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Scarlett brought out her gold case cigarette from her bag and slipped a cigarette in between her lips.

” Better not smoke, Scarlett,” Craig said from the other side of the bed. ” It’s highly prohibited in the mansion. If anyone catches a whiff of it, you’ll get in trouble.”

Scarlett watched him over her shoulders as he slipped into his trousers and buckled his belt. His youthful white skin moved in line with his clothes as he wore his shirt.

For a moment Scarlett thought he looked handsome even though he didn’t look that much to her. Scarlett wasn’t the type to admire good looking men. But at that specific moment, she admired Craig.

She couldn’t believe he was the same guy.

Her mind ran with thoughts. ” Okay, gotta admit, he’s knocked me. Been with a lot of men before him but he’s just soo different. There haven’t been a man like him. He’s creepily séxually starved but I love it. Love his innocence and naiveness that comes along with it. And that stunt he pulled earlier, no man would take such risks just to be with me.”

Craig looked over his shoulder to see her staring at him. ” What?”

Scarlett looked away. ” Nothing.” She put the cigarette away. ” Are you happy I’m here with you, Craig?”

Craig faced her with a smile. ” Happy? I’m super pumped up you’re here. This is more than a dream come true for me.”

Scarlett took the towel from the bed and wrapped it around her body. ” Does this means we’re gonna be doing this every night?”

Craig sat on the bed and drew closer to her until he was a skin close to her face. ” Not really, Scarlett. Although I do wish we’d do this every night but we’ve got to be careful. There are spies everywhere. You must be watchful of the home staffs especially that snobbish son of a bítch called Henri.”

” The butler?” Scarlett said, frowning. ” What about him?”

” He’s too dangerous and nosey,” Craig said. ” You must watch out for him. What chore were you given by the way.”

” I keep the kitchen clean,” Scarlett yawned, stretching her body on the bed. ” Got soo worked up last night I thought I would go down with a headache.”

Craig didn’t like this. ” That’s insane. Why would Henri give you such a strenuous chore like that?”

Scarlett was too tired to even think about it. ” Let’s not focus there, Craig. I ain’t complaining. I’m used to chores like that. Let’s let it pass.”

Craig’s tone of voices told her he was angry. ” That bastard! How dare he? I’ll have a word with him this morning.”

Scarlett eyed him. ” Hey, I said it’s alright. I’m used to chores like that. Forget it.”

Craig didn’t seem to hear her. ” Is anyone giving you a hard time since your arrival?”

Scarlett shook her head. ” No one.”

” If you get harrased or degraded or oppressed, let me know immediately,” Craig said. ” I don’t want anyone hurting you while I live around here.”

” No one can hurt me,” Scarlett said. ” Not while I’m alive.”

Craig leaned over at her and took her hands in his. ” Thank you, Scarlett.”

Scarlett raised an eyebrow. ” Thank me? For what?”

” For being my personal pórnstar,” Craig said. ” You have no idea what this means to me. You’re doing me a great favor just being here.”

Scarlett didn’t know what to say to him. She was here for the money. It never crossed her mind she was doing him a favor. Left to her, she was offering service to him in exchange for payment.

” I’m gonna get paid for it,” Scarlett said. ” Don’t think of it as a favor.”

Craig kissed her hand. ” Don’t worry, I’ll surprise you. Once this is all over, I’ll give you a better life than all your previous ones.”

That was what her last boyfriend had said to her. The nígger ended up leaving her for another woman just because he discovered she was a single mom.

She wondered how Craig would react if he found out about Daisy. She had been holding herself back for a long time now. Why was it hard telling him she had a daughter?

Her past experiences with men made her secretive about her daughter. They just don’t fancy single moms. She was sure Craig wouldn’t be thrilled to know she mothered a child.

She thought about his offer; to give her a better life.

What better life does he has to offer other than her payment? He was just too mysterious for her liking. There were a lot of things he wasn’t telling her yet.

” Don’t make promises that you can’t keep,” Scarlett said, pulling her hand away from him. ” All men makes promises. Problem is if they could keep it.”

” I ain’t like other men,” Craig said. ” When I make a promise, I never go back on my words. Aside the three million dollars I’m gonna pay you, I’ll ensure you get something more for all your troubles.”

