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Emperor Chang at his lair sitting when he feel that the sword as been dipped out he rise up

Emperor Chang: oh no , they have rob me of my glory, that stupid boy as got it.

( a soldier arrive )

Soldier: Emperor, have you seen what happened

( Emperor Chang strike him down dye to his fury )

Emperor Chang: I see it, before anyone could

( he put his sword back to his shelt )

Pack him

( they all pack him, a man arrived )

Emperor Chang: who are you

Xara: I am Xara one of the guardian

Emperor Chang: go to hell, you escaped my sword, it supposed to have eat you down.

Xara: I am a friend of yours we have the same heart and mind.

Emperor Chang: if so, why don’t you help me accomplish my mission in getting sword.

Xara: it is not simple, it chose the owner and those that are worthy of it.

Emperor Chang: it has over now, I am going to kill you, because I have swear that no one shall remain, after that I shall control all the east including my birthplace.

Xara: did you believe that you can still get the sword.

Emperor Chang: really

( he was amazed )

Xara: but it is not quietly simple.


Mike on the way going along with the sword, but he wrapped it with a cloth, in which no one would able to know that he was with it, unfortunately a girl him seeking for help.

Cara: please please save me those soldiers are chasing me

Mike: please go on your way, I have nothing to do with them

Cara: please they are going to kill me.

( he begin to walk away, while the girl running after him, suddenly a soldier at a top of a building shoot an arrow,Mike could see it then skillfully catch the arrow then break it, another arrow was shoot he make the girl to dudge it by holding his hand, another arrow again why the guy use his sword to break it he could quickly wrapped it back Cara was the only person in that area that could see the sword while was full of wondrous in seeing it,they manage and they escape out of the place, Mike take Cara to the forest in which he think it might be a save place for them )


Cara: thanks for your help

Mike: don’t thank me

Cara: why did you say that

Mike: this is my first time of helping someone out of trouble, now I ha e taken it as a job

Cara: you must be kidding

Mike: serious.

Cara: I am Cara

Mike: you can call me mike

Cara: oh what a nice name

Mike: you are funny

( they stop walking )

Cara: you are a stranger right

Mike: I should’ve ask you the same question, I am not a stranger, I am an indigene of this kingdom

Cara: that is nice, but i have not see you before in this kingdom

Mike: I am a hunter, also trained as a warrior and sword fighter,now that you have seen me

Cara: I could see your skill when you slashed that arrow shoot by that soldier.

Mike: so you like that.

Cara: yes, I like that, but who trained you

Mike: my past dad, my dad train me,he just past way yesterday morning.

Cara: sorry for that,I know you would be proud of him,and also he would proud of you wherever he was now, for rising you for good.

Mike: yes,are you hungry

Cara: am not, am not

Mike: ok if so I’m OK

Cara: something surprise me

Mike: what

Cara: your sword,where did you got it

( Mike bring out the saber )

Mike: I am the chosen one

Cara: you are the chosen one

( she was surprised )

Mike: don’t you believe or did you need assurance to believe

( Mike close his eyes a flame then come out of it )

Cara: is okay, okay

( Mike then makes the flame to go )

First time I ever seen supernatural man with the weapon of Gava

Mike: it was an enchanted sword,this sword makes me invincible and invisible with powers that can slays thousands of armies into dust.

( actually Xara and the soldiers step in )

Cara: oh fine, I like the sword

Mike: hisss,we got a company

( he hold Cara hand while he quickly wrapped the sword back to his cloth )

Cara: are they here

Mike: yes they are.

( they all stepped in,while Cara was afraid )

Xara: oh pretty one, with the chosen one,the equation can’t be balance now,let see what they got.

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