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Mike and Cara then arrived to Maros palace they sight their side they could see Emperor Chang sword with blood in it,they look at the ground they could see the king already dead while Cara run to Hector rising his head up to her chest.

The bad emperor give them chance to mourn for their friends while laughing with General Xara thinking of how he will held to the throne once and for all.

Cara could realize that Hector was not dead so she quickly alert him, while he run to him, he quickly use his magical power to bring him back to life since he had fainted Emperor Chang was amazed then see good in the sword while he utters no word but was out of control while he open his mouth.

Hector woke up on seeing his dead father, he cried a lot and mourn for him in which it bring Hector back to an attention while he command his warriors to invade him quickly, although Cara try to tell Mike to do something meaningful in order to let them escaped from the evil hand but he said no, telling them that he knows what he was doing.

They were encamped, but for Hector he doesn’t seem to him to be alive while he think of him then promise him to avenge his father death.


They were at the prison it was said to be the most strongest prison in Gava

Hector: thanks guy for being with me, I will never let you down

Mike: sorry for the death of your father

Hector: I still something in mind

Cara: what is it

Hector: am going out their to beheaded anyone that will try to held the throne am going to kill the person, the person might led power from Emperor Chang, just to succeed the throne of my past father.

( tears rushed out from his eyes )

Mike: listen to me friend,Emperor Chang was still the one doing all those things,all we have to do now is to fight for justice.

Hector: I know that, but someone must be responsible for it.

Cara: may be Xara

Hector: I too guess that

Cara: but can he demand it from Emperor Chang

Hector: he can, he was a bad man and was once a betrayal of our land

Cara: anyway

Mike: guys we have to be careful, we don’t know the kind of peoples that are here with us

Cara: yes

Hector: but on what thing

Cara&mike: what

Hector: the person have to read the a script in a scroll

Cara: a scroll, what did it have to do with that.

Hector: one will have to read it before the the citizen of the the kingdom after he has been elected by the gods of our land do or else the peoples won’t accept him as their king even if he force them to do so, the gods will surely strike him down on the next seventh day he sit on the throne.

Mike: amazing,what we have to do is to get out of here.

Cara: we have to set our plan now, but do you know where the scroll it is.

Hector: yes that is perfect.

( a man watching them as they were talking )


New General Xara arrived to the Emperor Chang lair

Xara: my lord

Emperor Chang: why have you come again

Xara: thanks for giving me Maros

Emperor Chang: you don’t need to thank me,those who support me usually enjoy me

Xara: but their is a issue

Emperor Chang: what is it

Xara: I learn from a man in Maros that before anyone could become king that he or she have to get a scroll

Emperor Chang: a scroll

Xara: yes a scroll

Emperor Chang: but what does it have to do that.

Xara: it is an order from the gods of the land,and also their is a consequence in it if any one doesn’t read it in front of the peoples.

Emperor Chang: does the God still live

Xara: yes, my lord they have to

Emperor Chang: what are we going to do now,since I am an atheist

Xara: I will set my plan against it

Emperor Chang: did you know where it was

Xara: I will set my plan against it

( he replied again as he leave Emperor Chang premises )


As they were talking a man come to them from the prison, they all rise from where they sitted

Mike: who are you,why have you come to us, ( pointing his sword to them )

Man: I am not an enemy I am a prisoner like you,and I was taken in captivity and was made a slave, but it has been long time ago

Cara: why have you come

Man: I know that you are the chosen one, you have weld the heart of Gava which was the sword,I feel it, I could sence is presence, that is why I come and I have come to to help

( they all cool themselves )

Mike: but who sentence you to imprisonment

Man: one that you know well, the evildoer

Hector: you mean Emperor Chang

Man: yes.

Cara: oh sorry, but are you still willing to come out of this place

Man: actually I am old,and I have waited for this day to come, now that it as finally come.

Mike: then what did you want from us

Man: listen attentively,Xara was the one to held the throne and you have to stop him by all course.

( Hector was angry indeed )

Hector: so that brat was the one that cause the death of my father, he have to pay for this.

Man: also, many forces will still come to have the sword even the forces will be greater than Emperor Chang forces they will fight they we stumbled together but they shall fall and you shall come out victoriously.

Mike: is this not a trouble now,they kill my mom,my dad because of it and also many lifes as lost.

Man: this is not a trouble for you but a trouble for your enemy and those that stand against you, and you shall be the one to fight injustice at last they shall fear you

Mike: ok ok, I will try my best

Man: listen, son of Sarim,you have to fight for justice with all your might and with all your power that you have in the land of the living.

Mike: ok ok, but how did you know my father name.

Man: it has being in prophecy and I have to say it.

( Mike and his friends were amazed )

Mike: amazing

Man: and because the gods of this land has choosen you before you are born to hold and weld the heart of Gava.

Mike: thanks for that, we gotta go now

Man: ok

( they break through the prison while they escaped out of the cave without letting anyone knowing expect the man and his fellow slave )


General Xara return to Emperor Chang lair with the man

Emperor Chang: why have you come again

Xara: they have escaped and am sure this man know about it.

Emperor Chang: did you

( facing the man )

Xara: yes I did.

Emperor Chang: thank God you don’t lie, oh I have forget I am an atheist, atheist do not need to say that since we don’t believe in God

( he smile )

Man: you shall see you end

( Emperor Chang on hearing that, he rise from his feet then beheaded him while he fall )

Emperor Chang: pack him out.

( they all do as he has commanded them )


General Xara find a possible way, he was leaded to the place by torturing a priest in which ih think that he will be loyal to him, after getting their they couldn’t see anything while General Xara kill the priest then wanted to takes his leave while Hector arrived telling him that he was too slow that he already have the scroll, the Hector was then angry then try to makes his plan real.

General Xara now tell Hector that he was too slow too, telling him that he knows that that day will come come that if he still needed his families that he has to bring the scroll to him to him.

Hector was very angry indeed he rise up his sword to fight him,they fight for about five minutes until Cara and mike arrived, while General Xara doesn’t know that they have plan something.

Hector try to confused Mike that he should give General Xara the scroll while trying to set up their trick,later, he hand it over to General Xara while General Xara smiled thinking that he has already had what he wanted finally, but not knowing that it was the blanked one,he wanted to open it but Hector quickly confused him that as he not here from the priest that whosoever claiming to become king should not open it till the day he will be crowned or else the gods will curse the person, on hearing that, he was afraid and he quickly wrapped it in his hand then put it inside his cloth, what make him not to open it was that he fear gods and doesn’t want the gods to curse him.

Hector now ask General Xara to give him all his his family,while he refused mocking him that he was not a fool like him, he takes his leave while Hector bring out the real scroll, he tells Mike to help him strike the ground with it, he answered him then do as he has said to him.

They bury the scroll for the next king but Hector still have something in mind, he says to his friends that he only keep the scroll for himself while they leave the place.

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