I’ll believe that when I see it, Scarlett thought at the back of her mind.

” It’s about time you leave,” she said, turning her face to study the alarm clock on her bedside table. ” I need to catch some sleep.”

Craig stared at her. She was wrapped up in her white towel but her thighs were exposed. He felt a bulging nudge outlining against his trousers.

She had said she would lose her magic for him the moment they get to screw Everytime. But Craig saw otherwise. Looking at her and making love to her was all he had ever dreamed of. She excited him like no other woman could possibly do.

” I’ll be seeing more of you, Scarlett,” he said. ” Whenever I need you, I’ll come to you.”

Scarlett watched him heading towards the window.

” Now just a minute, don’t use the window. You’ll get hurt. Use the door instead.”

Craig opened the window. ” I can’t. It’s not safe. Anyone could be out there in the corridor.”

” I don’t care,” Scarlett insisted. ” I’d rather you use the door than my window. If anything happens to you, your father would have my neck for desert.”

Craig turned to look at her. ” Are you that concerned about me?”

Scarlett made a face. ” I just don’t wanna get in trouble,” she got down the bed and walked over to the door.

Taking her time, she gently opened the door and took a peek. There wasn’t a soul to be seen outside her room.

” Alright, Craig,” she said, turning to where Craig stood by the window. ” Coast’s clear. You can—”

She was startled to find herself alone in the room. Craig had left through the window and up to his room, leaving her curtain’s billowing against the breeze outside.

He had sneaked out same way he sneaked in. Wiping her face with her hand, Scarlett gently closed her door and locked it.

What manner of guy is this? She thought as she wandered over to the window and shut it.





It was a promising Tuesday morning. Scarlett woke up at exactly four o’clock.

Claire had knocked on her door, waking her up to join the other maids as they went about their morning chores.

” Scarlett,” Claire said urgently. ” Get up. Henri wants you at the kitchen now.”

Scarlett was Soo tired she would’ve given anything for an hour more of sleep. But Claire’s Continuous knocking gave her no other choice but to get dressed and report down in the kitchen where Henri was giving out orders.

She had arrived late but Henri didn’t yell at her. Instead he asked her to Join her co-workers.

Scarlett stood in the neat row of maids, staying in line with the others. Yin stood aside, he looked like he would slashed a knife at anyone. She wouldn’t blame him. She could understand how hurtful it was to wake up at such early hours of the morning.

Henri assigned everyone with their various chores. When he came to Scarlett, he wrinkled his nose at her as if she disgust him.

” Miss Mason,” he said, rubbing his nose. ” You shall be cleaning master Craig’s bedroom from now onwards.”

Scarlett’s eyes popped opened. She was like, what the fúck?

” I’m sorry, were you talking to me?” Scarlett asked, pointing at herself.

She was aware the other maids were looking at her.

Henri repeated himself. ” I said You shall be cleaning master Craig’s bedroom from now onwards.”

Scarlett still thought he must be joking.

” Wait,” Yin stepped forward. ” Who is going to help me in the kitchen.”

Henri glared at him. ” That would be arranged. I shall fix you with someone else.”

Yin grumbled. ” I want the black maid. The other ones… too lazy…always complaining…they are no good. I want the black maid.”

Scarlett knew he was only saying that because she worked very hard to his delight last night. The other maids must be giving him a pain in the àss.

Henri shook his head. ” Yin, I shall fix someone else for you. For now, Scarlett cleans master Craig’s bedroom.”

Scarlett could only imagine what was happening. Had Craig spoken to Henri?

Henri turned to her. ” Master Craig would soon be out of bed and ready for school. See to it his room is kept clean before his arrival.”

Scarlett muttered a yes and that was that.

Scarlett had to wait until Craig had left for school. In the meantime, she assisted Claire in cleaning the Chandelier in order to while away time.

” Congratulations,” Claire said, polishing the golden lamb of the Chandelier. ” You’re master Craig’s personal maid now.”

Scarlett didn’t understand what she meant by personal maid. She was Craig’s personal pórnstar not personal maid.

” Define, personal maid,” Scarlett said, supporting the weight of the ladder Claire stood on to clean the Chandelier.

