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Scarlett stood back against the wall as Craig shut the door and stepped into the shower with her.

” What are you doing here?” She asked, looking scared and shocked at the same time.

Craig placed a hand on the wall, staring directly at her. ” Does it matter? What matters is you’re here with me now.”

Scarlett looked down and saw his erection, strong and rigid. He seemed to be in a pretty bad h---y mood.

Craig leaned for a kiss but Scarlett stopped him. ” Craig, this is dangerous. We can’t.”

” Why not?” Craig asked, eyes gazing at her big boóbs and her nípples. ” I want you now, Scarlett. You have no idea how much I’ve waited for this moment.”

Scarlett could understand his hormones but this was stupid. Claire might come up to check on her. If Craig was discovered in her room, it’d breed trouble for her.

She slightly pushed him away. ” Craig, don’t you think it’s dangerous to start this right now? If anyone caught us now—”

” So long as no one gets inside, it doesn’t matter,” Craig said, grabbing her boóbs and bringing down his warm mouth on her nípples. ” We’ll be happy for a few hours, won’t we?”

Scarlett couldn’t stand it anymore, she rolled off the wall and pushed him away gently but firmly.

” Craig, I think I’m being watched.”

Craig stood still, his erection wetted by the shower, his eyes staring hungrily at Scarlett’s nakedness. ” Why do you say that?”

” Just a hunch,” Scarlett said. ” Does Quinn knows about me?”

” Why, of course not!” Craig stiffened, staring at her. ” What makes you ask that? Quinn’s just my chaffeur. He has no business in my private affairs.”

Scarlett decided to tell him. ” Well, the other night, I ran into him while coming out of the hotel. He seemed as if he knew about us already.”

Craig gritted his teeth. ” That son of a bítch. I told him not to leave the car. You don’t have to worry about him, Scarlett. I’ll fix him later. As far as I’m concerned, he has no proof about us.”

” But doesn’t it look creepy to have the coincidence of meeting the same woman at a hotel in your bosses Mansion?” Scarlett asked. ” If I were in Quinn’s shoes, I’ll be suspicious.”

” Like I said,” Craig was edging towards her. ” You don’t have to worry about him. He’s got nothing to prove about us.”

” I just have these uneasy thoughts about him,” she said. ” There’s nothing his eyes miss. And… And then there’s Claire.”

Craig frowned. ” Yeah, I heard that. She thinks you’re Cherry.”

Scarlett was glad he had been in the room to overheard that discussion. ” Wait a second, how’d you know?”

” Been under the bed listening,” Craig said. ” Though, I never knew someone at the mansion would recognize you.”

” Craig,” Scarlett’s voice was getting feeble. ” I’m not looking forward to this.”

” Of course you’re not, but let’s get it over with,” he walked over to her and put his hand on her arm. ” You mustn’t pay any attention to what she says, Scarlett. Everything in this mansion belongs to me and my father. That’s why you got to be bold and ready for anything. I never said it was going to be easy but what are we to do? Don’t worry, I got your back. No one’s gonna intimidate you around here; not while I’m around. I’ll protect you, that’s a promise.”

Scarlett eyed him as he drew his face close to her and covered his mouth over hers.

She was soon lost in his kiss that she forgot herself and allowed his fingers to slid freely down to her c--t and linger there.

” Oh, Scarlett,” he bite her lips tenderly. ” I love you Soo much…”

His middle finger moved inside the walls of her cúnt and a tiny purr escaped her lips.


The two lovers stiffened and stared at each other in shock.

The knock came again. ” Scarlett, this is Henri!”

Scarlett’s heart jumped from her rib cage into her mouth. She tore away from Craig’s arms and grabbed a towel immediately.

” Stay right there,” she whispered sternly to Craig and dashed out of the bathroom, soaked with soap and water. If she wasn’t steady on her feet, she would have slipped and Crashed to the ground.

Opening the door slightly, she peered out to see Henri, tall and indifferent, staring down at her.

” Oh, hi there,” she said with a smile. ” Is there a problem?”

Henri leaned forward at her. ” You are needed at the kitchen in five minutes.”

” Oh, yeah, right, five minutes,” Scarlett said awkwardly. It was obvious from the way she was speaking, she was nervously trying to hide something.

She didn’t know if Henri saw through her cause he kept a straight face.

