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Little Girl

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The ball-shaped soul master in front of Yuanen Yehui took the lead and slammed into her knee. A violent booming noise was heard as the area with thirty meters with Yuanen Yehui as its center produced a violent explosion followed by a second booming noise. The second noise was even louder and more violent than the first. There was even a mushroom cloud that rose from the spot where Yuanen Yehui was standing earlier. The sight was terrifying.

‘Has he succeeded?’

The audience members were watching in astonishment. Yuanen Yehui had been placed in a completely passive state from the beginning of the battle. She was actually struck head-on by the opponent’s attack. Both of them were eight-ringed Soul Douluos so these attacks were definitely terrifying!

However, a third booming noise was heard soon after and the audience members were feeling shocked at the same time as the ground started shaking violently.

A ball-shaped object bored out from the mushroom cloud and a silhouette appeared in midair.

The audience members watched as the arising mushroom cloud spun at a high speed before transforming into a gigantic vortex. The vortex squeezed towards the middle in the next moment and the ball-shaped object was spurted out from the vortex like a cannonball. It slammed straight into the dome-shaped protective shield of the competition stage and then bounced down in a split second before ferociously smashing onto the ground. It had even sunk into it.


The vortex dispersed off and revealed Yuanen Yehui’s silhouette. She appeared to be the same as before. In fact, even her clothes remained tidy as ever and there was a layer of faint yellow radiance that misted around her body.

The yellow radiance spun around at high speed as it slowly faded in the air.

Yuanen Yehui suddenly used her right foot to stomp against the ground. The entire competition stage violently shook as the ball-shaped soul master was bounced back from the earthquake in the distance. Then, the audience members watched as Yuanen Yehui swung her arm and threw a punch.

The punch that appeared to be blasting into the air completely warped the entire space. It was pure strength!

After watching how Yuanen Zhentian blasted three punches at Tang Wulin the other day, Yuanen Yehui was moved. Even though her punch did not contain any law power, it was already as overbearing as the attack launched by Yuanen Zhentian on the other day.

The ball-shaped soul master’s body had already transformed into a orange-yellow ball when he was bounced back. It was his martial soul avatar. At this moment, a layer of same-colored crystal was attached to the surface of the ball as he dared not have the slightest bit of reservation anymore. It was his two-word battle armor!

However, everything that was brought out by the ball-shaped soul master was still useless in face of Yuanen Yehui’s punch!

When the warped radiance enshrouded his body, he was not blasted right away but his body was suspended in midair in a ghastly manner.

The ball-shaped soul master appeared to be beaten tragically earlier but in reality, his sixth soul skill was known as the bouncing ball. He was capable of using the ball’s elasticity to reduce the attacking ability applied by the opponent by a large extent. As a result, he was not considered severely injured.

However, it was different this time. He could obviously feel that the air surrounding his body was violently squeezing towards him. His body and even his two-word battle armor were being squeezed and compressed yet he was rendered completely helpless and could not struggle free at all.

He had truly understood the immense disparity between himself and Yuanen Yehui for real at this moment. The opponent was capable of suppressing him to such a state that even his battle armor was rendered useless by the opponent despite not having utilized her own battle armor.

Below the competition stage, a burly man watched the scene in excitement. Moreover, he strenuously was swinging his fist. “Very well, that’s the way. The utilization of strength is never unitary. It can be used to squeeze oneself, squeeze one’s strength, squeeze the air and squeeze the space. That’s right. That’s precisely how it should be done. Hah-hah-hah, she is my little girl after all!”

“Boom…” A violent booming noise exploded in a split second. It felt just like the ball-shaped soul master had turned his body into a bomb that suddenly detonated itself in the air.

Yellow radiance scattered everywhere. The ball-shaped soul master’s chubby body burst forth with layers of crystal yellow radiance as he started trembling profusely.

Light shadow flashed and Yuanen Yehui had already arrived before him. Her right fist stopped right in front of his head that had once again transformed back into human form.

The ball-shaped soul master could only feel as his entire body was profusely sweating cold sweat in an instant. Even his clothes were drenched in it. He felt as if he was not being confronted by a person but a beast.

He had never before experienced such terror that the punch earlier brought him. It was definitely not a simple punch and it exuded attacking ability from all directions. The stress produced from strength was actually so powerful such that his two-word battle armor was about to break down. On the other hand, the opponent did not even unleash her battle armor at all. The disparity between them was truly quite immense.

Yuanen Yehui was feeling slightly confused too. She had never expected that she could defeat the enemy and achieve victory so easily by throwing that punch earlier. However, she followed her feelings as she threw the punch. She felt as if she had comprehended something. She felt as if there was some external strength that was infused into her punch so her comprehension of strength instantaneously became more profound.

Even she had yet to realize that this was the law strength and it was her comprehension of law strength. She had already begun to approach the edge of understanding law strength.

“I surrender.” The ball-shaped soul master did not have the slightest intention of continuing the battle anymore. It was too terrifying. He was afraid that his battle armor would breakdown and he would be severely injured had he taken one more punch.

Yuanen Yehui calmly retracted her punch and stood upright in the center of the competition stage. She only turned around and walked down from the competition stage after the referee announced the result of the competition. On the other hand, she was completely immersed in the feeling of throwing that punch earlier at present.

That punch felt like she was offering everything she had. Yes, it was precisely offering everything that she had! Just like how her mother would not mind committing suicide for her father back then, just like how his father was willing to be buried alive for her mother. Had it not been because of her, her father would have already killed herself. Her grandfather crippled her father’s cultivation base in order to prevent him from doing something stupid!

Gathering all her emotions, feelings, and strength and then intertwining them together to form the real vortex. It was a vortex of strength, and also emotion.

“Little girl!” A loud shout was heard. Yuanen Yehui abruptly stopped and raised her head to look up just in time to see a burly man with a strong physique.

The burly man widened his mouth and cracked into a smile. Then, he waved toward her.

Yuanen Yehui was stunned for a moment. She could absolutely confirm that she was not acquainted with this person at all. However, the way this person waved looked very familiar to her.

She subconsciously walked over while frowning slightly. “Are you calling me?”

“That punch earlier is quite impressive! Very impressive!” The burly man burst out laughing aloud. He raised his hand in an attempt to pat on her shoulder.

Yuanen Yehui had a vigilant expression on her face. She raised her left hand and blocked the opponent’s incoming patting palm in an uncourteous manner.

Their arms collided and a ghastly scene appeared. Yuanen Yehui did not exert her full strength because of her lack of awareness of the opponent’s background. The strength on her arm was contained but not unleashed. Yet, when their arms collided into one another, she discovered in astonishment that a gush of suction force radiated from the opponent’s arm. It completely s----d away the strength in her arm, and then the opponent patted her shoulder in an all natural manner.

Yuanen Yehui’s entire body stiffened as soon as she was patted by the man.

What was happening? If the opponent truly had any ill intention, that strike earlier could have possibly been fatal. How powerful was this person in order to be able to do this?

“Don’t be nervous. I’m on your side. Wulin brought me here,” the burly man said as he chuckling. The air in the surrounding naturally became constricted so that soundwaves would not be transmitted to the outside.

Yuanen Yehui had only relaxed down upon hearing Wulin’s name. Since the person was aware of her relationship to Wulin, then the person was truly on her side.

“Let’s go. We shall discuss when we’re back.” The burly man touched his head with an excited expression on his face. However, Yuanen Yehui could tell by the look of this person’s eyes that this person had found a precious toy.

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