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Mike: what did you want from me, what did you want.

Xara: what we want from you is to follow us now to the Emperor place, he will know what he will do.

Mike: then what about this girl

Xara: he had offended me.

( mike furiously bring out his sword he could battle them after killing eight soldier within few seconds )

Mike: now let us go let us go

( shouting, suddenly a warrior mark him in his leg while he fall, he begin to paint, unfortunately the wound begin to ill then realize that without the sword that he also possess superhuman abilities, he rise up only he could see that Cara is taken in captivity )

Xara: now surrender your weapon

Mike: did you see any thing like weapon in my hand.

( xara point to the sword )

Xara: that strange sword.

Mike: I may follow you to Emperor place but I hand it to you

Xara: actually I am going to give the respect to Emperor Chang.

( they all take them along leaving the dead soldiers )


At the jail the two new prisoner were beaten after some time the guard in the prison were sent a message that they shouldn’t beat them anymore, although Mike doesn’t wish to fight with the sword but wrapped it in his cloth.

Cara: why don’t you fight them

Mike: I wish not to do so.

Cara: you should’ve kill them all I hate them

Mike: please I want to ask you a question

Cara: go on I am listening

Mike: why are does bad guys chasing you what did they want from you

Cara: I don’t know really, I just see them chasing me.

Mike: that can’t possible, you have done something.

Cara: I only do only one thing.

Mike: what is it

Cara: I curse Emperor.

Mike: you cause him but why?

( asking )

Cara: whenever I see him passing i am not happy, one day I am angry at him indeed for killing a certain man, that is when I curse him and at from that day I did not have rest and I feared him a lot.

Mike: you should’ve control your anger then

Cara: listen mike, I can’t control it any longer

Mike: but what has he done to you

Cara: I was lost some years ago when I was little during a war in which Emperor Chang was said to be the one to lead it, having not taken order from his king to do so, that time is a day will never forget in my life, I mean it, that day was a day of devastation and destruction to many, many were taken in captivity and were enslaved including me and my families,Emperor Chang kill my king also his king he then crowned himself to be king but not the chosen king, the oracle doesn’t choose him.

Mike: oh sorry, I think that might be civil war right

Cara: yes you get it right

Mike: but what actually cause it.

Cara: What actually cause it doesn’t reveal to anyone but all I know was that he only just wish to do so.

Mike: that doesn’t make any sences.

( they begin to here a foot step, immediately they silence doing as if they didn’t know anything and as if they are not taking for past one hour, three guard come in them take them to Emperor Chang lair )


Mike: what did you still want from me after killing my parents

Emperor Chang: funny, you should’ve know what I want now

Mike: is it the sword

Emperor Chang: yes of course

Mike’ then you can’t

Emperor Chang: while are you speaking like a kid, shoot

( suddenly five arrow men the shoot arrow at him at once, he could dodge three of the arrow while cut three with his mystic sword while the last one hit him in his back, realizing that their is poison in it )

Mike: you shall pay for this.

( he then fall )

Cara: no oo oo

( she shout then run to him crying )

What have you done to him, what have you done.

( she cried )

Emperor Chang: are you surprised

( Emperor Chang smile as he move to Mike to take the sword, as he want to hold it he was shocked and his hand burn )

Nooo that can’t be

( he become angrier )

How could this happen now, so it shock,so it still chose those that are worthy of it.

( he was confused then begin to astonished of what that has happened, while Cara too was amazed on seeing those drama )

If I can’t get it then I am going to destroy it, you go and take it

( He command a soldier to hold it, as the soldier hold it, the sword cut his complete hand while begin to yell in pain, Emperor Chang sees that the yelling is distopping him then cut off the soldier head )

That’s hat I can give, oh no this thing look like a magic, I taught it is an enchanted sword.

( Cara still wondering of it )

Now pack him to somewhere else I will find solution in order to hold the sword in my command of it.

( the guards then pack mike taking the girl along, as they were taking them Mike then revived then kill all those guardian that Emperor Chang had commanded )

Cara: you are back

Mike: come on let go we have to escape

Cara: OK OK

Mike: yinaaa

( they all grunting, running out of the lair wall, actually a group of warriors with different deadly weapon rise show up )

Cara: where is your sword.

Mike: I will surprise you

( the warriors all run to him as a warrior want to strike him, his sword appear to his hand then stab the warrior,from where Emperor Chang was he couldn’t see the sword on the ground anymore, now realize sounds of battle he quickly command his warriors to get in and bring down the guy and Cara unfortunately the sword then speed on )

Cara: what does the sword doing

Mike: showing me the direction of something strange, I guess of that.

( they could run while the soldiers begin to chase them after some running they see where the sword stop, they could see it in the temple while they quickly run to the alter they could see the scabbard of the sword )

Mike: whao great.

Cara: what does it mean

Mike: it was the sword shelt

Cara: nice

Mike: it is beautiful just like the sword

Cara: look what they write on it

( Mike look at the place he could only something written, he was then surprised indeed )

Mike: whao

( a warrior running to him ruse in his sword wanted to strike him down )

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