Delivering My order - S01 E05

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My heart literally skipped and I died for a millisecond after I saw Smith’s image in the mirror.

My face became pale and white and it was as if my ass got stucked to the chair I was sitting on. I couldn’t move or turn for about 20 minutes. He kept staring directly into my face through the mirror and all I could do was to gawk in fear and horror.

I forced my neck to turn when I spotted a long knife in his hands coolval stories and by the time I turned, his image has disappeared.

I became relieved the moment he disappeared and I ran out of my room in fear.

I thought of going over to his apartment to check whether his corpse is still there, but then, that’ll be a death sentence because I’ll literally die out of fear.

I waited for about twenty more minutes and nothing happened. I assumed that it must have been my imaginations and I was just hallucinating due to the horrific experiences I had during the day.

” Killing him wasn’t my fault. I didn’t intentionally stabbed him and moreover, he was the one that was trying to kill me. He literally got caught by the trap he set for me”, I whispered to myself while trying to clear my conscience.

I never thought I’ll kill a man at any point of my life. I couldn’t help but grief in silence at what my snobbish attitude has gotten me into.

I never thought someone I snubbed over three years ago would still come after my life and I’ve done this to many more guys. That means my life is literally in danger and there’s possibility of more people coming after my life.

Nothing else happened that night and it gave me a chance to treat my wounds.

I wasn’t able to go to office the next day. I invested all my day into treating my wounds and called my boss to inform him that I wouldn’t be able to come to office.

I didn’t even wait for him to reply before I hanged up on him. I wasn’t answerable to him anyways, I just have two days to spend with their company before I resumed work as the M.D of my father’s company.

I called my Mum around 11am of that morning and she noticed that I was distressed. I didn’t want to tell her what I experienced a day earlier, so, I just told her that I was indisposed.

She promised to send Ruth, one of our maids and the one that was closest to me that day. Although, I didn’t oblige but I saw Ruth at my place later that day with lot of foodstuffs and a food my Mum cooked for me.

The food she cooked relieved me a bit and I was so much happy because she cooked my favourite.

Ruth noticed that something was up with me but I didn’t open up to her. She help me cleaned the house after.

I was a bit happy and I felt secured that night because of the presence of Ruth in my house that night.

I made sure she stays with me the whole night to watch movies at the sitting room and she was a bit surprised with my action because I don’t keep late nights.

We kept on watching a movie till 10:30pm when the urge to urinate fell on me like a pandemic. It literally struck me to the extent that I couldn’t resist.

I couldn’t hold it,so I had to excuse myself to use the restroom.

I spent up to 10 minutes at the rest room. I’ve been resisting the urge to urinate since morning, I couldn’t just hold it that night. I had no choice but to release it.

I returned back to the living room few minutes later and I was welcomed with the shocking sight of my life.

Ruth was lying in the pool of her own blood with a protruding eyeball and her mouth was wide open. She obviously experienced a massive amount of pain before dying.

I was still gawking at her lifeless body in sheer horror when I noticed the image of Smith lurking around in the living room and staring directly into my eyes.

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