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The Battle Of Love Rivals

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“Five, four, three, two, one, begin the competition!”

The highly-anticipated competition had finally begun!

A bluish-purple electric radiance exploded from Tang Wulin’s body. Gigantic lightning strikes the size of arms arose. On the other hand, Qiangu Zhangting raised his right hand in the distance to conjure the Coiling Dragon Staff into his hand with dragon roars coming from behind him.

They did not attack each other immediately as their soul rings rose from beneath their feet.

“This is a collision battle of dominance. Both His Excellencies possessed powerful abilities. Although they did not display it during the previous competition, we believe they are both three-word battle armor masters. We’re about to witness a great battle between two three-word battle armor masters today. Before the competition today, our service staff have strengthened the protective shield of the competition stage to prevent its collapse due to the violent collisions of His Excellencies.”

They were three-word battle armor masters!

The commentator spoke swiftly while the two soul masters in the arena finally moved. The person who made the first move was Qiangu Zhangting whose anger was pent-up in his chest. He was waiting to cut his opponent into a thousand pieces.

He held the Coiling Dragon Staff in his hands. Qiangu Zhangting shot into midair at lightning speed. Piercing white light surged forth and exploded from his body. One could see the Coiling Dragon Staff in his hands enlarge rapidly to reach over a hundred meters in length. It was so huge it practically filled the whole sky.

Qiangu Zhangting turned illusory soon after. His body swelled up abruptly. His hands grabbed one end of the Coiling Dragon Staff while he arched his body back so he could slam the Coiling Dragon Staff in Tang Wulin’s direction.

The gigantic Coiling Dragon Staff which was about to shatter the entire world seemed to separate heaven and earth at this moment.

The competition had only just begun, but Qiangu Zhangting was not holding back in his initial attack. No one expected such a ferocious attack.

The raised Coiling Dragon Staff exuded an indescribable terrifying texture. The air warped in its wake. Streams of fine space rifts appeared in the remnant shadows following the Coiling Dragon Staff. It felt as if the space could no longer contain the Coiling Dragon Staff.

The staff was absolutely impressive. It was the perfect fusion of one’s essence, energy, and spirit. Qiangu Zhangting had obviously mastered the Staffsoul-ranked attack which belonged to him solely.

To be a spiriter and the designated successor of Qiangu Dongfeng, Qiangu Zhangting’s abilities were apparently more complex than they appeared.

As he was fighting against a formidable enemy such as Yu Longyue, he displayed his true abilities for the first time. He wanted to defeat the enemy with the most intense method so as to project his most powerful self!

This was the original soul skill passed down through the Qiangu Clan’s lineage known as the Combat Heaven and Earth! The Qiangu Clan was the most powerful clan with the longest lineage in the Spirit Pagoda Organization mostly because of their abilities.

The quintessential profundity of the Coiling Dragon Staff was its resilience! It acquired an unyielding spirit soul to rebel against heaven and earth’s consciousness and used its own force to resist heaven and earth. The Coiling Dragon Staff did not abide by the law to display its power like Tang Wulin or Yuanen Zhentian. Its ultimate objective was to break the law and look upon the world from heaven’s vault.

Consequently, the word ‘break’ carried a profound meaning in the unyielding consciousness. After being passed down for thousands of years through generations of improvements and refinements, the unyielding staff technique was gradually developed. In the Qiangu Clan, only those who had achieved the ranks of Title Douluo and above could comprehend the staff technique.

This was because the cultivation of the Unyielding Staff Technique was equivalent to going against heaven and earth. One would suffer immense stress without even realizing it. However, one would improve vastly with each breakthrough of the constraints.

There was a total of nine moves in the Unyielding Staff Technique. Even the current head of the Qiangu Clan, Qiangu Dongfeng had only cultivated eight moves. No one in the history of the Qiangu Clan had cultivated the ninth move successfully. It only existed in theory and was known as the move where one ascended to Godhood upon mastering it.

Qiangu Zhangting had already cultivated five moves successfully. The Combat Heaven and Earth was the first move in the Unyielding Staff Technique!

