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Cara tell Mike to do what he have to do on time before it is too late,Mike rise his sword up then furiously strike the gate,the iron side of the gate melt then create an entrance for them to pass in.

They quickly pass through the entrance while the sword lead them to the king palace following it’s path.

They all run,the warder look back but could not see anything he then tried to go to where the prisoners was only he could the the entrance,he was afraid then quickly alert his fellow warder


The sword lead them to the king palace while they could see the king in sad mood,the king then rise up his head,he was afraid while they tell him that they were not his enemy that they only come to save,the king then trust them.

after fifty seconds the warders arrived with swords and different weapon in their hand while they want to arrest them but the king stop them saying that they were enemy,the warders then apologize to the king while they leave the premises for the king.

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The king then plead to them that they should help him save his son from emperor bondage and that should help him warn his son to stay away from evil that the enemy his father want him also to be killed,they all agreed as they were about to go the king call them back,they could see the king tear.

the king said to them that he might be killed at any time because of fighting injustice and crimes.

he said to them that they should help him tell him that he love him and also he should not try to held the throne.

Mike was astonish because the king said all those words as if he was going to die at that particular time.

the king say that he was not commanding but only demanding.

All people in the palace were amazed on hearing the king speech to the stranger even Mike and Cara were touched also

The peoples in that palace does not understand what the king mean but to himself he know that the villains might come at any time to kill him

Mike then promised to do as the king say then take his leave while the sword lead them

They arrived at Emperor Chang gate while they get down to from the chariot,the chariot given to them by the king.

Mike: are you sure you want to do this

Cara: come on we are born for this.

Mike: ok come on

( they move in they could see some soldiers while the soldiers could realize that they were enemy )

Just keep moving

( he said as he look at her,a soldier then stop them )

Soldier: where did you think you are going

Mike: we come to visit emperor

( he lied as he smiled )

Soldier: you can have your way

( he let them go while he look at them,Mike bring out his sword he wrapped it with cloth while stretching it, the sword then begin to lead them, unfortunately a group of soldier stop them leaded by Xara while Emperor Chang show up at top of a building watching them )

Mike: I think we get a company

( he quickly unwrapped it while fighting the soldiers, within a few seconds he had already kill sixteen of the soldiers,Cara quickly get into action then run to where the prison was while Mike could protect her in which he was following her,they quickly break the prison,all the prisoners rush out while Emperor Chang men were confused but he himself on the building keep on watching then was serve with a wine,Mike and his fellow friends quickly use the opportunity of freeing the prisoners to escape out of the land while they take a leave to the desert nearby, Emperor Chang then kill all the warders for their failure in not securing the prisoners while Xara was amazed on seeing what has happened.

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