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The whole atmosphere became cold and fearsome and every small items in the living room started flying around themselves as if they were being controlled by some unseen supernatural powers.

Smith was still standing by while looking directly into my eyes and maintaining his posture. He was acting as if nothing was happening or moving around in the room and he didn’t even move an inch when a pressing iron landed on his head.

I thought of running back immediately I spotted Smith, but he has seen me already and he disappeared right from the corner he was standing at and he reappeared right behind me.

I ran towards the other side of the room immediately he reappeared to avoid an untimely death I does not deserve. I didn’t know how that happened and I knew that I am not in a good form to fight anyone, talkless of a ghost.

” I don’t know how this is happening or what you’re doing, but you have got the wrong person”, I screamed my lungs out after Smith’s ghost disappeared again.

I knew that I might not be able to escape death again, So, I just stood up quickly and ran to towards the kitchen in order to grab a knife I can use for self defense and then run to my room to get a bible I can use for spiritual defense, but it seems like someone was reading my mind because he was already in the kitchen checking out my knives and all other sharp equipment he could find.

He took a short glance at me and he disappeared with the whole knives and this time, he reappeared behind me and he grabbed my neck.

I was so sure he stabbed my head with the knife but before I could feel the pain, I passed out and I felt an impulsive jerk waking me into another reality and light.

The smell of hospital drugs and patients hit my nose like a tornado and before I could struggle or make an attempt to stand up from the hospital bed, My Mum grabbed me and told me to take it slowly. I was so surprised to find her behind me.

She was so freaking worried and scared of losing me and I can bet that she wasn’t aware of the situation i was into.

She bombard me with questions immediately i opened my eyes and I did my best to answer few.

” What happened to you. We found you on the floor. Thank God I came to vist”, My Mum said hesitantly and successively.

” Wait Mum. Where is Ruth and where did you find me?”, I asked eagerly.

“Ruth is on her way with your breakfast and we found you beside your bed with your legs on the bed and your back was on the ground. What happened to you?”, My Mum asked again.

I didn’t know what to believe again because I saw the corpse of Ruth. “Was I hallucinating or I was in a trance?”, I asked myself.

I realized that I might have been dreaming and I must have passed out in my sleep due to stress.

I concluded that it was a dream when Ruth came up to me and greeted me in the same manner ahe usually greets me and she brought out my breakfast which was my best food.

Everything came back to normal and I have already concluded that it was a dream and I must have fainted in my sleep. I was still laughing and eating heartily while telling my Mum and Ruth that I am going to narrate the dream I had to them after am done with my meal when I saw the pale eyes of Smith gawking at me from among the crowd that was in the hospital room.

I choked on my food and maintained my peace, I tried so hard not to scream.

” It’s a dream. It’s a dream. I am hallucinating”, I shut my eyes while whispering this till I drift off to sleep. Again.


© Elisha Kehinde Fagbemi

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