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Prove Your Identity

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Tang Wulin frowned ever so slightly. He had the personality of someone who would rather break than bend. In an instant, the stubbornness in his heart burst forth. He pursed his lips tightly and divine radiance shimmered in his eyes. “Suppressing others with your powers. Even if you two were really friends of my parents, I don’t like you either.”

Somewhat taken aback, the Azure Oxpython and the Titan Giant exchanged looks and burst into laughter.

“So what is your decision?” asked the Azure Oxpython indifferently.

Tang Wulin suddenly laughed too. “Even though I don’t like you, I’ll still prove to you that my life is not just my own, as it also belongs to my companions, Shrek and the Tang Sect. I’m going to live. More importantly, I’m going to look for my parents, sister and family in the future. I have yet to meet them in person, so how can I die at this point?”

Stubbornness could not be regarded as a virtue after all, and it was nothing to be proud of. Tang Wulin had already learned this principle well after his experience on the Demon Island years ago. Back then, he learned that weighing a matter was most crucial. One must know the importance of something.

Before his training on the Demon Island, perhaps Tang Wulin would fight to the death and choose to break rather than bend. However, he became mature after the Demon Island. The development of his mental state allowed him to consider each issue on a wider scale. A great man knows when to yield.

Fighting to the death was a heroic act, but what about the Tang Sect? What about Shrek? What about his parents? What about his companions? How many consequences would result from his momentary impulsiveness?

Thus, he did not plan to fight against these two when he told the Titan Giant Ape that he was Tang San’s son.

“That’s rather interesting. So prove it to us now. It seems like you’re very confident,” said the Azure Oxpython as calmly as before.

Tang Wulin spoke, “If you think that the Bluesilver Emperor is the only one in the world and recognize my identity through it, then there’s some other things that both of you should recognize even more. For example, this!”

As he spoke, he raised his right hand and there was a shimmer of golden radiance. A golden stream spread to two sides simultaneously in his hand and transformed into an incomparably sharp spike. Golden light circulated around the long, slim spear, while a giant dragon coiled its way around it!

“Is that the Golden Dragon Spear?” the words escaped the Titan Giant Ape’s mouth after seeing it.

“That’s not right. It’s different from what the Golden Dragon Spear was before. When the little witch wielded it in the past, it didn’t seem as sharp as it is now.” The Azure Oxpython looked at the spear in Tang Wulin’s hand with a burning gaze.

Tang Wulin answered, “That is because I’ve sharpened it. The Golden Dragon Spear is supposed to be made from the Golden Dragon King or the Dragon God’s rib. I’m not that certain of the specific details. After all, I’ve only heard about it in legends. It has the Devour attribute. Luckily, I found the Dragon Clan’s Power Saber, the Dragon Slaying Saber. The Dragon Slaying Saber and the Golden Dragon Spear sharpened one another and finally transformed it into its current state. Compared to the past, it is even more unstoppable!”

Radiance shimmered in the Azure Oxpython’s eyes as he looked at Tang Wulin. “Not enough!”

Tang Wulin spoke, “My sister left this behind for me. She gave it to me when I arrived in this world. If I’m not mistaken, she must be the little witch you mentioned.”

The Titan Giant Ape looked toward the Azure Oxpython, but his gaze was ignored. The Azure Oxpython continued to look at Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin acted as if he had not heard the Azure Oxpython’s query. He raised his left hand, and a stream of golden radiance bloomed out from the area between his brows. In that instant, the Azure Oxpython and the Titan Giant Ape’s both shuddered. They were astonished as the golden trident symbol appeared on his browline.

The symbol was very familiar to them. Tang San had it before and the Dragon Butterfly Tang Wutong had it ten thousand years ago as well. This was the Sea God’s Trident passed down through the generations of Tang San’s clan!

A familiar feeling radiated in a split second. Meanwhile, the Ten Thousand Beast Platform shook violently once again. It felt as if the entire place was being torn apart.

