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Xiao Wu And Tang Wutong

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Er Ming’s excited expression reduced by a little. Da Ming nodded and pointed his right hand into the air to conjure a stream of light shadow.

It was a woman with long hair and a slim figure. She had a pair of big eyes that were filled with spirit and intelligence. She had a pair of long, slender legs and a sweet smile on her charming face. Her long hair was tied at the back of her head in the form of a scorpion braid. Her long brown-red hair swayed gently in the breeze with an unspeakable charm and exquisiteness.

Tang Wulin’s vision was blurred by the tears formed in his eyes as he watched her bright yet spiritual eyes. “Mother, mother!”

Tears streamed down his face without his control. He had finally seen her now. Even though it was just an image but he had finally seen his mother!

An electric current flowed from his coccyx all the way until the top of his head. The feeling made him trembled from the bottom of his heart.

It was just an image yet it felt as if Tang Wulin had been brought back to his mother’s side. He seemed to be able to hear his mother’s calling in his ears.

In this world, there was nothing more joyful than being loved by one’s mother. Nothing could ever replace a mother’s love.

When Tang Wulin was young, he received love from Lan Yue. At present, he was granted a mother’s love from the Holy Spirit Douluo Yali. Yet, neither of them was his birth mother after all!

Even though he had managed to take a glance yet the silhouette was already imprinted into the deepest part of his heart clearly. It was imprinted so deeply into his heart.

Da Ming and Er Ming could not help feeling dispirited after seeing how much Tang Wulin cried. As compared to Tang Wulin, Tang Wutong was much luckier. Even when she first arrived on the Douluo Continent back then, she had always received her parents’ protection in secret. On the other hand, Tang Wulin could only depend on himself for everything.

The scene changed. A maiden with long blue hair appeared by the side of the woman earlier. She leaned on the woman’s shoulder with a sweet smile on her face and they appeared more like sisters. She smiled sweetly and her appearance was at least sixty percent similar to the woman. However, she had an additional portion of a heroic spirit.

There was no need for Tang Wulin to ask as he had already guessed that the women should be his sister Tang Wutong.

That was his mother and his sister. They were his closest relatives!

Even he had lost count of time as he stared into the image before he finally closed his eyes. He spent the moment trying to engrave their silhouettes into his mind.

“Thank you, uncles. Uncle Er Ming, let’s go.”

Da Ming and Er Ming could see the determination in Tang Wulin’s eyes. Even though he did not speak anymore but there was no doubt that he had already made up his mind to find his parents and sister in the future. They had seen a similar expression on Tang San in the past on more than one occasion.

Er Ming wrapped his arm around Tang Wulin’s shoulder. “Don’t stress out yourself too much. You’re still young and you still have a lot of time. Moreover, you must believe in your father. He is the true proud son of heavens beyond his time. He has managed to withstand many violent storms and waves. Just like how you’re missing him, they’ve always been missing you too. So they will be back for sure! A target as bright and clear as the Douluo Continent will be much easier for them to look for than you go searching for them.”

“Hmm, I understand.” Tang Wulin nodded strenuously.

Light shadow shimmered as rays became distorted due to the effect of planar power as they slowly vanished into thin air.

Da Ming frowned ever so slightly as if he was pondering on something as he watched their departing silhouettes. It had taken a very long while before he finally heaved a sigh. He muttered to himself. “There are some things that are best kept hidden from him.”

Yuanen Yehui had an icy cold expression on her face as she watched the opponent before herself.

It was her third round of competition in the round-robin matches today. Her opponent was a Soul Douluo-ranked powerhouse.

Even though she was an eight-ringed soul master, she remained to be one of the most popular contestants in the round-robin match stage. She was placed in group number eight. After the ongoing Joust For A Spouse Festival these days, she was already reputed to be a Title Douluo even when she was not one. Some had even said that she was the most powerful powerhouse below Title Douluo.

Her utilization of the Cloud Vortex Divine Punch had already achieved perfection. She would only need the sublimation by one step further now.

She had been especially quiet for the past few days after meeting her grandfather the other day, especially after learning about the stories of her parents. After her departure from so many years, she had already attempted to forget those matters as much as possible. However, she had only understood that there were certain matters that could not be so easily forgotten no matter how hard she tried when her grandfather appeared.

