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A Good Thing

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He watched helplessly as the giant staff came crashing down toward him.

This was Support Heaven and Earth, the third move of the Unyielding Staff Technique!

Tang Wulin paused for a moment, and his body released a loud and clear dragon’s roar. His right arm turned blue and purple instantaneously as he readied it to strike! It was the Blue Emperor Thunder God’s Whip.

He chose not to resist the attack by force and absorb the law power as he was aware that he would not be able to withstand the blow. The attack gave him a terrifying sense that his body was about to be squashed.


The Thunder God’s Whip lashed onto the Coiling Dragon Staff. After tossing out the Coiling Dragon Staff, Qiangu Zhangting suddenly began to glow in midair. His entire body seemed to have turned into a shining object. All the broken laws from earlier had been channelled back into his body through the Coiling Dragon Staff. He descended from the sky and stepped on the staff.

Meanwhile, although the Thunder God’s Whip had gripped the Coiling Dragon Staff, halting its descent, Tang Wulin felt as if his entire body was about to break apart. The laws around him were also rapidly breaking apart and closing up in a continuous loop. His body began to absorb the broken laws, but the Coiling Dragon Staff was producing a powerful suction force to absorb them. It channeled the broken laws into Qiangu Zhangting, nourishing him.

There was a flash of golden radiance in his eyes. Qiangu Zhangting watched as his right foot, which was on the Coiling Dragon Staff, suddenly paused for a moment. The time in the surrounding area seemed to have temporarily stopped as well.

It was not Time Backtrack but Time-space Solidification.

This was because Tang Wulin had used Time Backtrack when he was taking part in the Star Luo Empire’s Battle of Five Gods. Thus, he could not use it again without exposing his identity. Nevertheless, after his spiritual power had elevated, he was vastly different from back then. He was capable of exercising more precise control over his spiritual domain.

In that moment frozen in time, Tang Wulin roared as he raised his arms. A series of loud thunderclaps came exploding out of the center of his body.

Seven-colored lightning burst out, forcefully pushing the Coiling Dragon Staff up.

It was the elemental calamity and Seven-colored Law!

The seven-colored thunderbolt exploded with a loud boom, pushing away the Coiling Dragon Staff. Tang Wulin’s silhouette flashed as he dashed out of the Coiling Dragon Staff’s range. He used the Seven-colored Law in addition to Dragon Air to break away from the constraints.

It was only at this moment that Qiangu Zhangting’s foot finally stepped onto the Coiling Dragon Staff. The staff landed on the ground with a loud bang. With a piercing boom, the ground shook violently. Qiangu Zhangting’s entire person had turned an incandescent color.

Meanwhile, the audience members could see Tang Wulin, looking slightly dishevelled. There were sparks of light glowing on his body, blue and purple in color.

Pieces of sapphire-like battle armor surged out rapidly, covering Tang Wulin’s entire body.

It was Tang Wulin’s three-word battle armor, Dragon Moon Song. The blue-purple color of the battle armor was tainted by the lightning. This was a simple matter for Tang Wulin given his knowledge of metals and his concealing ability.

Dragon Moon Song attached to Tang Wulin’s body, and his whole aura changed abruptly. A layer of blue-purple radiance spurted out from him. It was the Dragon Air, many times more powerful than it had ever been, and it held the suction force at bay.

Thousands of lightning bolts burst out from Tang Wulin’s body, creating a storm that covered the entire arena.

It was Tang Wulin’s first attempt at a counterattack!

The incandescent radiance shimmered all over Qiangu Zhangting’s body. He had a wisp of disdain at the corner of his lips. The opponent exposed his weakness before Qiangu Zhangting’s Unyielding Staff Technique and took the lead to use his battle armor.

However, he suddenly felt an intense sense of danger. He fell back instinctively. He was surprised to find that the Coiling Dragon Staff seemed to be trying to absorb him entirely.

A blue-purple fist appeared out of thin air and punched at empty space. Under the cover of the storm, the act of pushing away the Coiling Dragon Staff was even more shocking.

“His Excellency Qiangu Zhangting has the upper hand. He took the lead and forced the opponent to unleash his three-word battle armor. Even so, His Excellency Yu Longyue’s battle armor is truly magnificent. Such complicated patterns can’t all be core circuits, can they? Even if it’s three-word battle armor, is it capable of utilizing so many core circuits? What sort of material is needed to achieve that? This match is certainly going to get more exciting. It’s also our first time seeing His Excellency Yu Longyue’s battle armor.”

