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Shocking Heaven And Earth

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The staff’s shadows overlapped such that there was no way Tang Wulin could tell its true direction. In fact, Tang Wulin did not manage to sense where the attack’s explosive point was at with his spiritual power. The Unyielding Staff’s consciousness had concealed the staff’s power to perfection.

Tang Wulin had a stern expression on his face. His figure paused in the air for a moment. Bluish-purple dragon scales enshrouded his body completely within a split second as he confronted the incoming giant staff. The dragon scales glowed and reflected light akin to a mirror’s surface.

It was the Domineering Golden Dragon Body enhanced by the lightning from the Thunderclap Nether Vine.

A layer of bluish-purple radiance spurted forth from Tang Wulin’s body soon after. It was the Dragon Air!


“Ah! His Excellency Yu Longyue doesn’t even attempt to dodge nor counterattack but allow the Coiling Dragon Staff to strike him at will. Everyone, look! He is being lifted. He’s probably losing control of his body. His Excellency Qiangu Zhangting is so impressive. Oh, my god! Why’s there another Coiling Dragon Staff appearing in the air? The strike’s so powerful that it cuts a dimensional rift in the sky.”

Just as mentioned in Ai Fei’s commentary, another staff appeared in the sky when Tang Wulin was lifted by the Coiling Dragon Staff in an upward swoop. It descended from the sky in a manner which was similar to the Combat Heaven and Earth earlier. However, the staff’s fused shadows were even more terrifying than before.

It was the Shock Heaven and Earth!

It was the second move of the Unyielding Staff Technique!

Tang Wulin who appeared to be lifted by the staff only managed to pull himself up before he was tossed ferociously from the sky by the staff. He crashed to the ground and a loud boom was heard. This time, Tang Wulin was driven into the ground akin to a nail. His body from his waist down was completely smashed into the ground.


Who would have thought that the change would occur so swiftly? They appeared to be equally matched during the first attack, yet Tang Wulin was obviously struck by his opponent in the second attack. He was at a disadvantage now. Moreover, he was about to be completely defeated!

Even Ai Fei had to pause his commentary. He had been instructed to speak in favor of Qiangu Zhangting.

Nevertheless, as a professional commentator, he was just as involved in the battle. He did not wish Tang Wulin to lose the competition so quickly either!

Qiangu Zhangting was stunned. From his viewpoint, Tang Wulin should be able to withstand the attack with his cultivation base. He would not be so easily defeated. It was obvious that Tang Wulin did not have any intention to resist him!

“Not bad, no pain even. Come again!”

Just as Qiangu Zhangting felt puzzled and thought that he had won the competition, he heard Tang Wulin’s voice. He watched as Tang Wulin propped himself up and leaped out from the ground.

Tang Wulin wiped the bloodstain off the corner of his mouth. He then raised his arm and summoned Qiangu Zhangting with a gesture using his index finger!

Was he trying to provoke Qiangu Zhangting?

On the main platform, even Qiangu Dongfeng could not help feeling stunned upon witnessing the scene. He was well aware of how powerful a strike of the Shock Heaven and Earth was. When the Unyielding Staff Technique was launched, Qiangu Zhangting’s fighting ability had already achieved Hyper Douluo-rank in reality.

Yet, Tang Wulin not only withstood the attack but appeared unaffected. What was the extent of his ability to withstand such an attack? One should realize he was not cladded in any battle armor.

On the other hand, Tang Wulin felt a blazing heat on his chest. He did not expect such a situation to happen to him.

After fighting against the Combat Heaven and Earth, his body was affected by the Unyielding Staff Technique. He was in a spastic state. However, the Unyielding Staff Technique sensed the aura from his body where the law seemed to have found a home in him. Subsequently, it surged into his body.

It was not the Seven-colored Law but the purest form of origin law on the Douluo Continent plane. As the chosen one for the plane, the law acknowledged Tang Wulin to be on its side.

Under ordinary circumstances, Tang Wulin would be blessed by the law to a certain extent which allowed him to experience the law in this world. Thus, he would be able to better utilize and control the law. In one sense, the planar law was the life energy of the entire plane.

The Unyielding Staff Technique impaired the law so it could utilize the law power. It was considered an act of damaging the planar law. However, the planar law would never give its life energy to Tang Wulin no matter how blessed he was because it was the energy that powered the plane.

However, the Unyielding Staff Technique was presently causing minor damage to the law. The law power would be cast off after being utilized by Qiangu Zhangting as it could not be absorbed by him. This was the flaw underlying the Unyielding Staff Technique. It could never receive the acknowledgment of the plane regardless.

As the Nature Child, Tang Wulin who was blessed by the Douluo Continent plane became the recipient of these damaged laws.