A stream of golden light appeared out of thin air in Tang Wulin’s grasp and spread outward. A huge aura of dominance was unleashed and filled the place. The intense golden glow had even concealed the color of the Golden Dragon Spear. The dazzling golden light soared straight into the clouds. Tang Wulin held it in his left hand and his gaze turned solemn. The gigantic trident’s tip was pointed toward the sky, with golden light rippling out of it like water.

This was the Golden Trident!

The Azure Oxpython and the Titan Giant Ape had a major change of countenance simultaneously. At this point, there was not even the slightest ounce of suspicion left in their hearts.

Yes! If not gifted personally by Tang San, how else could he possess his most important divine weapon? It was the Sea God’s Trident that represented the Godhood of the Sea God!

Moreover, Tang Wulin had received a certain amount of recognition from the Sea God’s Trident judging by the ease of which he held it.

Meanwhile, waves of golden light were unleashed from Tang Wulin’s body before transforming into glowing images.

The images made no sound, but the Azure Oxpython and the Titan Giant Ape could not help expressing their excitement when they saw the scene formed by the light.

The silhouette was genuinely so very familiar to them. Was that not the Godking beyond his time, the Sea God Tang San?

Even though Tang San’s body appeared slightly illusionary, he had genuinely existed. In that glowing image, he was saying something to Tang Wulin. In that majestic God Hall, he was teaching Tang Wulin something.

These were Tang Wulins’s memories of Tang San when he was still Old Tang. He could do this after his spiritual power was able to perform Thought Concretization.

Nothing else could prove his identity better than Thought Concretization. It was very difficult to fabricate thoughts, because there was no way one could manifest a memory that had never happened.

The scenes flickered continuously, showing from when Tang San acted as Tang Wulin’s guide, to when Tang San revealed his true self and saved Tang Wulin from danger, then to Tang San passing down the Golden Trident and teaching him the two great divine skills, the Millennium Cloud and the Indefinite Storm.

They say as the Thunderclap Nether Vine completed its absorption of lighting under the protection of Tang San and evolved successfully.

As they watched Tang San launch the Indefinite Storm, the Azure Oxpython and Titan Giant Ape both clenched their fists tightly. The pressure that they had exerted on Tang Wulin had already vanished without a trace.

The glowing images disappeared, and Tang Wulin awakened from his memories.

“Put away the Golden Trident quickly. The plane cannot take it,” said the Azure Oxpython in a rush.

There was a flash of light in Tang Wulin’s hand, and the trident was retracted swiftly. The shaking of the entire plane only stopped after that.

The Azure Oxpython and the Titan Giant Ape looked at each other, and their eyes revealed their unbound joy. They excitement was even making them tremble ever so slightly.

“He’s alive. He’s still alive. This is awesome. Hah-hah. They must still be alive too. We have hope.” The Titan Giant Ape laughed and screamed aloud while he danced with joy. Tang Wulin was feeling at a loss as to whether he should laugh or cry upon seeing a powerhouse the Titan Giant Ape’s be so enthused. However, he could also clearly sense that the joy felt by these two men came from the bottom of their hearts.

“Wulin, there is no doubt about your identity. I’m Da Ming and he is Er Ming. You can address us as ‘uncle’. We are considered brothers to your father and your mother was also a good friend whom we knew since we were young.”

The Azure Oxpython’s voice was clearly gentler now. There was even kindness in his gaze as he looked at Tang Wulin.

How could Tang Wulin refrain himself from feeling excited too? There was no need for him to try to verify the identity of these two men before him. They both had quasigod-ranked abilities and this was all the proof necessary. Had they not realized that Tang Wulin could possibly be the descendant of Tang San, they would not have come looking for him.

“I am pleased and humbled to meet both uncles.” Tang Wulin bowed in salutation with an expression filled with respect and hope.

Until this point, he only knew who his parents were and why he was left on the Douluo Continent. All he had learned about his parents came from historical records. He had no idea what they were truly like and he did not even know what his mother looked like!

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