Naturally, Tang Wulin was unaware of this. Nevertheless, he was a little astonished as he watched Qiangu Dongfeng’s Coiling Dragon Staff suddenly enlarge, and in one swoop smashed at him seemingly separating heaven and earth. Tang Wulin could obviously feel the repulsion of heaven and earth in that move. In Tang Wulin’s projection of the world, he felt like heaven was about to collapse and the earth crumble.

Tang Wulin took a step forward, and he was already in the sky. He took a deep breath abruptly. Within a split second, he appeared to have lengthened. His right fist was pressed against the side of his waist. His body then made a half turn. He exerted strength with his abdomen and swung his shoulder to throw a punch!

The punch was simple and direct. It appeared utterly plain with none of the dazzling light shadows. It was akin to an ant trying to shake a tree before the gigantic Coiling Dragon Staff.

One hardly noticed that Tang Wulin’s fist had already turned bluish-purple. It was translucent and its color a clear, deep sapphire. When he threw the punch, there was a soft resonance in the air.

“Ah! That’s simplicity in a complex situation.” Those were the commentator Ai Fei’s remarks. Although he regretted his words, he was echoing his true thoughts when he saw the punch.


The collision burst forth instantaneously. In the next moment, the entire heaven and earth shook violently. For a while, everyone was shocked. A silhouette descended from the sky. It landed on the ground with a thump akin to a falling meteor. Large stretches of fissures spread outward into the surroundings with the figure at the center. The figure was none other than Tang Wulin.

On the other hand, Qiangu Zhangting’s Coiling Dragon Staff bounced into the sky. Lightning strikes appeared around the Coiling Dragon Staff. Qiangu Zhangting had returned to his normal self. However, he seemed incapable of pursuing Tang Wulin anymore.

“What a match!” Ai Fei shouted aloud in excitement once again. “The contestant Yu Longyue is smashed by the Coiling Dragon Staff to the ground while his Excellency Qiangu Zhangting is paralyzed by the lightning. Hence, he’s incapable of pursuing his opponent. This is truly the collision of a century! Everyone, take a look at the severe fissures on the ground underneath his Excellency Yu Longyue’s feet. The ground has, in fact, been specially strengthened to withstand an explosion of a fixed soul ammunition below rank-8. Yet, the damage is so severe. We can only imagine how violent the collision is between both His Excellencies.”

Tang Wulin squinted his eyes. He stood at the same spot while his body was trembling slightly. It was the effect of the Coiling Dragon Staff.

At the very moment of the collision, he felt a gush of intense consciousness radiating from Qiangu Zhangting’s Coiling Dragon Staff. It was a powerful aura that attempted to grind him seemingly. It bore an unyielding stubbornness and pride.

It was not a pure spiritual attack but a strong will to fight. Tang Wulin could not help praising his foe. ‘As expected, no one succeeds with ease. The Qiangu Clan is capable of remaining upright because of its powerful lineage. The staff is Qiangu Zhangting’s true ability!’

Similarly, Qiangu Zhangting felt surprised. Just as mentioned by the commentator Ai Fei, he felt his entire body went numb. It was not a crucial issue, however. The more critical issue was the heaven and earth power controlled by the Unyielding Staff’s consciousness seemingly refused to listen to his guidance during the momentary collision earlier. The heaven and earth power scattered and dissipated during the collision. Consequently, he did not manage to truly express the power of the Combat Heaven and Earth move.

What happened? Even though the Unyielding Staff Technique broke the law, in reality, it was still a method of utilizing the law. Only that he was capable of perfecting the move thereby enslaving the law. It was not meant to break any law at all. However, it could be accomplished to a certain extent if it occurred within a split second.

‘Yu Longyue is a formidable enemy indeed!’

Both of them had only stared at one another for a moment. Then, Tang Wulin leaped into the sky once again while Qiangu Zhangting shook the staff in his hand. Thousands of the staff’s shadows overlapped which then swept toward Tang Wulin. The staff was swung upward, then swept downward, and wielded to the side before it rolled toward Tang Wulin in an up-and-down motion.

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