Every midnight for the past few days, the memories of her father’s fragile expression lingered in her mind as always. She could clearly remember his extremely unhappy outlook as if there was nothing else to live for.

At the time, her heart was filled with the enmity of her deceased mother. She loathed everything by her side and left her home without hesitation to enter Shrek. From the day she entered Shrek Academy, she had not returned to her home even once.

It was until that very day that she had truly understood that the matters that took place back then was not out of choice! Had it not been because of her, her father would have already left chasing after her deceased mother! Yet, it had been over a decade. She had never returned to visit him, not even once.

There was an unspeakable pain in her heart every time she thought about it. She was truly feeling quite eager to return home now so that she could visit her father. However, she had always been a person that was super responsible so she could only leave after completing the matters on hand first.

As a result, her first reaction after seeing the opponent that she was supposed to fight against today was to defeat the opponent using the quickest speed. In fact, it even felt like she wanted to destroy the opponent.

Her opponent was a large and fleshy soul master. He appeared chubby just like a large ball. Even the audience members wondered how could a person of this outlook have the confidence to take part in Joust For A Spouse Festival? Could it be that the Silver Dragon Princess would choose him as her spouse?

Not that they were discriminating against fat men, but they would always feel that his outlook did not match with the Silver Dragon Princess.


Soon after the start of the competition was announced, the fat man on the opposite side moved. Despite his large and fleshy physique, this person was an Agility-type battle soul master just like Xie Xie. Yes, he was skilled in triumphing with speed.

His ball-like body shot out at lightning speed like an enormous cannonball. He shot towards Yuanen Yehui’s direction. Moreover, he was spinning while he was shooting out.

This person had an extremely unusual martial soul. It was precisely a ball, an ordinary rubber ball. It seemed like the martial soul had undergone some variation during his cultivation process which resulted in such a powerful strength.

Yuanen Yehui watched closely. As the person whose fighting capacity was just below Tang Wulin among the Shrek Seven Monsters, her fighting method had always been to brace the difficulty.

She walked forward with great strides and braced the opponent.

The ball-shaped soul master landed on the ground before he began bouncing. It was so ghastly that he was not bouncing forward upon landing on the ground due to his high-speed spinning, but he cut out an arc line in the sky as he slammed towards Yuanen Yehui from the side-front angle.

It was his first soul skill, the banana ball!

The biggest characteristic of this soul skill was its unpredictability. The ball-type soul master was capable of launching an attack from any direction and any angle under his control.

Yuanen Yehui stopped walking. She went from moving to being completely halted all of a sudden as she remained standing on the same spot without budging. The best method to fight against an opponent that moved at high speed like this was to remain unmoved. She would launch a counterattack when the opponent’s attack arrived right before herself. This was because it would be very difficult for the opponent to attempt to change his attacking method by then.

She watched as the huge ball had already arrived before herself. Then, Yuanen Yehui swung her right fist. However, it was ghastly when the ball-shaped soul master suddenly descended then bounced up once again when he was only two meters away from Yuanen Yehui. Then, he pushed his body closely onto the ground and surprisingly slammed straight towards her legs.

At this very moment, the ball-shaped soul master’s body had completely turned into a fresh red color. It was his second soul skill, the exploding ball!

Yuanen Yehui subconsciously fell back by half a step as her other hand smashed towards the ground. However, the ball-shaped soul master suddenly stopped moving. He paused on the spot when he was only one meter away from Yuanen Yehui. He remained spinning at high speed on the same spot. The fiery red of his body immediately turned into a translucent orange-red color with high temperature bursting from his body.

The ball-shaped soul master had only engaged in a sudden outburst when Yuanen Yehui’s punch missed. He arrived before her in a split second.

Whether it was his control of rhythm or soul skill, this person could be described as shaking as he pleased.

Yuanen Yehui raised her left leg and bent her knee. She used her knee to block the explosive impact.

A ghastly scene appeared once again. Another gigantic ball soundlessly emerged behind her and slammed towards the center of her back ferociously.

It was his fifth soul skill, the Mother-son Balls!

This was the true killing strike. At the same time when all the attention was attracted by the ball-shaped soul master in front, the attack that came from the back was actually even more violent.

Meanwhile, no one had noticed but there was a burly man with a tall and huge figure standing by the side of the stage as he watched everything on the competition stage with a burning gaze!

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