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Mr Sarim: mike is that you

Mike: daddddddd

( he shouted )

Mr Sarim: ho no,I am dying,thanks to the sovereign one,I died in your arm

Mike: sir,why are you saying this,that can’t be,you can’t die

( crying )

Mr Sarim: I have to,I have to son, I have to go and meet your mother

Mike: who did this to you and mom,who did this

Mr Sarim: Emperor Chang did it,he had started a rebellion on himself in which it shall not be forgiven even if he sacrifice the most precious thing to him

Mike: so Emperor Chang did this,I am going to avenge,I am going to kill him for doing this

Mr Sarim: you can’t go now.

Mike: why did you say that

Mr Sarim: go and get the legendary magical sword you are the chosen one

Mike: who told you

Mr Sarim: Emperor Chang

( he begin to bleed )

Mike: I will not for your sake

Mr Sarim: it is my wish for you to have it, I prayed for it that God should grant you power to fight injustice and ungodly things in this kingdom.

Mike: you will not die

( he was crying and while swealt begins to come out of his body )

Mr Sarim: I want to ask you a question

Mike: what is it, what is it

( crying )

Mr Sarim: why don’t you told me that you are the chosen one before,all those things should’ve not happen to us,but I have forgiven you in all ways

Mike: am sorry I am sorry sir

Mr Sarim: it is my wish to die in your arm,I knew you have understand what life is

Mike: I understand,I understood

Mr Sarim: I will demand three things from you

Mike: what is it sir

Mr Sarim: the first thing, kill that emperor and avenge your mother death and mine, number two,fight injustice in this kingdom and protect your kingdom,wish what I wish to your mother land you are hero.

Mike: no noo, I know that,what is the last

Mr Sarim: don’t avenge my death too fast,and if you get your power, don’t revived me back, am going to meet your mother,she his waiting for me, we need to be together and also I know one day one day you are going to meet us by not this time,you shall live longer and longer even to the close of your age.

Mike: OK OK

( The voice sound again )

Voice: hmmmmmm, it is time

Mr Sarim: oh is that Awesome voice.

Mike: yes,it was his voice

Mr Sarim: oh, I heard of him long time ago and I wish to here him even if I don’t have the privilege to see him before I close my two eyes,wipe a way all your tear he his with you,he will always be with you, and me too,we shall meet in the afterlife, I believe that.

( he give up ghost )

Mike: noooo

( he cried )

Voice: come on now it is time for you to start fighting for it,you are hero born in the face of real danger.

Mike: I know that,thanks for troubling you for long time.

Voice: yes,yes, that it not a trouble but just for you to believe, now shall we

Mike: yes,hundred persent yes, come on

( he think that he was going to use his leg to go to the place, but Awesome teleport him )


They arrived on the mountain

Mike: am sure this is the mountain,Gaza mountain.

Voice: yes

Mike: you are still here

Voice: now take it

( Mike look at the rock seeing the sword it look as if it was legend why it was beautiful and precious indeed )

Mike: now I do

( he close his eyes then dip it out, immediately their was a mighty and great lightning bolt while the sword bring in a mighty blazes and flame in it,it shows effect on earth while every could feel it even the astronaut in the space )

Voice: now that you are a warrior, a true warrior of mighty kind, save the universe with it you are a hero born to save and win.

( the voice then vanished )

Mike: yes I am

( he open his eyes, while turning yellow then turn normal )

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