Delivering My order

1 week ago





The voice was so cool and accommodating. I fell in love immediately with the receiver at the other side of the call and I insisted that he must be the one to deliver my order.

“We have agents that’ll deliver the pizza ma” he replied in the usual sexy tone.

“I want you to deliver it please”, I pleaded.

“Alright ma’am”

“I’ll be expecting youuuu” I cut the call excitedly.

I stood up hastily, grabbing the nearby throw pillow and placed it back on the chair.

I had to tidy the living room, I wouldn’t want my guest to think I’m a pig. I rushed up with the arrangement and i was already done in ten minutes.

“Woaahhhh” I screamed in excitement. I couldn’t believe that I did that myself in ten minutes because of a voice belonging to one guy I was hoping to be cute.

For real, I haven’t done that in months. My personal maid in my Dad’s house usually comes ones in a week to tidy, clean up the kitchen and wash my cloths for me.

I was born into a billionaire family. I got almost everything I wanted when I asked for them.

Due to this fact,many people thought I was a snob and it made it hard for some guys to woo me. I utterly disgraced one shaggy guy who was trying to woo me last week.

Delivering My order - S01

Delivering My order - S01

1 week ago