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Er Ming’s Descendant

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“What did you say?” Er Ming’s hand that was supposed to be tapping Tang Wulin’s shoulder suddenly turned into a grasp. He tightly grabbed Tang Wulin’s shoulder as his emotions underwent immense changes.

Da Ming slapped away Er Ming’s hand. “What are you doing, be gentle. What’s going on? Tell us, Wulin.”

It was only then that Tang Wulin explained everything he knew on the matters related to Yuanen Yehui and also the Yuanen Clan.

“Er Ming!” Da Ming’s gaze turned substantial after hearing Tang Wulin’s words.

Er Ming’s face abruptly blushed scarlet. He appeared to be a little embarrassed despite his powerful abilities.

“I… Big brother, I didn’t do anything bad. It was just that one time when I saved that maiden. We had just returned not that long and we were already in our human form. Then, then the maiden kept following me. I didn’t know what happened either…”

Tang Wulin could still make out what happened after listening to Er Ming’s rather unclear description. It seemed like Yuanen Clan was truly related to him! Moreover, Yuanen Clan’s lineage seemed to be produced as the result of Er Ming and a human girl.

Da Ming was enraged. “I’m not angry because of what you did but I’m angry because you abused a girl and then abandoned her. You have never mentioned this matter to me.”

“Me? I abused and abandoned her?” Er Ming widened his eyes in surprise. He spoke with a wronged expression, “Big brother, please let me clarify the situation. I never abused and abandoned her. Frankly, I truly did experience joy from the maiden’s body that I had never experienced before so how would I possibly abuse her and then abandon her? At that time, I truly understood why Xiao Wu was dead set on following Tang San. The feeling of being in love in the world of humankind was truly quite impressive. However, who would have known that the person I met was so different from the person Xiao Wu met?”

“Not only had I never abused her, but I was the one that was abandoned in the end. The maiden was with me for less than a month. I was truly joyous every moment at that time. Yet, she suddenly left me one day. She did not even say anything before she left but just left me a note saying that our fate had ended. Brother, I feel wronged!”

Er Ming’s eyes reddened at this point.

Da Ming could not help feeling bewildered upon hearing Da Ming’s words. It had already been a very long time since these two had been together. Da Ming had a very good understanding of Er Ming’s personality. He understood very well that this brother of his would never lie to him. It seemed like Er Ming was still deeply hurt by this event even after such a long period of time.

“Then, why haven’t you told me about this matter before?” Da Ming asked in puzzlement.

Er Ming showed a depressed expression. “What’s there to talk about in such an embarrassing situation. I’m a majestic Beast King yet I was abused and then abandoned by someone. How is that good for my reputation? I’m too embarrassed to talk about it. I never heard from the maiden anymore. I only recalled after hearing the surname ‘Yuanen’. Back then, I told her that my name was ‘Yuanen Mingde’. The surname ‘Yuanen’ was referring to primeval favor. We are all gifted with the gift of being alive because of the most primeval favor given by nature and that was how I got the name. I didn’t expect her to be pregnant with my child. I truly don’t get it! Why would she leave? I would have been the happiest man if she hadn’t left me!”

Da Ming spoke in an unpleasant tone, “Happiest my *ss. It’s your problem for bringing trouble to yourself after being bored. Our life energy is endless but what about mankind? Only about over one hundred years. Could it be that you’ll still be happy when she grows old and dies?”

Er Ming spoke in bewilderment, “I, I actually never thought about this before. Only that I, I actually have descendants. Big brother, I have surprisingly left behind descendants. This is simply, simply…”

Da Ming was feeling rather helpless as he looked at Er Ming speaking incoherently. However, there was a dash of sorrow that simultaneously flashed past the bottom of his eyes too.

Da Ming did not have any descendants! In reality, not that he did not want one but he had painstakingly cultivated when he was young so he could grow more powerful. Back then, one would be destroyed for not being powerful enough in Great Star Dou Forest. An existential crisis had always stressed him into cultivating harder. Yet, there was already no more suitable companion available for him after he had truly become powerful enough. He was a variant himself. There was only one Azure Oxpython and it was him. There was utterly no other creatures of his same species. On the other hand, creatures of different species would almost never copulate in soul beasts’ world. Moreover, he was a Beast King beyond his time. He would never degrade himself to do so.

It seemed like it was only possible for him to produce offspring by copulating with mankind judging from the current situation. This was because they could be considered as human beings to a certain sense after being resurrected by Tang San in the Divine Realm.

It was impossible for him not to feel envy after learning that Er Ming had descendants! The older he grew, the more he hoped that he had descendants by his side.

Tang Wulin was similarly feeling happy. If Yuanen Yehui had this person here as her first ancestor, it was a great thing of course. This signified that the relationship between Titan Giant Ape Clan and himself would be much closer so there was a higher possibility that this would be helpful for Tang Sect and Shrek in the future. They would be allies at least.

Yuanen Zhentian was a Limit Douluo-ranked powerhouse. Moreover, he was quasigod-ranked. Where there was the limitation of planar law, even if Er Ming was more powerful than Yuanen Zhentian, he would not be that much powerful in reality.

“Uncle Er Ming, so can the issue with Yuanen Yehui be solved? What do we do with the Fallen Angel bloodline in her body?”

Da Ming had already answered without waiting for Er Ming. “This is a seed left behind by the demonic plane on Douluo Continent. Do they really think that they can link up to the Douluo plane just by using this method? This is simply a joke. The demonic plane is not even as powerful as the abyssal plane. There’s nothing wrong with the Fallen Angel but the crucial issue is the link it has with the demonic plane. If we can break that link, then it will just be a martial soul. There’s no need for anybody else to do that actually. You’re precisely the most suitable person to do so!”

“Me?” Tang Wulin pointed to himself with a confused expression.

Da Ming smiled. “Of course it’s going to be you. This is because only you have a real divine weapon. It can either be the Golden Trident, the Dragon Slaying Saber or the Golden Dragon Spear. They all have the ability to cut off the link between planes, especially the Golden Trident left behind by your father. That is the weapon of a Godking. You will only need to cut off the link between the Fallen Angel and demonic plane and then let the demonic plane sense the Godking’s aura emitted from the Golden Trident. That will startle them to death. How will they even have the audacity to descend with the aid of Yuanen Yehui.”

With age comes wisdom! Tang Wulin immediately became enlightened for he had never expected that he could use this method to solve this issue. This was awesome.

Er Ming standing by the side could not refrain himself from anxiously jumping anymore. “Where, where is that little girl? Take me there so I can take a look. I have descendants. Hah-hah, I have descendants! Wulin, you’re truly my lucky star.”

After sensing his heartfelt joy, Tang Wulin could not help feeling warm and joyous in his heart too. The two men before himself were real friends of his parents! Just as mentioned by Da Ming and Er Ming, they would be treating him like their nephew. It was definitely a good thing for him to have these two men as his uncles.

“Go, go. You’ve lived for so many years but you’re still the same.” Da Ming waved his hand with slight helplessness.

Er Ming burst out laughing aloud. “Big brother, I’ll bring her back and show her to you in a while. Hah-hah-hah, I have descendants. This is awesome. It has already been millenniums before I felt so much joy! Wulin, is that little girl of mine pretty too? I wonder if she is as pretty as your sister. No, I’ll be satisfied if she is half as pretty as your sister. That maiden back then was truly rather pretty.”

The corners of Tang Wulin’s lips twitched. “Uncles, can you show me how my mother and sister looked!”

His eyes were reddening when he spoke of those words. He had never seen his birth parents since his birth. What more could be more inhumane than this?

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