna do? Go back to Eddie? Do pórn for the rest of your life? You wouldn’t want that kind of life, won’t you? In offering you everything you ever wanted: peace, happiness, money and you can also have me as well. D--n it, I can’t do more than that, can I? We’ll have a terrific time in Paris. What do you say?”

Scarlett studied him for a long Moment. It was such an emotional moment for her. He meant it. He was madly in love with her. She could see it in his eyes. He may be just a teenager but she was certain he loves her deeply.

It was at that moment, she realized the lost warm feeling Craig had aroused in her, awakened.

” I love you too, Craig,” she said, pulling her hand away from him. ” But how can you accept someone like me? I’m rotten, I’ve done things unimaginable. I’ve Once been in prison. I think it’s better you know the kind of person you’re dealing with. You may grow to hate me after all.”

Craig stood up and hugged her in his arms. ” I’ll never hate you, Scarlett. It’s you I want, no one else. I’ll accept all your flaws and mistakes. Just stay with me. I need you in my blood like a virus. Don’t go. Stay with me. You love me too, don’t you? What does it matter if your past is tainted? Everyone deserves a better life, a second chance. Be my wife, Scarlett. You won’t regret it.”

Scarlett slipped her arm around his neck. ” I don’t know what’s come over you, Craig. Why’re you this mysterious?”

Craig smile into her eyes. His lips was close to hers. ” You can never figure me out, Scarlett. I ain’t human.”

He was right. He wasn’t human. But he loves her and that was all Scarlett wanted to know. She had had numerous failed relationships to know when a man’s lying and when he’s saying the truth.

But she was scared Craig might change.

Bad relationships killed her and now she doesn’t even know when someone is genuinely in love with her.

But in Craig’s case, she felt in her bones he was genuine with her. He better be because her heart can’t take any more shítty heartbreak.

” Alright, Craig,” she hugged him. ” I’ll come with you. But what about your father?”

” I’m leaving him,” Craig said. ” I’m going back to have a word with him. I’ll tell him about us. I don’t care what he says. My decision is made. I’ll drop you off at home. Get your stuffs in order and Daisy. I’ll be back to pick you up.”

Scarlett was surprised. ” Today?”

Craig nodded. ” Yes. We’re flying to Paris tonight. I ain’t wasting no time. It’s just gonna be me and you, baby.”

Scarlett sighed. ” You sure this is what you want, Craig? We might not—”

Craig crushed his lips on her mouth, cutting her words off.

Scarlett’s eyes widened as his kiss got deeper. Then she relaxed and tasted him with her eyes closed.

They remained like that in the cemetery.

Afar off in the distance on a hill, Larry Cage glared at the two lovers with seething rage.

Gently bringing down the binoculars from his eyes, he snarled at Quinn. ” Get me out of here.”

The Rolls Royce started up and drove away.





It was raining when Craig dropped Scarlett off at the front of her apartment.

” I’ll be here anytime soon,” he said as she got out of the car.

Scarlett stood outside under the rain, her umbrella shielding her from the downpour. ” Alright Craig. But…you sure you wanna do this?”

Craig nodded. ” I made my choice. I ain’t backing out anymore.”

Scarlett stepped away. ” In that case…”

She paused cause she had nothing more to say.

Craig smiled. ” I love you, Scarlett. Don’t ever forget that.”

She smiled back. ” I love you too, Craig.”

The Lamborghini roared and zoomed away round the block and out of sight.

Scarlett let out a deep breath, taking her keys as she opened the door to her apartment and walked in.

It was dark in the living room when she walked in. Snapping on the lights, she locked the door and turned around to head to her bedroom.

Seated on one of the armchairs by the television was Larry Cage, his walking staff held in his hands, his eyes burning as he stared at Scarlett.

Scarlett gave out a tiny scream of shock when she saw him and stepped back.

Larry Cage watched her and there was a snarl on his lips. ” Scarlett Mason, seat down. I want to talk to you.”

Outside, thunder rumbled violently under the dark clouds.





To be Continued….

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