” You must be having a shower, I believe.”

” Why, yes I am,” Scarlett said. ” Just about rounding up. I’ll be ready in a jiffy.”

He grunted. ” One more thing, have you seen master Craig?”

Scarlett felt the blood in her face leave her immediately. She didn’t know if she did good in keeping a straight face.

” Who’s master Craig?” She asked as if it were the first time she was hearing the name from a human being.

Henri answered. ” Son of Larry Cage. I cannot find him in his room. Have you by any chance met him?”

Of everyone to ask that question, why her? Why is the world watching her?

Suddenly, from the passage, outside the room, Craig’s voice came over. ” I’m here, Henri. What is the problem?”

Scarlett went hot then cold. How had he vanished from her bathroom to outside her room? He was even wrapped in a white towel as as if he was coming from the indoor pool.

Henri glanced up at him. ” Master Craig, I was at your room. But you—”

” I went for a swim at the indoor pool,” Craig said sharply. ” What do you want?”

Henri regarded him closely. ” I also checked the pool.”

” Well, you didn’t check good enough,” Craig said. ” What is it?”

Henri paused and he was aware Scarlett had locked the door, leaving him outside to face Craig.

” You are wanted on the telephone,” he answered.

Craig walked passed him straight down to the vast living room and took the phone.

” Hello?”

The voice that came out of the receiver set his heart frozen for a second.

” What’s up, pal. We gotta talk.”





Scarlett was scrambling up and down trying to get the kitchen cleaned up.

It was surprising the kind of mess that Yin makes when cooking.

Yin was the Chinese chef and he was just as friendly as the Japanese gardeners. He was a superb chef but he makes a hell lot of mess.

Scarlett had to be on stand to clean up his messes immediately. She got to learn how important keeping a clean kitchen was a big deal to Yin.

It seemed Henri had dumped the kitchen chore to her alone. Perhaps it’s because she was black so they gave her the dirtiest and meaniest chore in the house.

She didn’t mind though. As far as she was concerned. She was earning more than everyone else in the house. A whopping sum of three million dollars awaits her at the end of her deal with Craig so whatever it was this mansion wishes to throw at her, she would accept it in good faith.

She scrubbed the floor, wiped the sink, arranged the dishes, washed the pots and supported Yin with water and whatever he yells at her to get.

It was one of the most strenuous job Scarlett had ever done in her entire life.

By the time dinner was ready, Scarlett was exhausted. She sat on a high stool, a long mopping stick in her hand as she took in her breath slowly and carefully.

Claire and two other maids came to the kitchen to collect the trays of dishes to be served at the dinning table.

Claire had given her one swift look but Scarlett pretended not to notice it.

After the maids left, Yin came over to her, smiling at her with a steamy plate of crab meat garnished with vegetable and spicy chilli.

” Here, enjoy,” he offered. ” You have worked Soo hard. You deserve it.”

Scarlett took it from him, returning back the smile. He was the first kind person she had met today.

As she ate, Yin left her. He wasn’t much of a talker but he sure knows how to speak words in his gestures. From the looks in his face, Scarlett must tell she had impressed him with her hard work that evening.

The meal was delicious, probably one of the best dinner she had ever tasted in years. As she ate, she wondered how Daisy was getting on.

She had lied to Daisy she was going on a business trip. She hadn’t told Daisy about the loss of her store. She doesn’t want Daisy to get worried as she was worried now. Too many secrets but soon, it would all be over.

Just a matter of time, she would be rich.

Then her mind switch over to Craig.

She began to think about him very well. Was he madly in love with her? Sometimes she wondered what he saw in her. With his money, he could have any woman he wanted. Why then had he chosen her?

Thinking about it now, it sounds absurd that a guy in his position would pay such a big deal of money to buy her.

Ever since she had gotten her first millions from Craig, she had been uneasy about him.

She tried to analysis her own feelings for him. Of course she felt something for him. He was the first man that’s ever made her have that lost feeling of being loved.

But despite all that, there was something uncannily odd about him. He was a boy who held many secrets behind his eyes. She couldn’t read him. No matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t figure him out.

Especially at what happened earlier this evening.

How he had vanished from her bathroom to get outside her room still beats her. She sensed there must’ve been a trap door in that room of hers that Craig uses to gain free access into her room. She had taken her time to search for the trap door but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t find it.

