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They all walked in the desert.

Hector: thanks for saving me

Mike: you don’t need to thank me your father said I should do that.

( Hector paused )

Hector: my father

Mike: yes your father, he told me to protect you and also tell me to warn you that you shouldn’t try to held to the throne that the enemies of him are after you

Hector: wait a minute, you said my father said that? I don’t believe.

Cara: you have too, even you and your father are in danger.

Hector: so who can be the snake hidden in the green grass

Cara: someone you have to suspect

Hector: I can’t suspect anyone, because my father is good to everyone and was love by many

Mike: Hector listen to me,not everyone you call your friend are your friend, evil are everywhere, your father love you so much he told me that.

Hector: funny, I will have to save him so we have to return to my kingdom

Mike: the evil are searching for you they want to kill you, so that is why your father said that I should protect you, he want to ensure that you are save, try to understand me well, that is why he wanted you to be with me till all this thing pass away from you.

Hector: I love him also, I have to save him please

Cara: when your father made a conversation with us, he talked as if you are not going to see him anymore, even his words touch me, he told us to warn you.

( Hector then silence while tears rushed out of his two eyes )

Hector: am sorry dad

Mike: don’t cry anymore, we can still save him

Hector: really

Mike: yes, we can still.

Hector: I trust you friend.

( he wipe away his tear,to be surprised Xara and his minions show up in the desert with swords in their hand and they were encamped, Xara then move to them )

Xara: actually you are not smart at all

Mike: what did you want from us

Xara: I don’t need you, only Emperor Chang need for his formation.

Mike: did you still sight the sword

Xara: yes of course, and if you did not surrender it he is going to destroy you with it and make it an invaluable sword, meaning that no one will weld it.

Mike: you lie, I too have to avenge for my parent death, so I have too have to kill him someday.

( Mike then signal to his friends, they all skillfully pull out their sword fighting the villains, they kill some of them while Xara bring out a bow and arrow, he shoot the first one but Mike dodge it, he shoot the second he dodge it too then think of what what he could do, he then plan to take down his friend, he shoot the third one to Cara but Mike speed on then fly using his body to guide Cara while the poison arrow enter his chest, he yelled in pain, the battle then stop while Cara run to where Mike was, she raise on his head up but the poison have a serious effect in him,the soldiers begin to move toward them to get them once and for all but Hector rise up, holding his sword tightly waiting for any warrior to fight him,Mike then use his hand to pull out the poison arrow in his chest then break it )

Xara: now that you have been weaked

Mike: I am not weak am still strong

( gasping )

Xara: now rise up your sword

( they begin to surround him and they were close wanted to catch him red handed even not committing a y criminal act )

Rise on your sword and fight

( Mike was very weak )

Mike: even if I can’t fight now but I can see a mysterious powers working through me, I will not need to raise my legendary sword on you before I destroy you.

Xara: then you shall perish.

Mike: not even this time around.

( mike was now very weak, he couldn’t withstand it anymore then fall down as he fall he close his eyes then Xara armies begin to mock him, he close his eyes with fate then suddenly a beam of light come out from the sword, the beam was very power as if someone is close to the sun ☀, Mike quickly tell His friends to close their eyes while why they do so believing him that he was going to rescue them, they all agreed while Xara and his warriors doesn’t understand what it means, the beam begin to become powerful while it almost blind some of the warriors, the warriors that understand what it means quickly close their eyes while Mike and his friends quickly use the opportunity to escape out of desert leaving them )


Emperor Chang sitting on his throne when he see Xara and some soldiers at his back he rise up

Emperor Chang: have you finish the conquest

Xara: not yet sir

Emperor Chang: then why

Xara: he is too powerful indeed, even his sword also he made some of my warriors blind.

Emperor Chang: that is why I need the sword in all ways

Xara: since you are not worry to weld it then what will you do

Emperor Chang: I will do many thing, and also am not interested in it anymore, I just want to destroy it and make it useless to anyone that come for it.

( he said to not let him know that he was a failure in getting just sword but still hope to have it if he get a chance )

Xara: that is nice sir

Emperor Chang: I want to get king Dagg kill, I have to

( he pause while looking at the ground )

We have to get the king of Maros.

Xara: your wish will surely be my wish, your command is what I will follow.

Emperor Chang: if succeed in killing of king of Maros then I shall come for my great prize for you,number one, you shall become my general,number two, I shall give you all Maros land and it shall be yours forever and ever.

( on hearing this, Xara was very glad then bow before Emperor Chang feet )

Now go get the king now

( he rise up with happy face and then leave the premises )

Whosoever love me will enjoy but whosoever hate will see other side of me.


Hector and his friends were at the beach sleeping where they make a wood with fire their just to give them light as they were sleeping, Hector had a dream in which it was a vision of what it is going to happen.

In his dream he see how his father was in the front of Emperor Chang kneeling down before him while the priests and the chiefs and all representative in the kingdom were kill also.

He wake up why breathing heavily, he quickly rise up not waking up his fellow friends because he know they stop saying to him that it can’t be real even they will remember the warning of his father to him, he think of those things,he then quickly ride on his horse while he escape, while he had already steal the map that will lead him to the direction of Maros kingdom he then takes his leave saying in his mind that his friends should forgive him, but don’t mean to do it but he have to save his father before it is too late.

After one hour Cara realize that Hector was not with them he quickly wake up his Mike.

Mike: can’t you see, he his not with us

Cara: then where did he go

Mike: wait a minute

( he hold his sword while he close his two eyes after few seconds he open it )

Cara: what have you see

Mike: it let me know that, Hector dream that his father was killed by Emperor so he have to go before is too late to save him

Cara: now what will we do

Mike: we have to follow him

( Cara quickly put her own sword to his shelt, she look where she put the map but he couldn’t see it again )

Cara: he has stole it

Mike: don’t worry the sword is going to lead us to Maros,delay is dangerous

Cara: OK

( they all take their leave to Maros while ridding on their horse and the sword leads them )


After five hours of journey to Maros it was almost morning Hector arrived their, he quickly run to the king palace proving that he would faster than the horse this time around, he run while peoples seeing him was astonished on seeing their prince running as if he was having a competition with most fastest man alive, some of his warriors see him they quickly gather themselves they were about fifteen in number while they arrive to the king palace they could see Emperor Chang their while some soldiers block the way,as Hector warriors see them they were afraid and then turn back on seeing their king kneeling down before the Emperor.

Hector was very angry indeed in seeing his royal father kneeling before the ruthless Emperor.

His father see him then mourn for him while emperor begin to laugh at them, Hector has already some warriors, when Emperor Chang see that his warriors are decreasing,he run to where he was and he knock him with the sword handle while he fainted.

His father mourn for him, he look at Emperor Chang face with a bad look while he curse him.

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