Ai Fei did his best to commentate. As expected, Yu Longyue did not fall so easily. However, he was considered to be at a disadvantageous position as he was forced to unleash his battle armor first in the collision between the two soul masters.

At that point, Tang Wulin had already arrived at Qiangu Zhangting’s earlier location. He stamped his foot and stepped toward the Coiling Dragon Staff.

“Roar!” The giant white dragon soared upward and spat a mouthful of white mist at Tang Wulin.

Was this the breath that was fused with law power? Perhaps the white dragon was utterly fearless in the face of the Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon King’s aura because it had absorbed the planar law.

Tang Wulin’s lips cracked into a faint smile. He did not take the lead to unleash his battle armor because he feared Qiangu Zhangting, of course. Neither was he exhausted after enduring his attacks. It was because with the protection of his battle armor, he would be able to withstand Qiangu Zhangting’s attacks even better!

It looked as if Tang Wulin was caught off guard. He crossed his arms before his body and endured the billowing dragon’s breath. His Dragon Moon Song battle armor glowed brightly, but the Dragon Air on its surface was shrinking rapidly as if it was melting.

The Coiling Dragon Staff disappeared into thin air. Qiangu Zhangting had already appeared behind Tang Wulin’s back without his notice. He swung The Coiling Dragon Staff horizontally, savagely slamming it into Tang Wulin’s back.

Watching the scene unfold, the audience cried out in alarm as Tang Wulin was smashed to the edge like a baseball. He ferociously slammed into the protective shield in the distance with a violent bang. His entire body shook as he slid down from the shield. However, the pair of wings on his back spread open before he could fall onto the ground. He agilely somersaulted, pushing his body off the ground with the tips of his toes. He flew straight for Qiangu Zhangting in the sky.

What was this?

Qiangu Zhangting’s eyes widened in surprise. Were the defensive capabilities of Tang Wulin’s battle armor a little too much for him? It appeared as if the light of Tang Wulin’s battle armor had faded when he was struck by Qiangu Zhangting’s staff, but it did not seem to affect Tang Wulin at all!

How would Qiangu Zhangting ever know that the quality of a Divine Craftsman’s battle armor was not supposed to make sense?

How much spirit alloy was used to make Tang Wulin’s Dragon Moon Song battle armor? The soul-forged metal’s self-repairing and defensive capabilities could possibly be the best of any three-word battle armor in the entire generation. Indeed, the fact that his three-word battle armor was so powerful was what made it so difficult for him to forge his four-word battle armor.

“Why is Big Brother constantly taking hits?! This doesn’t make sense! I thought he was very upset with that boy, Qiangu Zhangting? This isn’t like him!” Xie Xie watched the competition from the viewing platform with a confused look.

He understood Tang Wulin’s battle method all too well. Tang Wulin could be described as a fiery invader. He always used his incomparably powerful outbursts to engage the enemy. It was Xie Xie’s first time seeing Tang Wulin taking a beating so passively when his opponent was no more powerful than he. Tang Wulin had never been caught in a tight corner like this even when he was fighting in the Battle of Five Gods!

“Heh-heh, foolish little boy. Look closely. It’s not as simple as it seems. My prediction is that Wulin has come across quite a boon. That staff technique is truly something interesting,” said Er Ming, chuckling as he tossed meat jerky into his mouth.

Yuanen Yehui nodded and said, “The captain is highly adept in making a breakthrough during a battle. This is nothing like his usual combat strategy, but I’m sure he knows what he’s doing.”

Er Ming spoke, “That white-shirted boy’s staff technique seems to contain a force that resists laws. I can sense the plane’s anger, but there’s nothing the plane can do. It must be a characteristic of his martial soul. The martial soul has the ability to deceive the plane. He breaks the planar law to amplify himself, and that’s how he gets such a powerful attacking ability. I don’t think that all of you can sense that through the protective shield. Yehui, I estimate that it will be very difficult for you to triumph if you were to fight against him alone. Your understanding of the law is not comprehensive enough yet.”

Slightly astonished, Yuanen Yehui glanced at the old patriarch of her clan. “He’s that impressive, huh?” Initially, she did not think much of Qiangu Zhangting’s abilities.

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