Eventually, she gave up and decided to wait for his next line of action.

After dinner, it was a quarter passed seven. She spent an extra thirty minutes, doing the dishes until she was done.

Scarlett was beyond tired. She didn’t suppose she would have the same energy to work tomorrow.

As she returned back to her room, she decided to take a long rest. She didn’t bother undressing out of her maids uniform.

She simply locked the door and collapsed on the bed, her eyes heavy with sleep.

Her phone beeped a WhatsApp message from Craig. Lazily, bringing the phone from her pocket, she gazed at it.

📲Craig: I’ll come to you tonight.

Scarlett didn’t bother replying. She switched off the phone and shut her eyes. The thought that Craig would be here in her room anytime soon tonight didn’t ring home to her until she was in Dreamland.

Sleep didn’t waste a moment. She had climbed the London bridge and was flying up to mountain Everest.





Scarlett woke up to the sound of a moving glass from her window. She raised her head and stared at the window, aware of a shadowy figure jumping into her room.

She sat up with a start but Craig raised his hand in the air in time to stop her from screaming.

” Relax, it’s just me,” he said.

Scarlett could barely breathe. ” Are you crazy? You nearly gave me a heart attack.”

Craig looked out the window to check if he was being spotted. Satisfied with his findings, he closed the window shut and returned back to the room.

” My room’s just above yours, Scarlett,” he said. ” The walls are designed in a way that allows me to climb down to your room.”

Scarlett could barely believe her ears. ” You’d take that risk, for me?”

Craig nodded. ” Why not. Besides, it ain’t risky. I’m a good climber,” he paused. ” You do look beautiful, Scarlett.”

Scarlett had forgotten she was tired, she had forgotten she was scared and angry as well.

” Don’t do that again,” she said, glaring at him. ” You can’t take such risks just because you’re h---y.”

Craig walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her. ” It doesn’t matter, Scarlett. As long as I get to spend sometime with you.”

Scarlett could only stare at him in disbelief. This boy has no sense of fear.

But somehow, she was flattered. A man who could take that risk to be with her was a man worth keeping. It thrilled her and won her affection for him.

” I love you in your maid’s uniform,” Craig said, grinning at her with lusts in his eyes. ” I swear down, you remind me of the BOSS AND THE MAID.”

Scarlett remembered THE BOSS AND THE MAID. It was one of her few videos that had low ratings.

Remembering that video, she suddenly felt turned on. Craig was grabbing her àss and his lustful eyes bore her as if penetrating into her soul.

Despite being tired, she succumbed.

” Enough bullshit already,” she said defiantly. “Let’s get undressed.”

With that, she pushed him to the bed and slipped off her uniform and stood in her bra.

Craig stared at her, admiring her curves. Her body was nicely toned in the dark with those nice big boóbs. It always has a way of catching Craig completely off guard, Making his jaw drop.

Craig’s nerves were building. He wore a pyjamas but within two minutes, he was out of his pyjamas as was nàked on the bed.

“Are you ready?” Scarlett asked.


He was getting even more excited. He wanted her Soo much. He just couldn’t wait any longer.

Climbing the bed, she sat on his laps. She grabbed his hand and pulled it to her crotch. before Craig knew it, his hand was on her furry little crotch, touching her cúnt.

” You’re going to get me in so much trouble for this, Craig,” Scarlett whispered, smiling tirelessly at him.

” It’s past midnight, Scarlett. No one can hear us. No one will bothered to look in here. Everyone is asleep. Come on, I want you. I know you want me too.”

She knew he had a point there. The room was soundproof. Whatever noise they would be making here wouldn’t be heard outside. And besides, she was already wet and craving attention and love making. At that point, just looking at Craig’s youthful lustful eyes, she was unbelievably h---y.

Craig’s finger rubbed her labia. It was soft. His hand touched her crotch. The tip of his finger touched her c--t, which made her twitch a little.

” Mmmhhh,” she licked her tongue, closing her eyes. ” Right there, Craig. Yes.”

Craig’s fingers continued touching her. With every touch, her body reacted. He felt her hips moving and grinding on his laps. His eyes studied her facial expressions to ensure he was doing the right thing.

Without a doubt, Scarlett was loving the magic works of his fingerings.

