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The Ultimate Showdown

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Lan Fozi stood at the side of the competition stage with a cold look on her face. She did not head over to the rest area today because she did not wish to meet that boy nor talk to him at all. For some unknown reason, she would lose her temper when she faced that boy despite being mild-mannered.

‘Is he going to win today?’

‘He will never win for sure! Hmm, serve him right!’

Lan Fozi was cursing him relentlessly in her heart.


In the rest area, Tang Wulin sneezed. He rubbed his nose and looked helplessly outside. Someone was cursing him! When one’s spiritual cultivation base had achieved a certain level, one would be able to sense such matters vaguely.

Qiangu Zhangting was seated on a sofa that was placed slightly away from Tang Wulin. His eyes were closed to conserve his spirit. Meanwhile, the rest of the contestants were behaving more like the audience. Tang Wulin and Qiangu Zhangting managed to win all eight rounds. This meant that the other contestants no longer had any chance to win. At the end, only one of them would represent group number three to become the Silver Dragon Princess’ choice.

Hence, the remaining contestants were seated further away. They had all sparred against these two on separate occasions, so they were well aware of their incredible power.

To say that they looked at Qiangu Zhangting with respect would mean that they were in awe of Tang Wulin. After all, the abilities displayed by Tang Wulin were even more violent than Qiangu Zhangting’s.

Today, the Blue Electric Overlord Dragon would collide with the Coiling Dragon Staff. The victor and loser were both equally important.

There was no telling how the organizer made his decisions. Perhaps, it was because the high-ranking officers who came to watch the battle had limited time, the battle between Tang Wulin and Qiangu Zhangting was scheduled as the first round of the day. The entire Mingdu Coliseum was filled to the brim. Everyone was eagerly anticipating this great battle which was reputed to be the clash of the century.

Both of them were young and their abilities were incredibly powerful. There was no doubt that they would become the most powerful soul masters on the continent in the near future. One was truly fortunate to bear witness to the battle between the two. It would undoubtedly make for a fortuitous memory.

“Dear audience, welcome to the Mingdu Coliseum. I believe that the audience have anticipated the following competition for a very long time. That’s right. It’s going to be the clash of the century. It’s the collision between the two strongest powerhouses of group number three. In fact, it’s been speculated that the Silver Dragon Princess would most likely choose her man from group number three.”

“I believe there is no need for any further introduction on the two powerhouses in today’s showdown. Before the competition begins, please allow me to repeat the rules for the Joust For A Spouse Festival.”

“As we approach the final round of the round-robin competition, the festival is nearing its end. When all the competitions are over, the top contestant of each group will be among the top ten finalists. The Silver Dragon Princess Miss Gu Yuena will choose one of them to be her lover. At the same time, these ten contestants will be given a chance to pitch themselves before her. They will be allowed to present Miss Gu Yuena with gifts while exhibiting their abilities to capture Miss Gu Yuena’s interest.”

“The chosen one will undoubtedly be the luckiest man alive. So, let’s anticipate the arrival of that moment together. Next, we’re about to determine the victor of group number three in the competition which is going to commence immediately. Whether it is the Blue Electric Overlord Dragon who’s more skilled or the Coiling Dragon Staff who’ll make a clean sweep, let’s bear witness to the match. Dear audience and friends, don’t blink lest you miss out the details!”

The commentator was successful in piquing up the audience. The atmosphere was heating up akin to a volcano about to erupt. The cheering and shouting which were as loud as seismic waves went on continuously as the audience chanted the names of the two contestants.

The lighting inside the Mingdu Coliseum began to dim. It was still morning, but the coliseum used its advanced equipment to block out the sunlight which made the sky dark as night.

On both sides of the competition stage, two bright columns of light pillars descended from the sky to illuminate the ends of the two passages. Two silhouettes appeared in front of the audience.

The cheering grew louder reaching a crescendo.

Tang Wulin stood on the left flank while Qiangu Zhangting was on the right of the competition stage. There was a clear distinction between the two as they stood gazing at one another from a distance.

Although the competition stage was massive, they could still sense one another’s aura.