” Oh, it’s part of your education to understand what a personal maid is,” Claire said, stepping down the ladder. ” Your job is to serve master Craig and nobody else. His room must be kept clean at all times.

Whenever he needs something, he’ll ring for you. You must attend to his every need. Even in the middle of the night, if he wants you, you must go to him and serve him. No one is gonna have access to his room except you. Being a personal maid is a tough job. Not all the maids around here wishes to be one.”

Scarlett studied her. ” So where do you fall in?”

Claire showed her teeth. ” Well, I’m Larry Cage’s personal maid.”

Scarlett was surprised. She remembered Craig telling her his father owned a personal maid who kept his studies and bedroom clean.

It sounds unreal to believe she was not just Craig’s personal pórnstar, but also his personal maid.

” Craig never wanted a personal maid,” Claire Continued, folding the ladder. ” He’s one stubborn, mean angry brat. No one likes to be near him. He snaps at anyone who came close. Kinda surprised why he wanted a personal maid now.”

Scarlett felt it was time to get a little gossip from Claire. ” Why’s he Soo mean?”

” It’s because his father’s soo strict,” Claire said. ” Craig’s mom got killed by some thug years ago. Craig was only a boy. It tore him apart and ever since then, he’s been moody and awfully pale. His father kept him bonded with rules upon rules and rules. Don’t know why he wants Craig to live by all his rules. Such a boring life for the poor kid.”

Scarlett said nothing. She finally understood why Craig bought her. He was bored and trapped in his father’s world of unending rules.

Deep within her, she resolved to do all she could within her powers to make him happy. They do share something in common. She had lost her parents at an early age and so had Craig.

Except in Craig’s case, he lost his mother.





Scarlett wasn’t around to see Craig eat breakfast. She had been busy getting her mopping stick and long broom ready when he rode off in the Rolls Royce for school.

Scarlett stood before the door to his room. She had been handed a spare key by Henri with a strict instruction to always keep the room locked at all times.

Fixing the key into the key hole, she unlocked it and peered inside the room.

She didn’t know what she expected to see but definitely not what she was seeing now.

Craig’s room was a mess Just like any typical teenager’s room. She was on the conclusion that Craig was domesticated enough especially when it comes to his room.

Turns out she was wrong.

His things lay around the room, his clothes hanged over the arm chair and his bathroom was stagnant with foamy water.

It seemed she had a load of work to do in this room. Then it occurred to her Craig might have deliberately messed up his room inorder to convince Henri he needed a personal maid.

Rolling up her sleeve, Scarlett took a deep breath and began cleaning.

The entire room smelled of Craig. His clothes, his underwear, his bed even his bathroom. It was uncanny how close he was to her even though he wasn’t in the room.

It took Scarlett thirty minutes to get the room back to shape. What was left was the bathroom.

The bathroom took nearly a whole hour. She had to scrub, wash, flush and polish everything in the bathroom until it glittered brightly at her.

Scarlett leaned against the tiled wall, forcing herself to smile.

” Craig, look what you made me do. You’ve successfully turned me into a full blown maid.”

As she stood up, her eyes caught a cupboards up above her.

Somehow, she felt drawn to that cupboard. She didn’t know why but there was something in there that she was anxious to know what it was.

Wandering over to the cupboard, she held the handle and threw it opened.

What she saw sent a prickle up her spine.

She saw medicines. Loads and loads of medicines that were arranged neatly in order of their doses and prescriptions.

What’re all these stuffs doin in Craig’s bathroom? She asked herself.

Taking out one of the drugs, she studied the label. She wasn’t all too knowing about medicine but at least she could read.

Going through two other different drugs, she was quick to catch a glimpse of the word cancer in one of the labels.

That was enough for her. She dropped the drugs back in the cupboard and took a step back.

Was Craig… Was he suffering from cancer?

” Who the hell are you?!” A harsh cold voice broke through the air at her.

Scarlett turned around Sharply. Standing at the doorway was a small man leaning against a fancy gold capped stick.

He had a mass of white hair and there was that dangerous explosive looks in his eyes that caught the air hanging in her lungs.

Scarlett didn’t need to be told who this man was. She has seen him multiple times in the newspapers.

It was Larry Cage.





To be Continued…..

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