Whatever the case, Craig was incredibly aroused touching her pússy, and rubbing her clítoris. She gave the occasional soft moans. It was clear that she was trying her best to suppress the noises from her mouth.

She didn’t want to get caught any more than Craig did.

Two of Craig’s fingers went inside of her pússy, and that did it for her. Her body twitched and she sunk down, pressing her boóbs harder against his chest and raising her hips higher to give him full access into her cúnt.

“Almost there,” she whispered in his face direction. ” Yes, Craig. You’re almost there, don’t stop.”

” How wet are you, Scarlett?”

Scarlett reached down and touched her pússy. Then she lifted her fingers to show him how wet her fingers were. It was laced with her clear vaginal fluids.

She raised her head to look at the expression on Craig’s face. She had a mischievous look, as if she enjoyed taunting him.

“Does that answer your question?” she said.

He nodded, increasing the tempo on his fingers.

She put her finger in his mouth and made him s----d her juice.

That sent Craig over the edge. His hard-on became rock hard after tasting her.

She felt his cóck throbbing against her àss, and she saw the looks on his face. He wanted to get inside her but Scarlett wouldn’t let him. He has to make her feel good first.

She winked at him, and Craig shuddered impatiently.

Craig’s fingers worked harder and faster on her cúnt. He felt her heat and wetness. She was getting wetter by the moment. And he could tell how close she was to órgasm.

She grabbed his other hand and brought it to her bréasts. ” Squeeze these, Craig.”

” With pleasure,” Craig said and he pinched her little pink nípple and rubbed her clítoris in circles with his other hand. Her body squirmed and occasionally flinched.

Craig knew he was doing something right. She wouldn’t be behaving like this if he wasn’t doing the right thing.

“A little faster,” she softly groaned. “Pinch my nípples a little harder. Rub me faster. Put your fingers back deep inside my cúnt.”

Craig happily obliged.

He pinched and rubbed her nípples a little harder while simultaneously rubbing her clítoris in fast circular motions.

Then he pushed his two fingers back inside of her wet little hole and fingered her.

Suddenly, Scarlett was having a powerful o----m. She made little soft panting noises with her mouth. It was probably the séxiest noise he ever loved hearing from her lips.

Then Scarlett she came, her c--t clenched around his fingers, her back arched, and her body shook.

In a moment, it was all over, and she became heavily relaxed.

Scarlett turned to look at Craig’s face. There was a blissful expression on her face; the kind you get after a satisfying órgasm.

” Now you’re becoming a real man,” she whispered. ” You’re good, Craig. I give it to you.”

She leaned forward and gave him a kiss on the lips. Her soft lips pressed hard against Craig’s, and she slipped her tongue inside.

Craig responded, kissing her deeper. Whatever she felt, it must have been good.

“Now’s your turn?” she said after breaking the kiss.

With that, she slowly and gently climbed off his lap. Then she slowly got down on her knees. Her body was flexible and agile as she knelt before his cóck on the bed.

Craig looked down to see Scarlett looking him straight in the eyes. She held his hard cóck with both hands. Her fingers felt heavenly around his throbbing flesh and he gasped in air.

She bent forward and took the head of his cóck in her mouth. With her lips wrapped around him, she used her tongue to expertly swirl against the tip of his throbbing erection, which caused Craig to clenched the bedsheet.

Thier eyes were locked together. That was when she lowered her head and took most of his s---t in her mouth.

One thing was for sure- she knew exactly what she was a doing. She was a professional at what she was doing. He gave her that credit.

Her head bobbed in a calculated motion. Her hands were in line with its stroking. Her tongue was in the same alignment. Craig couldn’t have asked for more. His personal pórnstar’s skilled mouth was up to the task.

She kept s-----g, slurping up his hardness until he was ready to explode. His hips bucked and he gasped for air.

Scarlett sensed his c-m approaching and winked at him- letting him know that it was okay to c-m in her mouth.

Craig didn’t waste time.

Her lips remained tight around this c--k as he shot his milkshake into her mouth.





Quinn leaned against the car in the garage, staring at Scarlett’s room.

He had seen Craig climbed down his room, slipping expertly into Scarlett’s room. He had also seen their shadows behind the curtains as they made love.

Quinn kept watching, eyes set, lips pursed and face expressionless.

He brought out a Notebook, wrote something down on it and left it at that.

Now he knows why Scarlett was here.

She was sleeping with his master.





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