Qiangu Zhangting remained dressed in his white combat attire. He appeared to be extremely neat. His eyes were brimming with vigor. He looked majestic like a lofty mountain, simultaneously appearing as deep as the abyss.

Tang Wulin was no different from his usual appearance. He raised his head ever so slightly whenever he wore Yu Longyue’s disguise to maintain his arrogance and confidence.

“Yu Longyue, Yu Longyue, Yu Longyue…” The cheering was deafening. Although more banners were designated to Qiangu Zhangting, more people were chanting the name ‘Yu Longyue’.

The fans from both sides competed against one another. They shouted the names of the contestants whom they supported at the top of their voices.

“Next, please welcome our two Excellencies to enter the scene.”

The light pillars shifted. Tang Wulin and Qiangu Zhangting each ascended the competition stage via the staircases located on both sides of the competition stage. For them, today’s competition could possibly be their final battle in this year’s Joust For A Spouse Festival. Only one of them would qualify to be the top ten finalists. However, the Silver Dragon Princess Gu Yuena may not necessarily fight against these challengers to test their abilities.

Hence, it would also be the final opportunity for them to display their abilities.

Tang Wulin walked onto the competition stage and turned his head to look toward the main platform. Although he could not see her, he sensed her presence there.

A faint smile emerged on his face soon after. He completely neglected Qiangu Zhangting who was standing opposite him. Instead, he waved in the direction of the main platform.

At present, the protective shield was activated. The voice of the commentator was isolated to the outside.

“Wow, everyone look. His Excellency Yu Longyue is waving toward the main platform. Moreover, he is smiling confidently, or should I say that’s a mysterious smile. It seems like he’s very confident of himself! Would doing this make him appear a little coquettish? Doesn’t he know he’s making a bad impression of himself for Miss Gu Yuena?” The commentator had revealed the home court advantage at the moment. Apparently, no matter how fair or just a competition was, it would still be biased toward Qiangu Zhangting.

Gu Yuena had seen Tang Wulin’s smile, of course. A mysterious smile? What was he smiling about?

She who had always understood Tang Wulin the most found herself feeling slightly confused as to why Tang Wulin was smiling at the moment. Even though he was in disguise, she felt Tang Wulin’s smile came from his heart.

All at once, Gu Yuena felt a little stunned. It was truly a mysterious smile!

Only Tang Wulin knew the reason for his smile. His confidence came from his feelings for Gu Yuena. It was during an earlier moment when he sensed the Golden Dragon scale around Gu Yuena’s neck. It was the reverse scale which was plucked from him when he was in his Blood Golden Dragon state back in the beginning.

Yes, she had the Golden Dragon scale on her all along. No matter how stubborn and reluctant she was, no matter the fear that existed between them, she had no choice but to admit her feelings for him. That was enough for him.

It was precisely after all the reminiscing that Tang Wulin’s smile widened. What could make him happier than knowing that? His confidence grew to an unprecedented level.

On the other hand, Qiangu Zhangting standing opposite him had not changed his expression. However, he was on the verge of exploding from rage. ‘This boy is always so infuriating. Does he truly think that he will win for sure?’

Qiangu Zhangting scoffed coldly. His voice echoed on the competition stage which could only be heard by Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin turned his head around and frowned. “Why are you crying like a ghost?”

Qiangu Zhangting spoke coldly, “It’s utterly meaningless to make empty talk. I’ll have you know who’s qualified to be her man later.”

Tang Wulin smiled calmly. “I know because that person will be me precisely. It has always been me, not you.”

Qiangu Zhangting laughed coldly. He did not continue to speak. It was apparent that he did not wish to quarrel with Tang Wulin anymore.

At the moment, the battle was being streamed throughout the entire Douluo Continent via the internet and television channels. In order to boost the popularity of the Joust For A Spouse Festival, the Spirit Pagoda tried to increase its coverage and publicized the broadcast.

“The competition is about to begin. The two Excellencies, be prepared.” The referee’s voice was heard.

With the cultivation bases of Tang Wulin and Qiangu Zhangting, there was no need for any further preparations. Whatever was needed was already done prior to the competition.

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