Thus, Qiangu Zhangting felt as if the law power was dispelled after the collision with Tang Wulin earlier. In reality, the law power was not dispelled but s----d away by Tang Wulin.

The pure law power could not enhance Tang Wulin’s abilities directly, but it could ensure that Tang Wulin complemented the Douluo Continent plane. It would be immensely helpful to him should he comprehend and control heaven and earth powers.

Tang Wulin could not possibly absorb the law power in such a manner during normal cultivation. It was a difficult feat for Tang Wulin to absorb the elemental law contained in the seven-colored lightning calamity. How could Tang Wulin miss such a good opportunity now? He was worried about his lack of understanding toward the law which resulted in his inability to continue fusing his other abilities so he could create more Dragon Emperor Forbidden Laws.

With the fusion of the pure heaven and earth law, it would be helpful for his original Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law without a doubt. Hence, he chose to court danger by withstanding Qiangu Zhangting’s second staff move head-on.

The Unyielding Staff Technique was truly powerful such that Tang Wulin was injured when he resisted the attack by force. At present, his arms were in pain while his internal organs were shaken.

Yet, he embraced the fusion of the planar law after the breakage in a profound manner, and the feeling was wonderful. His spiritual power had already achieved the Thought Concretization level so he felt it even more vividly. In fact, the Seven-colored Law inside his body was also affected to a certain level as it underwent changes under the influence of the process. The spirit souls inside his body were all cheering in excitement.

For the spirit souls, the planar power available on the main plane was the best nourishment for them. The nourishment was not used for elevation of their cultivation bases but their sublimation.

When a living creature cultivated to a certain extent, the creature’s quantitative accumulation would need to have an outburst of qualitative change. Yet in reality, a qualitative change could occur within a split second, but it would be the most difficult process ever. Planar laws worked at the juncture of such sublimation.

Just like how the abyssal plane wished to invade the Douluo Continent plane, the ordinary abyssal creatures yearned for the life force available on the Douluo Continent the most. The abyssal King-Emperor that was the lord of the abyssal plane wished to devour the Douluo Continent’s planar law even more. He wished to elevate and evolve himself by devouring the law on the main plane.

Tang Wulin was absorbing something that the lord of the abyssal plane wished to absorb. Although the amount was not much, even the tiny bit obtained through the collision with the Unyielding Staff Technique was important!

It was for this reason that although Tang Wulin wanted to defeat his love rival, Qiangu Zhangting as soon as possible, he chose to resist the attacks without the slightest hesitation because it felt amazing to be smashed by the Coiling Dragon Staff. He had successfully cultivated the Body Sect’s Innate Secret Technique in addition to his physical quality which was guarded by the Golden Dragon. He managed to withstand the attack surprisingly.

When Qiangu Zhangting saw Tang Wulin’s provocative hand gesture, his first reaction was not rage but disbelief.

‘How is that possible? How can a person possibly resist his Unyielding Staff Technique and behave as if he isn’t affected at all, without being cladded in battle armor, then attempt to provoke me?’

‘It doesn’t make sense, right? Is he still human? What sort of defense is that?’

Tang Wulin took a deep breath. His Dragon Core pulsated violently and spurted out the blood essence which circulated throughout his body. His injuries were suppressed at once. The pain he felt in his arms was reduced soon after.

“Your staff is very weak, huh!” He mocked Qiangu Zhangting once more.

Tang Wulin wished to undergo another attack from Qiangu Zhangting now because he would be able to absorb an even higher amount of planar law if he was directly struck by the staff.

A cold radiance glimmered in Qiangu Zhangting’s eyes. The Coiling Dragon Staff in his hand was raised upright. Then, it suddenly broke out from his grasp and shot straight for Tang Wulin. The Coiling Dragon Staff swelled up rapidly in the air. The embossed dragon on the staff seemed to come alive. It transformed into a white giant dragon that coiled and spun around the Coiling Dragon Staff.

With the Coiling Dragon Staff as its center, the law in the surroundings was being distorted violently. Tang Wulin could feel the law broken once again. Then, the giant dragon opened its mouth to devour and channel the power into the Coiling Dragon Staff once again. The Coiling Dragon Staff itself was becoming larger. It glowed brightly just like a gigantic light pillar. Then, it landed brazenly.

‘I can’t withstand that by force!’

A sense of crisis arose in his mind. Tang Wulin dashed to the side in a flash without the slightest hesitation.

However, a powerful pulling force radiated from the Coiling Dragon Staff. It felt like a formless shackle that had Tang Wulin trapped. Soon after, the surrounding air turned dense and sticky that he could not even move a single step.

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